Everyone has a weakness.
The brave girl who dared to kidnap Kaido is now scared and running around the ship after being confronted with a syringe.
Of course, in such a confined space, she had nowhere to go and was quickly caught by Shayna after just a few steps.

“Come back here.
The cure for South Blue Emperor Fever may have been found, but if we don’t treat you in time, you can still die.
Queen, give her the shot.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.
I’m a professional when it comes to this.”

Holding Olga’s arm, his mechanical hand automatically performed a series of sterilization tasks, and then the syringe was directly injected into her shoulder.

“Brat, you’re someone who dared to kidnap brother Kaido, what’s there to be afraid of just a needle?” Looking at Olga, who had tears in her eyes, Queen couldn’t understand where Olga’s bravery from yesterday came from.
Even though she probably didn’t recognize Kaido, the size difference alone would deter most people.

As he said that, he handed Kaido’s wanted poster to Olga.
Patrol ships always have such things, and pirates generally do not panic when they see the wanted poster, but rather see it as a capital for showing off.

“One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, one million, one hundred million, twelve billion?!?!”

As Olga counted the zeros in Kaido’s bounty poster, her expression twisted slightly.
In recent years, Berries has been depreciating in value, and its purchasing power is constantly decreasing.
One hundred years ago, twelve billion berries was worth more than today’s twelve billion berries, let alone the leftover fractions at the end.

It is common knowledge on the sea that pirates with higher bounties usually are much stronger.

Although the bounty of a pirate is based on their strength and the government’s assessment of their level of danger, there is generally a direct correlation between strength and bounty amount.

The father and daughter who lived in the stomach of the Sea King for more than a hundred years joined the pirate ship less than a day after escaping with their lives.

However, strictly speaking, they were rescued twice by the Beasts Pirates.
Arceus and Kaido helped them escape from the stomach of the Sea King, and Queen resolved the South Blue Emperor Fever.

Of course, the latter is not a particularly difficult matter, as long as they found an island with relatively advanced medical facilities, they would have found the appropriate vaccine.

As for the twelve billion bounty pirate, it would be very difficult for her to escape from him.
The most crucial thing is that Elizabeth has betrayed her and completely submitted to Arceus, making it impossible for her to escape.
This is especially true now that her father has also appeared here.

However, compared to Olga, Acier’s hostility towards pirates is not as strong and his adult mind allows him to think more deeply.

Initially, he created Pure Gold not for fame and fortune, but to solve Olga’s health problem.

Therefore, after successfully creating Pure Gold, he did not publicize it everywhere.
He knew what would happen if Pure Gold became known.
Although Pure Gold also has its side effects, such as restricting physical development while hindering progress in strength.

However, the extended lifespan it brings is enough to drive people crazy, especially the Celestial Dragons at the top of the world, who enjoy everything in the world and desire time the most.
The high price of the Op-Op Fruit and the secret of its ability to perform ‘Perpetual Youth Surgery’ are closely related.

Even the people on the island didn’t know what he was really doing.
Making of Pure Gold was completely done independently by him and his wife.
Although the people on the island helped him transport materials, it was impossible for them to guess what these materials were for.

Different materials were purchased in batches, for example, buying charcoal for barbecuing, buying sulfur for making soap, and buying saltpeter for making ice, but these things mixed together can make gunpowder, the specific ratio is… well, don’t ask.

His materials for Pure Gold were the same.
Initially, he didn’t know if these things could be made into Pure Gold.
So the question is, who leaked the news of him making Pure Gold to those pirates?

It is likely that only the World Government could deduce his purpose from the materials he purchased and discover his success.

This is his guess.
World Government wants to keep Pure Gold in their own hands and does not want other ambitious people to know about it.

Therefore, they leaked the news, hoping that the pirates would deal with it first, and then the government would intervene, eliminating everyone in the know, and take Acier away and have him manufacture Pure Gold for them as his savior.

The higher the status, the more one knows, and the more one can understand the darkness hidden under the World Government’s order.
Of course, this is just his speculation.

It is not impossible for the World Government to use the Buster Call to destroy Alchemi, but in that case, they would still need an excuse and suppress the aftermath, which would be too costly.
It is better to use the pirates.

But they could not have guessed that Pure Gold would bring destruction in the form of the enormous Sea King.
Those pirates are murderous wolves, and the person behind who leaked the news is the real murderer.

More than a hundred years have passed and those people are probably dead now.
Now, he just wants to live a good life with his daughter.
It’s not that important to have a position.
With his skills, he can always find a foothold.

This is near the Calm Belt and he can only follow Kaido and others now.
However, he is still opposed to his daughter becoming a pirate and wants Olga to assist him in his research on the pretext of needing a researcher.

However, these are all things that will happen later.
For now, Arceus and his group are following the Vivre Card provided by Ryleth to continue tracking John’s path.

On the other side, Spandine smashed the table in his office.
The situation in South Blue has been settled by the Marines, and Zephyr has added another accomplishment to his resume, but none of this has anything to do with Spandine because the personnel he sent to the 277th Branch have all died.

Those pirates didn’t immediately surrender without putting up a fight when faced with Zephyr’s fleet, and Spandine’s undercover agent was knocked unconscious by Kaido’s Haki and hit the corner of a window, causing him to never wake up before dying in the Marines’ mysterious AOE firepower.

The warships from the Headquarters have a huge disparity between the caliber of the artillery compared to those in the Four Seas and greatly inferior firepower.
Although Zephyr is called the Marine Admiral who “does not kill”, it means that he will not kill the people he catches with his own hands.

He is not inflexible who allows his soldiers to suffer heavy casualties in order to capture the opponents alive.

Afterwards, Spandine sent people to interrogate the pirates in various prisons, but no one knew exactly what had happened.
The only information he knew was that Ryleth had fought with a powerful pirate.

After a while, Spandine made another phone call.

“Follett, have you found that bas*tard yet?”

“Not yet, Chief Spandine, but the reaction from the Vivre Card is getting stronger.”

“Catch that bas*tard and let him know what happens to those who dare to betray me.”

Looking at the half-Vivre Card in his hand, Spandine was very angry, but he didn’t know that it wasn’t Ryleth’s Vivre Card at all.

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