Initially, when Ryleth was arrested and released as an undercover agent, it was natural for Spandine to have a backup plan.
Therefore, before he left, he made a Vivre Card.

If it were anyone else, it wouldn’t matter, and they could definitely make the corresponding Vivre Card.

However, Ryleth is an ability user of the Act-Act Fruit, and he had various objects such as other people’s hair to make puppets.
The material that Spandine obtained was not from Ryleth’s body, but from someone else.

Clearly, the material used to make Vivre Card was from a stranger and not Ryleth, and this is the reason why even though Ryleth is already dead, the Vivre Card in Spandine’s hand has not changed at all.

The special agent known as Follett has already entered the Grand Line following the direction of the Vivre Card, but by strange coincidence, he ended up at the right place because the person whose material Ryleth used to make the Vivre Card coincidentally joined the real John’s fleet.

Therefore, Follett wasn’t able to find Ryleth, but by coincidence found John, which also led him to the conclusion that Ryleth did indeed betray the agreement with Spandine and completely joined John Pirates.

“Chief Spandine, I am currently in Natjo Kingdom in the first half of the Grand Line.
I have not found Ryleth, but the Vivre Card is reacting strongly, so he should be nearby.
At the same time, I have found John here.”

“That guy’s fruit ability can disguise others, so it’s normal if you can’t see him.
But are you sure that’s John?”

“I’m sure.
Another famous pirate is also traveling with him, who was also a member of the Rocks Pirates.
His identity has been temporarily confirmed as ‘Silver Axe.’”

Inside a hotel in the Natjo Kingdom, Follett carefully reported the situation he had discovered.
Two surviving members of Rocks Pirates have gathered together, which is not good news for him.

According to his investigation, they have been staying in the Natjo Kingdom for a long time.
If Ryleth’s previous message is true, then Rocks’ treasure may have a significant connection to this place.

The countries on the Grand Line have different sizes, and their unique geography has formed an island country culture.
The smaller countries can be wholly toured in just one day, but there are also large countries with vast land and population.

Natjo Kingdom is a large country in the Grand Line, with an area approximately half that of Alabasta.
Its climate is mild, with spring-like weather all year round.

It is also one of the member countries of the World Government, so Follett has to consider this when doing his work here.

“Chief Spandine, should we ask for reinforcements from the nearby branch?”

“Idiot, if the Marines find out, everything will be exposed!”

“But these people are dangerous.
Natjo Kingdom is a government’s allied-country, and it won’t be easy to explain if something happens.

“They haven’t done anything yet? Keep observing, and I’ll request more personnel to help you.
With these treasures, my future in the World Government will be set.
When that time comes, you won’t miss out on the benefits.”

“Yes, I understand.”

As a Cipher Pol agent, it is quite dangerous to be on the front lines every day.
His dream is to become a chief in an office, where he can just order people around.

The contribution he can obtain due to Rocks’ treasures is enough for this, and according to his investigation, John has been waiting all this time, not at all like a pirate.

Although Natjo Kingdom is an allied-country of the World Government, the World Government does not pay much attention to the internal affairs of allied-countries, and may not help if there is a problem.
However, when a country fails to pay the heavenly tribute, it will be removed from its status as an allied-country.

At that time, the country will be completely abandoned by the Marines and become a lawless land, so allied-countries try to maintain this status as much as possible.

The status of an allied-country does not necessarily ensure the safety of its citizens, but being a non-allied country is definitely more dangerous.

World Government only cares about the heavenly tribute, regardless of how it is obtained.
Kaido’s birthplace, Vodka Kingdom, acquired the heavenly tribute through fighting wars outside.

Natjo Kingdom is similar, as its naval fleet even has the legal status of pirates.
This is also the reason why the Natjo Kingdom does not prohibit pirates from entering the country.
The country is addressed as a gray kingdom, and many pirates sell their robbed goods here.

In order to protect their own interests, there are even unspoken rules within the pirate world here.

Follett disguised himself as an ordinary smuggler and has been staying here, while Arceus and the others followed the direction of the Vivre Card and gradually approached this place.

John’s position has also been changing constantly, and Arceus and the others have to change direction from time to time.
From the start to now, the voyage has lasted more than three months.

Calm Belt is not an obstacle for them.
With the propulsion device made by Queen and the outer wheel, they can also advance at high speed in the Calm Belt.
Sea Kings are also not a threat to them, which saves a considerable amount of time.

At this time, they were still using the patrol ship.
Acier and Queen have been getting along very well during this time.
This is the happy interaction of two sweet-lovers.

Due to the fact that Acier could only eat meat for more than 100 years, he has an unusually strong love for fruits and vegetables, which sparked his first interaction with Queen.

Moreover his talent in material science and chemistry is top-notch in the world, and even Queen can’t compare to him.
The two top scientists had a very friendly exchange, and most importantly, Acier doesn’t compete, he constantly praises Queen, satisfying his vanity.

Of course, there is also a more crucial reason as there is finally someone working together with him on the ship.

Compared to Acier, Olga’s life was not as happy.
Over 100 years have passed and she hasn’t studied for over 100 years either.
As a scientist, Acier is well aware of the importance of learning, so he started giving Olga her missed lessons.

Kaido also really wants Olga to be an apprentice on the ship, in this regard he is more responsible than Rocks.
Rocks would have completely let Olga do as she pleases, while Kaido focused on teaching and did physical training with Olga every day.

King and Shayna were also focusing on their own training.
Their Haki has already reached the beginner level, and now they just need to hone their skills and wait until they are proficient in their current Haki before learning higher level Haki.

According to the Vivre Card’s reaction, they are getting closer and closer to their goal, so Arceus, who had completely absorbed the Dark-type plate, called Shayna out.

“Lord sacred beast, is there something you need?”

“Do you know how to dance?” Shayna didn’t quite understand why Arceus would ask this question, but she still answered.

“I know a little bit, it’s a worship dance that Lunarians used to do before.
If you want to see other dances, I can learn them.”

“No need, I just want to teach you a special dance, the battle dance- Swords Dance.”

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