After Pokémon’s Stat Changes, the original skills will gradually awaken with the progress of the user’s “fruit development,” and Arceus can accelerate this process or allow them to learn skills that they cannot learn on their own and need to be mastered through Technical Machine.

And Swords Dance is that type of skill.
Compared to those fixed damage-type skills, in the real world, fighting is neither a turn-based game nor has specific damage values, so enhancing one’s inherent attack power is the most effective thing.

If Swords Dance skill can be taught on large-scale, the future style of Beasts Pirates might undergo a drastic change.
While the people of other pirate crews will trash talk before battle, the members of Beasts Pirates will do an embarrassing group dance.

Of course, this is an exaggeration since teaching Swords Dance is not like personally teaching someone how to do ballroom dance.
Blank Plate appeared and a power belonging to Arceus entered Shayna’s mind.

Afterwards, her thoughts entered a special space, and a phantom of herself appeared in front of her.
The phantom mechanically repeated an action, and the way the power operated was also displayed in front of her.

This was a special learning space where everything was disconnected from the outside world.
When Arceus imparts a skill to someone alone, their thoughts are pulled into this space.
This is the power that he regained after Dread-Plate recovered some of his strength.

Otherwise, he would have taught them some new skills a long time ago.
This method of imparting skills also consumes a portion of the user’s power, but the loss is less than directly modifying a Devil Fruit.

It can only be used for imparting skills, and not as a training space.
Space-time power is something that he mastered during his peak.

Shayna doesn’t know how long she has been learning for, but when she opened her eyes again, the sun had climbed over the horizon and was shining on the deck.

Arceus called her out at night, so it looks like at least seven hours have passed, but in her memory, she feels like she studied for seven days.

“Well, let me see the effect of Swords Dance.”

The learning process only ends in two cases: when the skill is learned or when the body in the outside world reaches its limit and automatically breaks away from the space.
With Lunarian’s constitution, they will not reach the limit in seven hours, so Shayna must have mastered the skill.


Her body performed the movements as she remembered, and a few sword-shaped shadows appeared around her body before merging back into her body.
The whole process took about seven seconds.

“How does it feel?”

“During the Swords Dance, the body cannot perform other actions or it will be interrupted, but I feel that it is because I am not skilled enough.
If I become more familiar with it, I can solve this problem.”

This is a small problem that she noticed during use, which can be compared to the effect of Tekkai.
When ordinary people use Tekkai, their body cannot move, but someone who is skilled enough can move while maintaining Tekkai state.

The phantom that appears outside the body during the Swords Dance is also a form of “Qi”.
If used properly, this Qi should be able to combine with the external Armament Haki to form a special defense.

Combining fruit’s ability with Haki is a reasonable way to develop techniques.

The learning space only helps them learn the skill, and mastering it depends on themselves.

“What about its effect?”

Swords Dance: Physical Attack level increases by 2.
It is unclear what this increase of 2 means, and Shayna herself cannot explain it.

“I’m not sure, Lord sacred beast.
Maybe we could ask Queen for help?”

She can feel the increase in power, but she doesn’t know the specific effect.
Marines and World Government have ways to test power, but pirates don’t know how to do that.

Then, why ask Queen? Because Queen fought an unenhanced Shayna before and can feel this change more.

“You go find him.
King should be finishing up soon.”

King was also in this state, clearly learning another skill.

Queen, who had just woken up, received his first piece of bad news in the morning when Shayna asked for his help to judge her strength because she had learned a new skill.

At first, he protested.
As a ship’s doctor, scientist, helmsman, navigator, and fighter, he demands equal treatment.

Arceus thought he had a point.
They are all on the same ship and should not be treated too differently, so he told him that he will use the Harvest-Accelerating trait to speed up Queen’s banana growth to make him willingly agree to the request.

“Come on, I’m ready.
No face slapping and no damaging my handsome face!”

“Queen bro, take note of smiling.
A handsome face should smile.” It was Acier, who has become close with Queen and has reached a consensus with him on the topic of him being handsome.

Although Acier and Olga are older in physical age, they both chose to ignore the more than 100 years they spent in the Sea King’s stomach, or else Kaido would have to call Olga an old woman.

“Lord sacred beast, can I kick them both into the sea?”

“Calm down, be careful when using your strength, Acier can’t handle you kicking him and Queen can’t swim.
If he really fell off, you’ll have to go and fish him out.”

Half of the people on this ship are ability users.
Although Acier and Olga can swim, they obviously can’t carry someone of Queen’s size, and Elizabeth is the same.

If Queen falls into the sea and Arceus doesn’t help, Shayna will have to save him herself.

“Hey! Don’t kick me, woman! Kick here, my hand is made of special metal.
We can compare the result from when you kicked it last time.
Are you trying to use me as a force gauge?”

Queen clearly feels that Shayna wants to settle a grudge.
After a few months of sailing together, King is now easy to get along with, although he would still use words to bully him, his actions are different.

But Shayna clearly holds quite a grudge, and this is clearly an opportunity to settle a personal score.

Using the excuse of a better testing method, he fixed her attack range.

Her ability had clearly been enhanced, but Shayna’s damage when hitting him increased even more, he thinks it’s because his the plant-type wings are afraid of flames.
It seems he will have to undergo a new round of modification on himself.

Shayna didn’t kick at a crooked angle, but even so, Queen still felt like his shoulder almost dislocated.

“According to the deformation of the metal, your kick was about 65% stronger than before.
That’s a great increase, how long can you maintain this state?”

“About half an hour or so, but the energy consumption isn’t very large, so the duration doesn’t really matter.”

At this point, King has also finished his learning process, and they continue to conduct skill tests, but the new skill mastered by King was clearly different from Shayna’s.

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