“Uncle Ludo lured Marines away and disappeared, Brother Avnisha died with a group of pirates, and Aunt Amelia died at the hands of Cipher Pol of World Government.”

“What did we do wrong? From the day we were born, we were part of Lunarians.
We didn’t do anything, but ordinary people wanted to capture us for bounty, and the World Government wanted to use us for research, wanting to get more power.

“That pirate could only last for less than a quarter of an hour, but Shayna and I suffered something like that for half a year! ”

King talked about the things he experienced, and the names he mentioned who are gone now also have his relatives, including his and Shayna’s parents.

The torture they subjected him to test his endurance was very painful.
The unknown drug flowed through his blood to every corner of his body, and the bone-piercing pain could be felt from every part of the skin.
He even forgot how he held on and the only thought in his heart was that he wanted to survive.

He wants revenge, he wants to find a land where Lunarians can live freely.

These are the things he had buried in his heart.
He is usually under a lot of pressure, and he always sees familiar smiles and hateful faces in his dreams, which is why he looked at Queen with an ominous glint in his eyes at that time.

He has no good impression of any researcher from that institute, even if Queen’s project has little to do with them.

The flames behind him ignited, and several cracks appeared on the side of the ship due to the overwhelming force from his palms.
Under the sea breeze, the waves were carried into the sky, and water fell at King’s feet, splashing the deck.

He has seen countless betrayals and conspiracies, seen the horrors of greed and experienced countless battles and escapes, which together make it easy for people to overlook a problem, i.e.

King is currently only fourteen years old, and Shayna is a few months younger than him.
She had just celebrated her fourteenth birthday not long ago, and she spent it while lying on the icy experiment table in the research institute with only walls around her.

They are only two medium-sized children, but they are burdened with things they shouldn’t have been burdened with so early on.

“I’m sorry, Lord Sacred Beast.
I let you listen to too much nonsense, I shouldn’t complain about it.”

“It’s all right, it’s not a good thing to worry too much.
Anyway, Shayna, come over, you have been eavesdropping for a long time.”

Arceus didn’t turn around, but said behind him with a certainty in his tone, even if he has lost most of the plates, his senses are still very sharp.

“I wasn’t, lord sacred beast, I just wanted to call King over to eat.”

“Does that require crying? And Alber, you also have tears flowing down your face.”

“There are not many ingredients, so I was making some curry, and this is because of the onions’ pungent smell when I was cutting them.”

“That’s sea water, Lord sacred beast.”

Both of them immediately denied, each having their own reasons, but when someone loses all their relatives at the age of fourteen, how can they not be sad when remembering them.

“Shayna, Alber, listen carefully, the debt of blood must be paid in blood, and everything they owe the Lunarians must be paid with interest.
I promise in the divine name of Arceus, you will once again witness the glory of Lunarians burning in the sky of the Red Line.”

People worshiped the god, and the god responded.
At the beginning, he gave the Lunarians power for his own purpose, but the Lunarians protected him to the last person.
Even if only King and Shayna were left, they did not give up.
This dedication is worth a promise.

The flames behind the duo illuminated the deck, and at the moment, a new fire with hope as nourishment was added to Lunarians’ flame.

Arceus sort of acted as a psychiatrist and helped the two express their emotions, but things weren’t over yet as King’s state doesn’t feel right to him.

Sometimes the shadows of childhood can’t be cured throughout one’s lives.
Then they are not considered shadows anymore.
At the age when they should be full of youth, they have seen the darkness of the world.
If it isn’t handled properly, it could darken their future.

“Alber, what was with your expression after you tortured him?”

“Lord sacred beast, I can’t describe the feeling, but I felt very comfortable after that.”

Post traumatic stress disorder, it is obvious that after experiencing these things, some psychological shadow has been left in King’s heart, and bringing the pain he experienced to others via torture can relieve the stress in his heart.

Now it can be explained, why Queen in original timeline calls King a “torture-loving pervert”.

Without the assistance of Arceus, Shayna would have died in the research institute, so it is not surprising that King, who had lost all his clansmen, had a twisted nature.

King used these actions as a way to vent his emotions.

“It’s okay to vent your emotions properly, but don’t get immersed in that feeling.
You have to control your body instead of being controlled by your body.” This is a tragic world, and even a Holy Mother cannot survive here.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how tragic the captured enemy ends up as.
If King’s emotions can be vented in this way, their value can be maximized, as long as he doesn’t develop into a person who feel happy torturing others.

“Go get some rest.
From now on, if you have anything you want to tell, I’m all ears.
It’s almost time, I’ll go see how Kaido and the others are doing.”

After experiencing King’s methods, Ryleth told everything that he knew.

South Blue’s Marine Branch was indeed destroyed by John, and he indeed did go to South Blue, but he left long ago.

In fact, Marine Branch fell earlier than the newspaper mentioned, but he staged an act with his devil fruit’s ability, which delayed the time.

“I met Captain John in the Sabaody Archipelago.
He valued my strength, so he invited me to join John Pirate crew, and gave me the order to impersonate him to recruit crew members here and attract the attention of Marines and other pirates, while he would look for the real treasure.

“Hey, acting bastard, we are not interested in your experiences with John, what we want to ask is, where is John, do you understand?” Queen watched as he talked for quite a while, but he didn’t say anything useful, and he couldn’t help but be a little impatient.

“Do you want me to look for that pervert and have him come back to talk to you?”

“No, don’t! Right, Captain John gave me something, and I will be able to find him with that.
It’s a small piece of paper hidden in my hat!”

Queen tore off his hat, and inside was a piece of paper pointing north.

“This is…John’s Vivre Card? Brother Kaido, it will be much easier to find John with this.”

Purururu, purururu, purururu ~

Purururu, purururu, purururu ~

At this time, Den Den Mushi, which they found earlier from his body, began to ring.

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