“Similar smell? Are you sure?”


It is normal to see all kinds of strange things floating on the surface of the sea.
Pirates will only pick up things they are interested in.
No one would usually fish up such a strange and unknown creature on their ship.

But Elizabeth told Arceus that it smelled a familiar smell from the thing below.
Basilisk lizards have a complex genetic makeup.
As reptiles, they have an unusually developed sense of smell, and they can also capture odor molecules in the air.

It smelled a scent similar to Olga from it just now.

However, most people only thought that it was incoherently screaming, and only Arceus could understand what Elizabeth was saying.

“King, fish up that thing down there.”


King spread his wings and jumped off the ship, picking up the unknown creature floating on the surface of the sea.

Under the dinosaur costume was a scruffy blond man with stubble all over his face and a chubby figure.
Moreover, it seemed to have been soaked in the water for too long, resulting in some swelling.

“Olga, Elizabeth said that this unknown creature smells like you, do you recognize him?”

“Eh? But I don’t know him.
Lord Sacred Beast, can you understand Elizabeth’s words?”

Over the past few hours, Shayna has taught Olga a few simple things, essentially telling her to listen to Kaido’s words but not to care about his attitude normally, as he won’t care either.

And treat her and King as older siblings.
They are not difficult to get along with.
As for that fatty Queen, just ignore him , and if he dares cause trouble, just look for her.

Arceus is Lord sacred beast, and must be respected.
If she dares to disrespect Arceus, she will definitely not have a good outcome, and emphasized the last sentence.

She doesn’t have any issues with her intelligence, and her temperament is quite good as she has been able to live alone with just a lizard for over 100 years without going crazy in a lonely environment.
Even an adult who has been stranded on a deserted island for over a decade might not be able to endure such loneliness.

However, because there was no one around, she had no one to learn from or use as a reference, so her mind remained in that time period with a childlike mentality.

Being women, they get along quite well with each other, and Olga’s inability to hide what’s on her mind will not change for a while, which makes it easier for Shayna to understand her.

“There’s nothing difficult about understanding what it says.
Elizabeth is saying it definitely couldn’t have smelled wrong.” As Arceus said this, he checked out the unknown creature and once again confirmed Elizabeth’s words.

In terms of sense of smell and perception, he is many times better than this basilisk lizard, but he is not interested in unknown floating objects in the sea.

Of course, it’s also because she just had a supporting role in the movie.
Arceus spent more time sleeping in the egg than she lived in the belly of the Sea King, so it is normal to not remember such things.

“Could it be that this guy is my bastard father?”

It has been more than a hundred years since they last saw each other, and although he is still alive due to being illuminated by Pure Gold’s light inside Mr.
Lantern, his appearance has undergone a great change.
Olga could not recognize him.

“He won’t die, will he?”

She has complicated feelings towards her father.
He is her only family, but he also killed her mother and attracted the attention of Mr.

At this time, the unknown creature also opened its eyes and was understandably excited to find that it was still alive.

He was also swallowed into the stomach of the Sea King, but he arrived at another island in the stomach, where countless dinosaurs lived.
In order to protect himself, he disguised himself as a dinosaur cub and had to eat only meat every day for over 100 years, without seeing any vegetables or fruits.

Olga, on the other hand, was exactly the opposite and could only eat vegetables and fruit every day without seeing any meat.

After the Sea King was defeated, he also ran out through the hole that was punched in its body, and fortunately did not drown and successfully drifted to this place.

“I say, can’t you man the outer wheel? Do I have to do everything on the ship by myself? Brat, an apprentice should at least do something!” Queen walked out with an unhappy look on his face as even after such a long time, the outer wheel hadn’t started.
He thought that there would be one more person on the ship who he could order around.

Then, he saw another person on the deck.

Upon leaving the dinosaur lair, he naturally took off his dinosaur costume.
Since Olga was carrying Pure Gold with her at all times, her clothing still remained unchanged from the past.
However, he was only affected by the radiance of Pure Gold, so his clothing became tattered.

The most intact thing on him is his belt, and the writing on the belt, as well as the patterns on Olga’s dress caught Queen’s attention.

It was dark when Olga had appeared, so he did not pay attention to the details on her dark dress, but now he has discovered something very crucial.

“This pattern… Alchemi, are you from Alchemi Island? But it’s a legendary island that disappeared more than a hundred years ago.”

”Don’t look at me, I’m not very familiar with this either, and this matter also has something to do with Mr.
At that time, Vegapunk couldn’t even analyze the elements of your plate.
And in this regard, Alchemi’s technology is top-notch, so the research institute was full of documents about Alchemi, so I was able to recognize it.”

“Ah, I am indeed from Alchemi, my name is Acier, Myskina Acier.”

“It’s unbelievable that you are still alive.”

“Am I very famous?”

“Of course, that Vegapunk admires your talent in materials science and mineralogy.
After all, you are a genius who made “Pure Gold”!”

The people in MADS research institute used to be unconvinced with each other and think they are geniuses, just as good as Vegapunk if not better.
Among their peers, there is only one type of person they would publicly praise – i.e.
dead people.

Praising a deceased senior isn’t much, and Acier belong to this type.
In the eyes of everyone who knows him, he is already a dead person, after all, even Alchemi Island has disappeared.

Otherwise, he would have been taken away by the World Government long ago.
Pure Gold is hailed as the metal that can buy the world because Celestial Dragons are willing to pay any price to obtain it.

Pure Gold can greatly delay the aging of living things.
In other words, it is a treasure that can make people live forever.
Over a hundred years have passed and Olga has not changed at all, which would make those at the peak of power crazy for it.

But Pure Gold would attract the attacks of super-large Sea Kings, causing the entire island to be eaten, so this substance has always been just a legend.

“What kind of genius scientist is he, he is just a bastard! Things like Pure Gold should not exist in this world!”

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