He hid even more treasures in places that only he knew as he knew very well that there were not many people under him whom he could confide in.
They all had their own ambitions, and as long as he is no longer able to suppress them, their ambitions will inevitably burst out.

It took John five years to find a clue to Rocks’ treasures, and his trip to Hachinosu was to search for a vital clue.

That’s all Ryleth knows.
He only knew that John had got a clue, because in order for Ryleth to better disguise himself, John explained to him a lot of knowledge that only he knew.

Since Ryleth copied John’ abilities, ordinary pirates are no match for him.
And powerful monsters are basically all in the New World, and if they want to return to South Blue from the New World, it would take a lot of time even if they can fly.

Besides, ordinary big pirates will definitely be wary, and it is impossible for them to fight against him directly.
And if they really get attracted over by Ryleth, it would be a good thing for him.

Only those who were also on board the Rocks Ship at that time could have discovered this drawback, but those people were all in New World while others were right next to him, but he never thought that there would be such an anomaly as Kaido who happened to be in South Blue.

“Umm, the information should be more or less correct.
Queen, get rid of him.”

“?! Wait, I didn’t lie, I told you everything! Why are you doing this?! Didn’t you tell me you would let me go?”

“When did you have such a wrong impression? Even when King tortured you, he didn’t say that.” Kaido said disdainfully.
Although they were separated by a door, such a door can’t stop his hearing which has been strengthened by Observation Haki.

“Wait, wait, I can be your undercover agent.

“Forget it, you are not trustworthy at all, moreover you are too weak, I am not interested in people like you.
Queen, throw him into the sea.”

Sinking into the sea is basically a death sentence for devil fruit users.
When sinking ordinary people into the sea, you have to tie a stone to bind their hands and feet, but for ability users, even this move can be omitted directly.

After sinking into sea water, they will automatically enter a weak and powerless state, so it would be impossible for them to swim.

But just when Queen was about to throw him into the sea, he happened to meet Arceus who was returning to check on the situation.

“What are you doing?”

“He is already useless, all the information that he knows has been coughed up by him.
Brother Kaido asked me to deal with him.”

“So you’re going to throw him straight into the sea?”

“Hmm, he is an ability user, isn’t that the simplest method?”

“How can you do this?”

Arceus’ words raised Ryleth’s hopes for a moment, but Arceus’ next words shattered his renewed hope.

“What if he has Fishman’s bloodline and can breathe underwater? What if he happens to be swallowed by some big fish which is then caught by someone? If you want to deal with someone, you should deal with them cleanly, and throw them away after you are sure of their death.”

It’s a big taboo to not make sure after killing someone, not to mention that he is an experienced mole.
What happened on Kakira Island is not in line with his views, so he is not interested in Ryleth’s life and death and just let Queen deal with him cleanly.

The end didn’t change, but some steps were added, such as chopping off the head before throwing him into the sea.

After that, Arceus took a look at the few fruits in the kitchen.
After the devil fruit ability user dies, the devil fruit will randomly be reborn somewhere in the world.
If you are lucky enough, the fruit will probably get reborn nearby.

Maybe he could also obtain a randomly generated magical backpack, but it turns out that no one on this ship has such luck.

The fruits were still the same as before, but looking at these fruits, Arceus suddenly had a question.

Just then Queen came over and picked up an apple.
He has increased his fruit intake in order to get better tasting bananas after a while.

“Queen, Devil Fruit will randomly possess other fruit, right?”

“That’s right, what’s the problem?”

“Tell me, if an ability user is eating a fruit, and the fruit happens to mutate.
What will happen if he accidentally takes a bite and the juice flows into his mouth?”

It’s no secret that eating two Devil Fruits will cause people to explode, and it’s also no secret that the fruit will randomly be reborn, but when those two things are put together, it’s kind of scary.

Although the chances are slim, it is not impossible.
Looking at the fruit in his hand, Queen suddenly hesitated.

Then he picked up a knife and cut the fruit first.
Even if the devil fruit gets reborn, it will only do it in an intact fruit.
So it is safe.
From now on, even if he eats grapes, he will have to cut the grapes and can’t eat a whole bunch directly.

Now they have the direction to sail, but a new problem has arisen.
Vivre Card can indicate the direction and even the lifeforce of the owner, but there is no way to display the distance.

They don’t know how long it will take to find John.

Ryleth only mentioned that John is currently in the first half of the Grand Line, but didn’t tell the exact location of John.

But in the end, they have a direction and the patrol ship continues to sail towards the Grand Line.

Two days later, the troops sent by Marine Headquarters completely blocked the waters near Kakira Island and gradually reduced their encirclement.
The reason why they took so much time was to expand the encirclement.

The gathered pirates were completely powerless against the elite fleet of the headquarters, and were completely wiped out in a short period of time.
Due to getting affected by Kaido’s Conqueror’s Haki, most of them were not sure what exactly happened.

The few of them couldn’t explain the situation clearly as they only saw a giant dragon, while the culprit John was nowhere to be found.

But the news spread by Marines was that they achieved an overwhelming victory and John fled after being defeated.
Since Marines’ dignity had been provoked, they must have news of victory.

A large number of pirates were escorted to various prisons.
Many pirates here are not even qualified to enter Impel Down.
Currently Zephyr is still that Admiral who “doesn’t kill”.
In the end, it was Kaido who caused the most casualties to these pirates.

Spandine was the first to know this news.
Ryleth’s disappearance made him think that the other party ran away with John.
Under his operation, a group of special agents began to look for his traces.

At this time, Arceus and his group had stopped near an island.
Queen dismantled their former boat and modified the Marine’s patrol ship.
They were about to reach Calm Belt, where it was impossible to travel by using just sails, so he is adding new powering devices such as outer wheels to the ship.

At this time, Arceus was looking towards the vast sea of ​​the Calm Belt as he could sense something there, moreover it was moving.

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