“Lord Sacred Beast, Big Brother Kaido, I found that guy’s identity.
He is this year’s Super Rookie with a bounty of 200 million berries, Death Actor- Ryleth.”

The easiest way to determine the identity of a pirate is to look through the Marine’s wanted list.
Warships usually have a special booklet which has the information of the wanted list, all of whom are criminals with a bounty in recent years.

This information was provided by Kaido.
They were not very familiar with a Marine’s patrol ship when they boarded the ship.
When Queen was still exploring it, Kaido had already accurately pointed out the location of every compartment on the ship.

He knew exactly where the detention room, weapons depot, and especially the kitchen were located.

As for the reason, he has been on this kind of ship several times, and he is already familiar with its layout.
These kinds of ships were Kaido’s favorite back then.
There is sufficient food, and the people are not strong.
He can pretend to get caught, and he can leave when he has eaten his full.
It’s the best cafeteria.

He had seen the booklet by chance when he was captured earlier, so he found it immediately.

Since Ryleth’s ability is not simple, and he has a superficial knowledge of Haki, he couldn’t be an ordinary person, so King has been looking through the wanted list, and he found his target.

At this time, Queen was at the helm outside and Shayna was making food in the kitchen of the ship, while King, Arceus and Kaido were outside the detention room.
The sound of Ryleth pulling the shackles while struggling after waking up reached their ears.

“That guy is awake, he should have a lot of information.”

Kaido kicked open the door of the detention room.
The setting sun on the sea level cast the last rays of light into the cabin, illuminating a face covered with bandages.

Kaido didn’t hold back when he dragged him to the ship.
The scars on his face were the result of his tenacious vitality.

“Tell me, where is John!”

Kaido’s club hit the floor, creating a deep hole, the flying sawdust even hitting King’s face.

“Kaido, be careful not to break the ship.”

“Don’t worry, there are as many ships like this as you need, at worst, we will just rob a new one.”

Facing Kaido’s interrogation, Ryleth didn’t answer, but threatened Kaido instead.

“Ba*tard, you ba*tards! I am a newcomer who Captain John regards highly! Captain John won’t let you off for this when he comes over! Kaido, I know you, you are just an apprentice! You aren’t Captain John’s match!”

“You don’t seem to be very clear about your situation.”

Looking at Ryleth who was still acting rowdy after waking up, Kaido decided to let him understand his situation first.
Just when he was about to let him experience the touch of his club, King stopped Kaido.

“King, what are you doing?”

“Brother Kaido, leave him to me, I have a way to make him speak.”

For some reason, Arceus saw an emotion in King’s eyes that wasn’t quite right, and then at his request, Kaido and Arceus left the detention room first.

The setting sun sank into the sea, and the sun’s rays returned to darkness.
Queen also dropped the anchor and stopped the ship.
Since there is a rocky area nearby, it is easy to damage the ship in the dark.
When he left the pilot’s cabin to find something to eat, he noticed the screams coming from below the deck.

He also saw Kaido with an amused look on his face.

“This is that guy’s scream, right? What happened?”

“King is torturing him.”

Kaido replied indifferently.
In his opinion, this was nothing at all.
After a while, the voice inside changed from tragic to feeble, and finally became indistinct.
At this time, King opened the door and walked out.

“Lord sacred beast, he is willing to speak.
If you have any questions, you can ask them.
I’m going to leave first.” King wiped the blood from his hands, then left the cabin and walked to the deck.

But before leaving, the eyes that looked at Queen contained an ominous glint.

“Wow, is this guy a pervert? Brother Kaido, I think you have to pay attention in the future.” Queen looked in to take a look and even he, who was accustomed to all kinds of experiments, could only describe Ryleth’s condition as tragic.

Broken and deformed arms, charred face, stones piercing his shoulder blade and the bloodstains everywhere described what happened earlier.

“Anyway, this kid has really got good skills.
He avoided all the places that could be fatal, and they are all dreadful wounds that are not deadly.” You need to be familiar with every part of the body to modify a human body, so Queen could see what King did at a glance.

“Queen, heal him.
You and Kaido question him first.
I’ll come back later to see if you missed anything.”

“Where are you going, Lord Arceus?”

Queen is not a Lunarian.
He feels weird calling him Lord sacred beast.
In fact, Arceus told King and Shayna that they could call him by his name, but they refused.
However, Queen is different.
He originally wanted to address him as brother like how he addresses Kaido.

But everytime he did that, Shayna and King would glare at him with a dangerous look, so he added honorific titles such as “Lord” or “Mr.” to his name.

“I’ll go check on King, there’s something wrong with him.” If it’s just asking questions, anyone can do it.
Moreover, it’s more convenient for Kaido to do the asking, because he knows about John better.

But, King and Shayna are currently his closest subordinates, and he is more concerned about their condition.
If it weren’t for the fact that his strength was incomplete, and he has to also consider the energy consumption issue, he would have definitely given them better abilities, but that’ll have to come later.

On the deck, King had his hands propped on the side of the ship and looking into the distance, thinking who knows what.

“Alber, is something weighing on your mind?”

“I don’t, Lord sacred beast, you are worrying too much.”

“Your feelings are written on your face.
There are no outsiders here.
It is no good to keep some things in your heart.
You will feel happier if you let it all out.
But if you really don’t want to say it, forget it.”

“.” King fell silent, and after a long time, he spoke.

“Lord sacred beast, do you know? I don’t know how to interrogate with torture at all.”

“Then just now?”

“I just repeated on his body what the people in the institute did to me.” Breaking bones to test the speed of physical recovery, emptying the blood to test the speed of blood regeneration, injecting unknown drugs to test the effect and the body’s resistance to poison.

How much he could endure the harsh environments such as cold, blistering heat, lack of water, etc, these are all the things that King experienced in the research institute.

Some words could only be buried in the heart and he would only think about it when he is alone, but when the topic was drawn out, he couldn’t stop.
For King, Arceus is not only a sacred relic which was worshiped by Lunarians, but also an elder to whom he can pour out the worries in his heart.

His words were similar to complaining, and he also felt that it was not appropriate to tell the sacred beast about such things, but in the sea, he could no longer find any elders he knew well.

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