“Answer the phone, you had better not say anything unnecessary.”

Queen picked up Den Den Mushi and put it in front of Ryleth, showing the same dangerous smile, but when they heard the voice from the other side of Den Den Mushi, they didn’t expect Ryleth to be someone with a lot of secrets.

“Ryleth, it’s me Spandine.
Zephyr’s fleet will reach the 277th Branch in two days.
Hurry up and get out of there, understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Huh? Why are you talking so strangely, and what happened there? Why didn’t the others send back any information?”

“Those pirates broke out into a confrontation, maybe the people you arranged were injured?”

“Ryleth, you better be honest with me.
Rocks’ treasure is not something that someone like you can obtain.
Zephyr will arrive soon, don’t fall into his hands.”

The voice fell and Spandine disconnected the Den Den Mushi.
While a more dangerous smile appeared on Queen’s face.

“Oh, it looks like you didn’t quite tell the truth.”

“No, no, wait! I just didn’t finish yet! And you guys also haven’t asked anything like that yet.”

“Then now you can honestly explain why you are in contact with Spandine, someone from CP9.”

Spandine, Spandam’s father, is currently the chief of CP9.
Although the outside world only knows that the World Government has CP1 to CP8, CP9 and CP0 is not a secret to powerful people.

Queen, who had been an experienced person in the illegal research team, of course knows enough about it.
Moreover when Vegapunk was forcibly recruited by the government, it was Spandine who was leading the team.

A pirate, or a pirate who has just set out to sea not long ago, even if he is a Super Rookie, being related to the World Government and a big pirate at the same time, is not quite normal.

Under the terrifying shadow of King, Ryleth finally told everything.

He was arrested once long before he arrived on Sabaody Archipelago.
Originally, he would have been sent to Impel Down, a large prison under the sea, but he met Spandine.

After the Rocks Pirates were wiped out, peace did not return to the sea.
With the current World Government’s policy, it is impossible for the pirates to be eradicated.
The situation in the sea is the result of their laissez-faire attitude.

Rocks originally acted as powerful shackles, forcibly binding the monsters in the sea together, but his defeat caused those shackles to completely disappear.

Most of the monsters in New World today were once the crew members of Rocks Pirates; Whitebeard-Edward Newgate, Golden Lion-Shiki, Big Mom-Charlotte Linlin, Captain John, Ochoku and Silver Axe, they have nearly occupied more than half of the New World.

They are not afraid of pirates, nor are they afraid that pirates are too strong.
What they are worried about is that these pirates would suddenly become stupid and do something incomprehensible, just like Rocks back then.
Everyone knew about Rocks ambitions, but who would have thought that he would attack Celestial Dragons directly.

In order to prevent encountering lunatics like Rocks again, Cipher Pol of World Government began to try to plant undercover agents among the pirates who can send them timely information on these situations.

This was Ryleth’s original mission, to enter New World and join a certain pirate’s crew, and to send back information regularly.
Part of his bounty was deliberately promoted by Spandine.

Spandine isn’t that outstanding, but he has powerful connections in World Government.
After all, he could push Spandam, his useless son, to the position of CP9 chief.

Later, Ryleth met John in the Sabaody Archipelago and was crushed again.
In the first half of Grand Line, he could basically rely on Devil Fruit’s ability to lord over a region, and Logia-type users even have a quite lofty position.

In the eyes of those who have just set out to sea, Logia-type means invincibility, but in the more competitive New World, as Haki becomes common, people who rely solely on devil fruit ability will easily suffer heavily.

With Act-Act Fruit, Ryleth’s physical skills are not powerful.
After all, his mask can be used to imitate abilities, and he can also obtain a puppet army.
With these abilities and Spandine’s arrangement, he smoothly arrived in the first half of Grand Line.

But John gave him a huge shock, making him realize the cruelty of the Pirate World.
At that moment, he regretted going out to sea.

However, John valued his mask ability, so he was also recruited by John.

At that time, he was already afraid, so he told Spandine that he didn’t want to enter the New World, and he also told about John, but he didn’t expect that Spandine would put forward a new condition to him.

As long as he can go undercover among John Pirates and find clues to the treasure, then World Government can cancel his bounty and make him a lawful citizen again.

There are many people who are tempted by Rocks’ treasures, including World Government.
After all, they are the treasures of the entire Rocks Pirates.
It is impossible for mere gold and silver coins to earn the fancy of Rocks.
They must be priceless treasures at worst.

But they gained nothing from the battle of God Valley except for rescuing Celestial Dragons, defeating Rocks, and eliminating many of Rocks’ crew members.
Rocks’ treasures had disappeared without a trace, and even the World Government couldn’t find where those treasures were.

However, based on the confession of the surviving pirates, there is a high probability that this wealth is with John.

But even so, they didn’t look for it with great fanfare.
First reason is that John’s traces are hard to find as he is quite powerful, and searching for him is too much of a waste of manpower.

He is the only pirate in the New World who doesn’t have a fixed territory and he is always moving around treasure hunting or robbing treasures.

Moreover, many of Rocks’ treasures were robbed from the treasuries of the allied kingdoms.
If the discovery of his treasures was known to everyone, then the treasures belonging to the kingdoms must be returned.

But if they find them secretly, not only will the treasures belong to World Government, but Spandine will also get a lot of benefits, so he made this request to Ryleth.

In order to become an ordinary person again, Ryleth accepted John’s invitation.

Then John personally attacked South Blue’s Marine Branch, and then have Ryleth transform into his appearance, and released information for recruitment into John’s fleet.

John also knew that many people were eyeing him.
Rocks’ treasures are abundant enough to drive anyone crazy, moreover money is just the most common thing among them.

His purpose was to attract everyone’s attention, while he would take advantage of this interval to find those things.

Rocks is a pirate, not a mobile bank.
He didn’t bring all his treasures with him when he sailed, just like Kano Country’s Chinjao, who hid all his treasures in the perpetually frozen Ice Continent.

Rocks only used to bring a small part of it aboard the ship.

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