He was holding a longsword in his hand, and there was still blood on it which hadn’t dried yet.
Even though he clearly looked tired, he was still very excited.

There were many people lying under his feet, and it could be seen that they were the guards of the research institute.
Arceus didn’t know how Alber broke free and escaped, but for him, it was a good thing.

He doesn’t have to look for Alber and now can just take these two little guys and leave.

When the Lunarians were escaping, many people chose to die with the enemy because they wanted to protect his unhatched egg and the plates, so he just can’t abandon these two little guys and leave by himself.

“Shayna! I’m here to save you!”

“Alber? It’s great that you’re alive…”

“Umm, we can get out of here soon.
We are now free.” Alber turned off the device that was restraining Shayna and wanted to take her away.

“I know my body’s condition… I won’t last long.
I will only be a burden by leaving with you.
You should just take the sacred relic away.
I’ll cover your retreat.”

Unlike Alber, who still has sufficient physical strength Shayna was still weak due to more sufferings.
She knows very well that she cannot fly very far with her current physical strength.

Moreover, sirens could be heard everywhere, and movements and shouts could be heard in the hallway outside.

“The experiment has escaped! You guys go to Area A, you go support Area C, and the rest come to Area B with me!”

In such a situation, if no one covers their retreat, sooner or later, they will be caught.
In the past, Lunarians have always done this.

Whenever there is an opponent who cannot be shaken off, someone will always sacrifice their life, but now it is different from before.

“It’s okay, Shayna.
There are people outside to provide us support, we just have to rush out together.”

Before Shayna could ask who are the reinforcements, a group of guards rushed over from outside.

“Don’t use guns, these are precious specimens! They must be captured alive!”

Seeing Alber and Shayna, the person in charge immediately made the decision.
In his opinion, these guards, who can be recruited from anywhere, are far less important than the two precious test subjects.

Even though the two of them were dangerous, he still insisted that his subordinates use non-lethal weapons.

“Alber, I leave everything to you.
I will make a path for you.” Shayna clenched her fists.
Lunarians have powerful talent, and with the special growth environment, their strength in itself wasn’t weak.

At least, they are much stronger than these ordinary guards.
The flames behind Shayna started to go out.
All Lunarians have flame burning behind their back.
When the flames go out, their defense will drop, and correspondingly, their speed will increase greatly.

Shayna was ready to fight to death as she doesn’t believe that someone will provide them support.
In her opinion, Alber said it just to comfort her.

But no matter what, they have to deal with the enemies in front of them first.
Their sacred relic is a giant egg, and even though it is a juvenile Arceus, the egg’s height was over two meters, and bringing it out will definitely cause him to slow down.

Not to mention the plates that were close to three meters in size.
They couldn’t leave with such huge plates and the egg at the same time.
Shayna’s physical strength was insufficient, so she could only give up on the plate temporarily.

They are not Giants.
They are young and are still within the scope of normal people.
It is not easy to move while bringing such heavy objects.

These people are not too strong, but they are well equipped and have a large number.
The room limits the scale of the fight, and they will not face too many enemies at the same time.

But when they had just taken down a group of enemies who had rushed in once more, Alber noticed something was amiss.
The eyes of those guards who had rushed in were not him, but behind his back.
Moreover, from the corner of his eye, he could also feel something shining behind him.

Then a beam of light containing terrifying power shot out from behind the two of them, blasting the guards at the entrance into the sky.

The terrifying light did not stop there and continued to pierce through all the walls of the research institute.
Through the traces left behind by Hyper Beam, you could even see the sea in the distance.

“Sacred relic, Sacred relic!…Shayna, look! Sacred relic has hatched!”

Looking back, Alber’s tone was full of surprise, and Shayna also looked at the place where the huge egg was present.
At this time, the egg had disappeared, and in its place was a unique-looking creature.

There is no doubt that the attack just now came from him.

Lunarians have always believed that this egg will hatch one day, and today, they finally witnessed this moment, but unfortunately the Lunarians have also completely fallen.

“Alber, Shayna, it’s been tough on you.”

A slightly neutral voice appeared beside their ears, and following the source of the voice, they looked towards Arceus in front of them.

“You know us?”

“Of course I know.
Ludo, Amelia, Avnisha, Aslan, Nadia…”

A list of names came out of Arceus’ mouth, and he may have forgotten to mention some, but every time he woke up, he remembered the names of the Lunarians clearly.
These are the latest batch, and they were also Alber and Shayna’s seniors.

To Alber and the others, these people are no strangers.

“I’m sorry, the accident that happened back then made me lose most of my power, and I couldn’t get out of the egg until today, but this won’t happen again.
When I get my powers back, I’ll get justice for Lunarians, but first, we must deal with the problem in front of us.”

The two plates on the side were pulled by an unknown force as the two ashen gray plates shone brightly again before shrinking in size, then they merged into Arceus’ body one after another.

Then a special energy gathered from his forehead, and the weak Shayna was also suspended in the air by a mysterious power, then her fire of life that was about to be extinguished began to burn again under the input of power.

“Lord Sacred Beast!”

Shayna’s changes pleased both herself and Alber.
For Alber, Shayna was the last of his kin; there may be other clansmen who were surviving somewhere in the world, but among the people he knows, only Shayna is left.

“My name is Arceus, no need to be surprised.
Shayna’s weakness itself has something to do with me.”

Someone had suggested that the blood of the Lunarians might catalyze the hatching of the egg, so these people used Shayna as a blood bank to extract blood unbridledly.
In their opinion, since her stamina was not comparable to Alber, Alber was a more suitable test subject.

That’s why they tried it with Shayna.

The reason why he has taken over the name Arceus is because it’s just a codename and because he got everything from Arceus.

“Okay, it’s time for us to get out of here, these are the things to think about in the long run.”

He thought that after hatching, his perception ability would improve and he would be able to find those plates scattered all over the place, but except for the two here, he could not detect the aura of any plate.
There seemed to be a strange magnetic field in this world that was interfering with his perception.

The aura of the plates can only be detected when they are within a certain distance from him.

Looking at the guards rushing in from the door one after another, he planned to give them another Hyper Beam.
The two plates he absorbed were the Flame Plate of the Fire-Type and the Blank Plate of the Normal-Type, and he used Hyper Beam just now by using the power drawn from the Blank Plate.

The stiffness which should have been caused by using Hyper Beam disappeared completely because he was the creator, but before he could fire it again, someone seemed to have attacked the guards from behind, and then a man with a mace walked in from behind.

Tall and muscular, but slightly slender, he was wearing a pair of tight leather pants and had a pair of huge demon horns on his head.
It was Kaido when he was young.

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