The light gradually enlarged, and the entire deep sea was illuminated by this golden light as if a sun had appeared at the bottom of the sea.

As the view gradually became clearer, the figure of a behemoth was fully displayed.
It was a super-large Sea King of the anglerfish type.
The light was not from the sun, but the lure on the head of the anglerfish.

Another name for anglerfish is lantern fish, which is because of the lantern-like hunting tool on the top of the head, so they have this nickname.

In the deep sea, they can use the small lantern above their head to attract phototrophic organisms.
They are the fishermen in the depths of the sea.

It’s just that the size of this anglerfish is a bit too large, and even the size of some islands can’t be compared with its body.

Sea Kings may be of any species.
Even if they have the head of a giraffe or a rhinoceros, it is not surprising.
anglerfish-type Sea Kings are already considered normal.

And the reason why it floated up was because pain was coursing through from inside it’s body.

The straight line between two points is the shortest.
The method Arceus is using to pull the plate is to have it fly directly to him.
Since he doesn’t know where the plate is, its flight path may get blocked by something.

For example, the plate was currently stuck inside the stomach wall of the Sea King, and it was trying to fly upwards forcefully.
Although the plate of more than three meters is not even a toothpick for the Sea King, the stinging feeling coming from the stomach wall still made it irritated.

Floating up could relieve the pain, so it started to swim up under the pull of the plate.

The IQ of Sea Kings is indeed much higher than that of ordinary sea beasts and it can be said that they are smart, but this is only from the perspective of sea beasts.

“Kaido, it’s coming out, get ready.”

“Ah, I can see it.
And I just happen to have a move to deal with big guys.”

Even if Arceus didn’t say anything, the billowing sea surface and the bright light in the deep sea had already entered Kaido’s sight.

The enormous Sea King emerged from the sea, the light from the lure above the head even covering up the brilliance of the moon.
In the dark night, even its crimson skin could be seen.
Now, at this range, Arceus’ control over his plate became even stronger.

Under the guidance of Arceus, the plate broke out from the body of the giant anglerfish.
Although the size of the wound is similar to the eye of a needle for this enormous Sea King, it can heal with the rapid self-healing of a Sea King.

But the plate drilling out of the body caused it to feel severe pain.
After being summoned, the plate burst into a more dazzling light, which cleared the dirt on its surface and then it flew towards Arceus, integrating into his body.

The trail left by the plate in the night sky was also captured by the giant Sea King.
With its wisdom, it realized that the pain was caused by the two little people in front of it.

A terrifying roar came from the anglerfish.
Although it just looks like an anglerfish, its body structure is greatly different from an anglerfish.
They are classified as sea monsters, and not fish.

It opened its huge mouth, revealing sharp fangs comparable in size to the patrol ship they had been on before.
Judging by how wide it had opened its mouth, it seems it wanted to swallow the small island they were on in one gulp.

“Isn’t this guy a bit too big?” Kaido couldn’t help but sigh at the size of this thing, and then he spread his feet and raised his club at the anglerfish.

“Try this, I just happened to have a move from the Giant race.”

As the muscles in both his arms swelled, he heavily swung down the club with force.
Immediately, a shock wave with a huge range shot out.

“Spear of Elbaf·Ikoku!”

Elbaf, the kingdom where Giants live.
Born with enormous bodies, even if they don’t train much, they are very strong, and almost every Giant is an inborn warrior.

Spear of Elbaf is a technique of Giants.
Outsiders usually can’t learn their techniques and Kaido is also not familiar with Giants, but he is familiar with Big Mom.

Big Mom not only gave him the Fish-Fish Fruit of Mythical Zoan, but also taught him this powerful technique.

Giants also have combination attacks.
Blue Ogre Dorry and Red Ogre Brogy jointly released Hakakou that can directly penetrate an Island Eater, which is an enormous Sea King like this anglerfish.

Kaido can also team up with Big Mom to release Hakai.
On the premise of this combination attack, it is based on the Ikoku technique which can be released by a single person, so Kaido has mastered this Giants’ move.

Big Mom has given Kaido a lot of help no matter in terms of techniques or devil fruit.
With Big Mom’s personality, the two may really have had an affair.

However, Kaido currently still hasn’t reached his peak, and Ikoku he released by himself was inevitably not powerful enough, so he couldn’t directly destroy this Sea King like Giants’ combination attack.

It just created a big hole in the anglerfish, but due to Sea King’s vitality, it was still alive.

Moreover, it realized that these little things were very dangerous and had the ability to kill it.

So, its huge body began to sink.
The anglerfish wanted to escape from this dangerous place, but the huge body caused it to sink very slowly, taking a long time to dive back into the water.

During this gap, it was again attacked by Arceus’ Hyper Beam, and another penetrating wound appeared on its huge body.
Amidst the anguished cry, a lot of things were spat out of its big mouth which were comparable to an island, among which even the broken pieces of the island could be seen, then blood spurted out from the holes on its body.

From this, it seems that it didn’t eat the plate, but when it was eating some island, it happened to swallow the plate that had fallen on the island.

The light above the head was still bright, but the huge anglerfish had sunk into the deep sea.

Then, the plate integrated into Arceus’ body, and his lost power returned.

But Kaido noticed a change from Arceus’ body.
The moment he assimilated the plate, a dark and fierce aura erupted out from him.
Although it had already dispersed, Kaido was sure that he didn’t sense it wrong.

“The aura just now.”

“A part of my strength, although it’s not what I want the most right now, it’s not bad.”

What he wanted most was the Psychic-type plate.
In reality, Psychic-type has a wide range of applications.
Whether it is to change form or telekinesis, it is very practical.
However, the plate in the anglerfish turned out to be the Dark-type Dread Plate, that’s why Kaido had sensed that fierce aura.

His strength returned to 3/18, each additional plate meaning that he has mastered a series of skills.
Dark-type skills are also not low in practicality, but they are not as convenient as Psychic-type in life.

After obtaining the plate, Kaido and Arceus returned to the previous island, but at this time, a lizard was running on the sea.

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