Kaido jumped into the air, then used his ability and transformed into Human-Beast form.

“Kosanze Ragnaraku!”

He suddenly waved down the iron club, but his target was not those pirates, but the building in the Marine Base.
These pirates may look fierce and fearless, but they are very weak and can’t stop Kaido.

So Kaido completely ignored them, and smashed down the building, creating a hole in the ground.

And below the Marine Base was the basement.
At this time, there was a man sitting cross-legged with a mask in his hand inside, looking at Kaido who had appeared in front of him with an incomprehensibly shocked look on his face.

“Found you, in this group of cannon fodder, your aura is as obvious as a torch in the dark night.”

Everyone’s aura is slightly different, and Fujitora can detect the subtle differences with his super enhanced senses.
Even if he doesn’t know anyone’s face as he is blind, he can still distinguish them.

Kaido has not developed his Observation Haki in this direction, but sensing the strength of individuals is also one of the basic abilities of Observation Haki.
After developing it, one can roughly judge the strength of the enemy.

Although there was more than one aura in the building, a powerful aura was mixed in with a group of cannon-fodder pirates, so how could Kaido not sense it?

“You clearly know so many things, but you don’t even have the most basic common sense.
Where did you come from? I’ll ask one last time, where is John? The sword marks outside are clearly made in John’s style, so he must have been here.
Where has he gone now?”

The man didn’t speak.
Instead, he raised the mask in his hand and put it on his face.
There was a pair of demonic horns on the mask.
Although the mask looked a bit abstract, it could be seen that it overall has the features of Kaido.

“Hee hee hee, I’m an ability user who has eaten Act-Act fruit of Paramecia-type.
Your power is going to be used by me!”

Then, the man wearing the mask suddenly transformed, turning into Kaido.
It’s just that it was not his Human-Beast Form, but Human form.

The user of Act-Act Fruit will have the same ability as the actor, and the previously unconscious pirates acting like zombies is also the effect of his fruit’s ability-Puppetry.

Within the range of his stage, he can manipulate other people like a puppet to perform an act, but the stronger the individual’s strength, the more difficult they are to manipulate.
Even a person of Queen’s strength can’t be easily manipulated.

However, Puppetry pays more attention to quantity.
He originally wanted to cause chaos among the Marines due to internal disorder when they arrived, but he didn’t expect to use it on this group of pirates first.

Kaido also helped him indirectly.
If those people were not unconscious, it would be basically impossible for him to manipulate such a large number of puppets.

Moreover only within the range of the stage can the puppets be manipulated.
During these days, he didn’t leave this place precisely because he has transformed this base into his stage with his ability.

John outside in the center was his acting clone.
Using the mask he carved as a carrier, he can create and manipulate a clone that is the same as the person depicted on the mask, but this requires the blood or body parts of the person being copied to look similar in appearance.

The mask he put on his face at this time is another application of his ability, Actor Reinforcement.

When the acting clone witnesses the power of an enemy, the main body can make the enemy’s mask according to the feedback provided from the clone.
When the main body puts on the mask, he will gain the power witnessed by the clone, but he can only make the mask within a few hours of witnessing the power.

And he can only obtain physical strength, if the opponent is an ability user, then he cannot possess the ability that belongs to the opponent.

So, now he is going to use the mask to copy Kaido’s power, and use Kaido to fight Kaido.


After he said these words, a club of the same type as Kaido appeared in his hand.
On his stage, he can acquire the props he needs for his “act”, which naturally also include weapons.

Seeing that he could not reproduce his fruit ability, Kaido actually canceled his Human-Beast Form, causing the masked man to become surprised at Kaido’s actions.

“A disguise? No wonder you could disguise yourself as John.
Now, let me see how much a fake like you can copy.”

Not only did he pretend to be John, but he also seemed to have a little understanding of some things that only John should know.
For example, he knows about him being the apprentice, but he doesn’t know about his relationship with John.

This means that he has met John.
Kaido wants to pry his mouth open to get information about John, and he also wants to see what it is like to fight himself.

After a short fight, the smile on Kaido’s face faded, replaced by disappointment.

“What, you can only imitate the power that you saw when I attacked? This is too disappointing!”

Fake Kaido can also use Thunder Bagua, but the strength contained in it is equal to the strength that Kaido used when he attacked Fake John before without any enhancement, which could naturally be sensed by him after several rounds of exchanging blows.

The more important thing is that his Haki training is too lacking, so his basic Armament Haki wasn’t enough for his Thunder Bagua.

Ability may seem strange, but combat strength is very weak.
This is Kaido’s assessment of him.
In the end, Kaido lost interest in this boring act.

“I’ll let you experience what Thunder Bagua is!”

A huge human-shaped imprint was left on the ruins of the building, and the rest of the pirates collapsed on the ground again.
After the ability user loses consciousness, their ability will also lose its effectiveness.
When the ability user of Act-Act Fruit lost consciousness, the curtain also dropped on the act.

“This guy won’t die, will he?”

“No, I held back since he should know John’s whereabouts.” Kaido has a lot of experience in beating people to a near-death state, which can be very handy.

Arceus and the others did not stay in the base, instead they left the 277th branch with the unconscious man.
They took away a patrol ship, leaving behind only the unconscious pirates.

The pirates who were the first one to run away quickly had long sailed away from this place.
They had only gathered here because of the benefits.
So, it isn’t that strange to run away when the situation is not good.

The sky was getting darker.
Queen set sail for the expansive sea area.
Although this ship was not comparable to the large warship of a Vice Admiral which can carry more than 800 people, it was still much more spacious than Queen’s previous small boat.
Anyway, this kind of ship is easy to operate, and two or three people are enough to barely operate it.

And even if they were given a large warship, they would not have enough manpower to sail it.

There is also a prison for pirates in the patrol ship.
The man they brought has been handcuffed by Seastone Cuffs.
Since Kaido held back, the man was gradually regaining consciousness.

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