Queen praising Acier sparked Olga’s anger.
In her eyes, Pure Gold is the source of misfortune.

“Olga!! You are Olga, right? I’m so glad you’re alive!”

Acier was excited to see Olga, but Olga did not share the same sentiment.
Over a hundred years had passed and she had too many questions for her father that were never answered in the past.

“Why, why on earth did you make this thing! It’s because of this that those pirates came! Tell me, why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I never want to see something like Pure Gold again!” Saying this, Olga took off her ring and was about to throw it into the sea.
This action finally prompted a reaction from the previously silent Acier.

“No, stop! Olga, stop!”

In the past, Olga would not have dared to do this because the Pure Gold ring would attract the attention of the enormous Sea King known as Mr.
However, now it is no longer possible for the Sea King to keenly detect the movements of Pure Gold.

Additionally, this ring was once her only memento, but now that Acier is alive, it is different.

With his overweight body and lack of exercise over the years, Acier’s movements were slow and he could only watch as the ring flew further and further away.
However, halfway through the sky, Queen’s mechanical claw flew out and grabbed the ring before bringing it back to his hand.

Olga says she never wants to see Pure Gold again and then throws the ring out, doesn’t that mean that the ring contains Pure Gold?

“Don’t waste it, it’s a good thing.
Arceus, Vegapunk made a hypothesis before.


“If we can find out the elemental composition of your plate and add a special metal as a core, then it might be possible to create a machine that can analyze the power of the plate.
The basic principle of the machine isn’t complicated, and with the right equipment, I can make it too.

“With just a little modification, we might be able to detect the signal from the plates.”

“And this plate is originally yours, so you must be very familiar with its composition.
If everything goes well, we should be able to create a related device.

“Is Pure Gold that special metal?”

“Maybe, maybe not.
Vegapunk has already experimented with most substances, but none have worked.
Perhaps this legendary Pure Gold can.”

Vegapunk is a genius whose technology is even ahead of current times by five hundred years, but it may not be possible to replicate ancient things with future technology.
Everyone also has their own areas of expertise, and in the field of Pure Gold manufacturing, Vegapunk is also unable to do it.

He is a genius, but he is not an all-knowing and all-powerful being, and there are also things that he cannot do or is not skilled at.

Queen is also unsure whether he can actually make it or not, he is just voicing an idea.

But Arceus will not let go of any possibility, and if Queen’s concept can be realized, it will be possible to split up the search for plates in the future, speeding up the process of collecting the plates.

The reason why Queen is so proactive is mainly to see if Arceus has any method of speeding up the growth of bananas, as it is too torturous to wait 6 months for them to ripen.

Queen has been trying to approach this matter indirectly for some time, and Arceus has also seen what he wants.

“Once you figure out how to make it, I’ll improve the power of this aspect.”

To speed up the growth of Tropius’s bananas, there is only the “Harvest” ability, and this ability needs to be slightly activated.

After all, Queen ate Devil Fruit a long time ago and then underwent random mutation, unlike Shayna and King’s method of obtaining ability.

Their abilities are more complete, but still need to be developed.

“Uh, if you need Pure Gold, I can help you make it, but can you give me back that ring first?”

His tone seemed very tense, and anyone could sense that there is some problem.

“Huh? You damn old man, you actually want to make that kind of thing! Without all the equipment from the island and Mom’s help, you can’t even…uhhh.” Acier covered her mouth, but it was a little late.

“To be honest, I hate it when people lie to me in front of my face.”

“I can really make Pure Gold again, but I need time, manpower, equipment and materials.
The original data has all been destroyed, so I have to start everything from scratch.” He hasn’t touched any equipment in more than a hundred years, and although the knowledge is still there, he has become a bit rusty.

“As for that ring.”

Acier looked at Olga and still spoke the truth.

“Olga has an incurable disease, and the reason I researched and made Pure Gold was to use the power of Pure Gold to suppress her condition from growing.
Without the Pure Gold on that ring, Olga’s body cannot last for very long.”

This stopped the struggling Olga, she never thought that Acier’s research on Pure Gold was actually for her.

When his wife passed away, Acier was more saddened than anyone else, but he had to act calm in front of his daughter, not letting her know the truth, so that she doesn’t put this pressure on herself.

The development afterwards was a touching father and daughter moment.
But, afterwards Olga became a little nervous.
These people are pirates, and for ordinary people, pirates are nothing good.

Even if she was treated as an apprentice on the ship, her goal was to find an opportunity to escape.

Would pirates consider other things when they set their sights on something?

“What kind of illness does she have?”

Since it is to alleviate the illness, first resolve the illness, and from what Queen said, Pure Gold is just a core, other problems can be solved first and then the core component can be installed.

Even John has not been found yet, so he has no problem waiting a little longer, but the most important thing is that Kaido is interested in Olga because of her bravery, while Arceus is interested in Acier’s technology.

Science and technology is the number one productive force, and he can even make something like Pure Gold, so it should not be a problem to manufacture some simple things.

“South Blue Emperor Fever, originating in South Blue, is an incurable severe illness that even the king of a country has no cure.”

“South Blue Emperor Fever?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

“What kind of incurable illness is that? It was resolved many years ago.”

Hearing the name of the illness, Queen said disdainfully, he was originally a virus expert, and South Blue Emperor Fever was nothing in his eyes.

After all, it was resolved many years ago, and the treatment plan has also been published, which shows that it is beneficial to live longer.
The incurable illness from a hundred years ago can be cured a hundred years later.

Saying that he returned to the cabin and used the medicines on the patrol ship to make a dose of injection.

“Okay, this injection will cure the illness, I am a professional in this field.”

Then, he saw that the brave little girl who dared to kidnap Kaido ran away without hesitation when facing the syringe.

“No, I’m most afraid of needles!”

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