On an unknown island, Kaido finished up the rest of the alcohol in the patrol ship, while Arceus was just thrilled to have found the plate.

When Kaido is happy, he likes to drink and when he is drunk, he is prone to breaking things.

But, to be honest, whether Kaido can get drunk doesn’t depend on how much he drinks, rather it depends on whether he wants to get drunk.

If he doesn’t want to get drunk, it is a very difficult thing to completely numb his nerves with alcohol, but if he wants to get drunk, then just a little bit is enough.

Now is the time when Kaido wants to experience the feeling of being drunk, so the creatures living on the island are in trouble.
The island’s environment forms a closed-loop food chain, and the food that was originally at the top of the food chain has now been reduced to food at this time.

Roasting, the most primitive cooking method for humans.
With right heat control and plenty of seasonings, the resulting food from roasting usually does not taste too bad.

The common sense of staying in the wilderness doesn’t apply to them.
Except for paying attention to not burn down the entire island by accident, they weren’t worried about any danger.

In the quiet of the night, only the firewood occasionally made a crackling sound.
At this time, a green figure was quickly approaching the island on the sea.

It is not swimming or flying, but completely running on two legs.
The green body, tall as a person, looks like a creature created by fusing a snake and a lizard as a whole.

With a long neck and an upright posture, it is somewhat similar to a dinosaur.
It has wide webbed feet and a long tail behind, keeping it balanced, which is also why it can run quickly on the surface of the sea.

This is a species called a basilisk lizard, and it is an exotic creature that should have become extinct long ago.
Its back had a simple saddle, on which was sitting a little girl.

Golden long hair, a purple skirt, and a simple red string tying her hair.

That Sea King would occasionally eat a lot of things, and that is where she used to get her supplies.

“Elizabeth, go towards the light.
I can smell the aroma of food, it’s the smell of meat, I haven’t eaten meat in a long time!”

As she spoke, saliva flowed down from the corners of her mouth, and the lizard called Elizabeth was the same.

This type of lizard is gentle in nature, easy to tame, has a long lifespan, is omnivorous, but has weak combat ability.
Ordinarily, it used to mainly eat vegetarian food or catch small animals.

But it couldn’t find things like birds where it used to live, because it used to live in the stomach of that giant anglerfish.

The enormous Sea King swallowing an island is not a joke.
That giant anglerfish has three stomachs, each with a small island inside, and the girl is a survivor from one of those islands.

Previously, Arceus and Kaido’s attack had punctured the stomach of the Sea King, and it had vomited out a lot of things.
She and the lizard escaped using this opportunity.

Because Elizabeth is able to run on the surface of the water and has high endurance, they were able to successfully leave the Calm Belt.
The movements of the basilisk lizard running on the sea surface were extremely small, so the Sea Kings living below did not notice at all.

Or perhaps those awakened Sea Kings had all gone to attack the seriously injured anglerfish Sea King.

After running on the surface of the sea for a long time, the girl and the lizard arrived near the island where Kaido and the others were temporarily staying by coincidence, and were then attracted by the fire and the faint smell of meat.

At the edge of the island, the girl and the lizard x them as soon as they arrived.

He originally wanted to catch the kid, but was stopped by Shayna who was coming to change the shift with him.

“Why are you stopping me?” King asked quietly.
The girl slowly moving below did not notice at all that the two people on the ship behind her were staring at her.

After the ship docks, most people do not sleep on the ship.
Even if the ship is well repaired, it will slightly sway due to the sea waves, and for sailors, it is rare for them to peacefully sleep on the land.

For someone at sea, this is basically common sense, but she is just a child, who never thought about so many things.

“She seems to be heading towards the leftover roasted meat.
Let her go, the feeling of hunger is not pleasant.”

Only those who have experienced this feeling know how painful it is, which cannot be conveyed with words.

Lunarians are tough, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel hungry.
It’s just that they have a greater tolerance for hunger.
With their life of fleeing and life in the laboratory, they have nearly experienced all kinds of hardships.

Looking at the little girl, Shayna felt a little sympathetic, but sympathy aside, she still retracted the flames and flew over with her wings spread out.

“You continue to keep watch, I’ll go see what she wants to do.”

She will help those she wants to help as much as she can, but if she finds a problem with them, she will not hesitate to break their neck.

Arceus is not here at the moment, he is using some wild beasts on the island to test the specific effects of his skills, such as the Dark-type’s Taunt.
Some of these skills have effects in reality that are similar to law-type abilities and are very difficult to understand.

For example, Taunt in the game would make the opponent angry and the opponent can only use attack moves for three turns.
However, reality is not a turn-based game, and the effects of Taunt are more diverse.
At this time, he had caused some wild beasts to start fighting among themselves.

“I should wait until I find the Grass-type Meadow Plate and try using Grass Knot.
I wonder what effect it would have on something like Oars with its size.”

The heavier the opponent, the greater the damage from Grass Knot.
However, the principle of this skill is to trip the opponent.
Giants probably wouldn’t knock themselves out by falling on their head, right?

Practice is the only standard for judging truth, and without specific training, he cannot determine the specific effects, just like the unexpected effects that Taunt skill can produce.

On the other side, the little girl and Elizabeth found the remaining roast meat and had already eaten their fill, their stomachs round and full.
The stomach capacity of the people in this world is much greater than ordinary people, and there are also many people who are careless.

Such as Kaido snoring loudly by the side.
One careless person is still sleeping, and another careless person is still daring to eat more.

“Are you full now?”

“Full!” In response to this sudden question, the little girl hesitated for three seconds before suddenly feeling that something was off.
At this moment, Queen, who had gone out to find a late-night snack, also happened to arrive.

In order to modify the propulsion device as soon as possible, he had been working on the ship earlier.
The work had been completed, and he wanted to find something to eat.

Shayna had originally wanted her to eat and then leave as soon as possible, but her appearance plus the sudden appearance of Queen seemed to have scared her, so she did something unimaginable.

She kidnapped the still sleeping Kaido.

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