The thing that could make him feel this way could be nothing but the plates, but his emotions were mixed with anger.
Since the aura he could sense was moving, it means someone had stolen his plate.

He could control the plates within a certain range, and now the plate has appeared within his perception range, but it is not yet within his control range.

“Kaido, get up.
It’s time to work!”

“What happened?”

“I can sense the aura of the plate right in the sea.
Whoever has it seems to be moving in the nearby waters.”

But Kaido, with the Observation Haki fully activated, didn’t sense any aura.
His Observation Haki’s focus also wasn’t on range, so the range of his perception could only be said to be average.
At this time, he had a new understanding of Arceus’ perception.

But this didn’t affect his movements.
Turning into an enormous dragon, he took Arceus straight into the sky and flew in the direction indicated by Arceus before Shayna and the others could understand what was happening.

Even after Kaido and Arceus had long disappeared, Queen was still immersed in modifying the ship and he was about to install the propulsion device.

His need for a junior is now even higher than Kaido.
He urgently needs someone with a lower status than himself to do odd jobs.

He can’t command anyone on the whole ship, and due to skill problems, he also serves as ship doctor, boatwright, helmsman, researcher, combatant, handyman and musician, and only the kitchen was taken over by Shayna.

In the beginning, Queen was also in charge of the kitchen, but he is someone from the sweet club and his addiction to rice cakes and red bean soup was so sickening that he got replaced by Shayna.

While Shayna and King were installing the outer wheels outside the ship, they heard Arceus’ voice and saw Kaido taking off immediately.

“We are still too weak.”

If it is said that King has a slightly distorted mentality, so he vents his emotions through torture, then Shayna is a little better than him, but the object of her stress is herself.

Being weak is a sin, this is something that she has recently understood.
As long as she is strong enough, running away will not be her only choice, and she will be able to pull down everyone sitting on their throne.

But she is currently too weak, too weak to help Arceus more, so she could only watch them do it by themselves.

“We will become stronger.
We have time and Lord sacred beast as our support.
Back then, Lord sacred beast could bestow strength to our clansman when they hadn’t even hatched, let alone now.”

“That’s because of Lord sacred beast’s plates.
By the way, where is the plate that we lost back then?”

“The plate has been lost since long before we were born, but if I remember correctly, brother Avnisha said that the plate was not lost, it was just hidden on an island, but everyone who knows about it has died.
I only know that there seems to be a lot of gold on that island.”

“Yes, but Brother Avnisha also heard from his grandfather about the island with a lot of gold.
But the area is too big.”

Because of the World Government, they had no fixed place to live.
Back then, Lunarians had to flee all over the Four Seas and Grand Line.
No place was safe, and migrating was the most common thing.

The most peculiar thing about the Grand Line is the varied climate and island’s civilization.
The previous island may be a futuristic island with advanced technology, and the next island may be an ancient island full of dinosaurs.

The change in spring, summer, autumn and winter is not at all regular, and if there is a lot of gold, what is the relative value of this amount is also a question.

“Let’s modify the ship first, the most important thing is to find John.”


The two of them heaved up the huge outer wheel and began to reinforce the outer periphery of the hull.

At this time, Kaido was flying all around in the waters of the Calm Belt under the directions of Arceus.

“To the east..
about two kilometers, no wait, it has changed direction, and now it is in the south.
Bastard, it is rushing to the north again, don’t let me catch this damn thief.”

The target he was chasing has been running around aimlessly, and their speed is not slow.
Kaido chased for a long time before catching up, but the target still did not stop.
After a while of chasing it, it stopped, and Arceus and Kaido also arrived right over that thing.

The sky was completely dark, and the surface of the Calm Belt was even darker.
Kaido lowered his altitude, but the surface of the sea was still completely empty.

“You didn’t sense it wrong, did you?”

“Impossible! It’s right down here, but it’s underwater.

This is Calm Belt, and there can only be nests of Calm Belt down below.
The thing you are looking for couldn’t have gotten eaten by a Sea King, right?”

The unique product of this sea, the Sea Kings, the super giant monsters living under the sea, has a size of tens of meters, which is common, and there also exists super-large Sea Kings of thousands of meters.
While they have a huge size, they also have a lot of wisdom.

Among the three Ancient Weapons, the Sea King Poseidon’s ability is to control these super-large Sea Kings.
Although for a strong expert Sea Kings are not difficult to deal with as their huge bodies are just an easy target.

But for common people and fleets, these Sea Kings can be devastating.

Super-large Sea Kings can even eat islands, directly devouring an entire island.

Moreover, those people wouldn’t be afraid of the Sea Kings only if those Sea Kings are floating over the surface of the sea.
In the deep sea, no one dares to be an enemy of the super-large Sea King.
The ship they are proud of is just a toy in the eyes of the behemoth.

Not everyone has Jack’s courage, who dares to go up against Zunesha’s huge size.

In five years, with the help of the Mythical Zoan fruit, Kaido is much more powerful than when he was on Rocks ship as an apprentice, but he still has a clear understanding of himself.

Although his vitality is extremely tenacious, the sea is his forbidden area.
As an ability user, he would still be able to do nothing if he sinks to the bottom.
If a Sea King is forever hiding in their nest, he has no way to do anything.

“It’s okay, this thing has already entered my control range, let’s land somewhere first.”

There is no wind on the Calm Belt, but it is not that there are no islands.
Some islands in the Calm Belt are still rich in resources, but it is extremely dangerous to enter and exit.

And there are always more ways than difficulties.
Amazon Lily can get in and out of the Calm Belt by relying on the highly poisonous water snake.

But the island where Kaido landed was devoid of life, it’s just an ordinary deserted island.

Entering his control range, Arceus began to call his plate back to its place.

The depth of the sea is not uniform.
The bottom of the sea is inherently uneven.
There is Fishman Island located at a depth of 10,000 meters, and there are also sea areas where you can reach the bottom at a kilometer.
And at this time, about three thousand meters below, the sea began to turn turbid and there was something floating.

And in the dark deep sea, a bright golden light lit up.

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