She took out a small antique knife from her waist, and then rolled over to Kaido’s side.

“Don’t come over! If you come over, I’ll kill this guy!”

Shayna’s expression twitched a few times, and Queen even dropped his cigar in shock.
They didn’t know what to say for a moment.

If Morgans was here, then tomorrow’s headline is already decided.
With his penchant for exaggerated description, it would likely lead to a similar headline:

【A mysterious little girl has kidnapped Kaido, the Super Rookie of the new era】.

With a large difference in size, her action of holding a small knife in front of Kaido’s neck looked amusing.
However, neither Queen nor Shayna treated it as seriously, as this small knife would not be able to even pierce Kaido’s skin.

Even if he is sleeping.

“Weren’t you and that pervert King on the night watch? How did she get here?”

“It’s just a little thief who steals food.
Even if I wasn’t paying attention, what danger could a little girl even pose?”

“So now?”

“Who do you think is in danger?”

Queen picked up his cigar, but he immediately flung it again.
It was such a shocking situation that he held the cigar backwards, burning his mouth.

Shayna is right, in this situation it is not Kaido who is in danger.
He is a monster known as the strongest creature and even the execution platform cannot harm him, let alone this small knife.

And this is what shocked Queen.
Although not everyone could recognize Kaido’s identity, even just looking at his physique, he was not a good target.
Where did this brat get such big courage?

“Hey, hey, you two, don’t ignore me, I’ll really attack!”

“Eh? What’s going on? Did I grow taller?”

She was originally waving the dagger at Queen and Shayna, but suddenly felt that she had grown much taller.
Of course, she wouldn’t grow taller out of nowhere, rather Kaido had woken up.

Kaido, who was sitting up, had lifted her up, which is why she felt that she had grown taller.

“Brat, are you trying to kidnap me?”

“That’s right, Brother Kaido, this little girl actually took you as a hostage.
Let’s just kill her.” Among them, Queen is the one who values other people’s lives the least.
To him, the life of a brat means nothing.

These words scared the little girl, causing her to wildly swing the knife in her hand towards Kaido’s arm.
But, the blade broke.

Looking at the broken knife in her hand, she was confused for a moment, wondering how someone’s skin could be harder than steel.

“What is this monster? Am I going to die? No, I just escaped from the belly of Mr.

However, Kaido didn’t do anything.
The little girl’s behavior seemed to have caught his interest.

“Worororo, interesting brat, it’s a shame you’re too weak.
Hey brat, how about joining my ship as an apprentice? You are definitely going to make a name for yourself with your bravery in the future.”

It is well known that Kaido has many hobbies, one of which is recruiting various subordinates.
These subordinates are not only the strong individuals he likes, but also children he approves of.

Whether it is talent, identity, or personality, the new generation of the Beasts Pirates were almost all brought back by Kaido.

Although he has always been generous towards those willing to join him, he is not foolish.
Looking at the future 3 Calamities and Tobi Roppo of Beasts Pirates, aside from the veteran Queen and King, the majority of them are those he brought back as a child and raised.
These are the true core of the Beasts Pirates.

There are many children that he has brought back from various places, and compared to Big Mom who birthed all the children and Whitebeard’s liking for adopting sons, Kaido can be considered the number one kindergarten principal in the New World.

The little girl is so weak that she can’t even hurt his skin, but he likes this kind of bold and reckless spirit.
She dared to take him as a hostage, stab him with a knife, and even after the knife broke, she dared to bite him.
This desire for survival satisfies him.

Without a courageous heart, it is impossible to become a strong person.
One may be cowardly and timid at ordinary times, but it is only the ones who stand up at crucial moments that can truly be considered strong.

If we count luck as a factor, Buggy the Clown is the only one in the sea who doesn’t give face to Red Hair, but he still has a smooth sailing career.

“Okay, I’ll join you.”

“Tch, who wants to join you, I hate pirates the most.
I’ll run away on Elizabeth while you’re not paying attention.”

These are her inner thoughts, but the problem is, she voiced them out loud.

She looks just like a child, but she is actually over 150 years old.
The ring on her hand is inlaid with a small piece of rare metal called “Pure Gold”, which is known as the precious metal that can buy the entire world.

Its effect is to halt the growth of the body, which is also the reason why she has lived for so long,

However, she has always lived in the belly of a Sea King, and she has not seen any other living people in over 100 years.
There is only a lizard with her, so she has developed this bad habit of talking to herself.

She thought that Kaido would get angry, but Kaido did not, instead he continued to laugh.

“If you have the ability, then try running away.
However, if you get caught by me, it will be very painful.
What’s your name, brat?”

“Olga, Myskina Olga.”

“My name is Kaido, remember this name as I’m going to be your captain from now on.”

When Arceus finished testing his skills and returned, he found to his surprise that there was now an additional person and a lizard present.

Then, Shayna briefly explained to Arceus what happened last night, and then pulled Olga’s ear and warned her about some things.
As the only woman on board, Kaido handed Olga over to Shayna.

However, Olga still has some resistance to being pulled onto Kaido’s ship.
She used to have a happy family, but because of Pure Gold, a large number of pirates stormed their island and killed her mother.
This is the reason why she hates pirates.

Pure Gold had originally disappeared from the world, but her father had recreated it based on inherited documents in order to delay the development of the virus within her body and allow her to survive.
However, this attracted pirates and resulted in the death of his wife.

Later on, Pure Gold attracted an enormous Sea King, who swallowed the whole island.
Her father had not told her about this, so she hated her father for over a hundred years.

None of this would have happened if he hadn’t created Pure Gold.

She had originally planned to find an opportunity to escape, but Elizabeth let her down at this moment.
Upon seeing Arceus, it lay down on the ground in submission, not wanting to leave at all.

Olga leaned against the side of the ship, her eyes darting around as she thought about how to escape.
Queen had already prepared his propulsion system and was ready to set sail in search of John.

But just as the ship was about to set sail, a man dressed in rags and wearing a dinosaur costume floated over from the sea.

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