Natjo Kingdom is the name of the kingdom, but the island also has another name, just like Alabasta is located on Sandy Island, the land where Natjo Kingdom is located is called Donut Island, specifically because the island looks like a giant donut from above when viewed from the sky.

The island is shaped like a ring, with a large inland lake inside, covering more than one third of the land area.

The so-called “Great Low Tide” is not a change in the sea area of this outer sea, but rather refers to the inland lake in the kingdom, where every three years on the full moon night, the water in the inland lake will mysteriously disappear for three days, revealing the bottom of the lake.

John and his group have stayed here for too long, and Follett couldn’t think of any other reason besides waiting for this.
However, what happens next has little to do with him.

He knows his own strength, although as a member of CP9, he is proficient in Rokushiki and can deal with pirates in the first half of the Grand Line, but he has no ability to get involved against a monster like John who has a bounty in the tens of millions, and can only watch from a distance.

At this point, he was already done handing over his mission to the two members of CP0 from Mariejois.

“This is where John and his crew are living, and his people will come here to purchase supplies at 2pm every day.
From the top floor of the hotel where I live, you can observe their movements.”

Follett handed over the information he had collected in the past few days to the two ordinary middle-aged men.
They looked unremarkable and would disappear if thrown into a crowd.

Not all CP0 members wear white suits and various masks when they act.
Their main goal is to complete their mission, and to do so, they usually have many identities and would choose appropriate clothing.

Now, whatever happens next has nothing to do with him.
Regardless of the result, Follett’s mission has been completed, and he will naturally receive his share of the credit for a successful mission.

Spandine is different from his son Spandam.
In addition to being able to flatter, he is also capable himself, otherwise he wouldn’t have mixed so well in various organizations.
Moreover, he wouldn’t covet the achievements of frontline special agents and knows what he shouldn’t touch.

After handing over what he thought was Ryleth’s Vivre Card to the two CP0 members, Follett planned to leave this hornet’s nest, as John’s goal of chasing after money was well known.

The process of trying to move this treasure is unlikely to be very peaceful, so staying further on the island would be dangerous for him.

He then packed up his things to leave, but during the process, he encountered Kaido and others.

Olga was still wearing a purple dress, but it was not the same one as before.
That dress had special meaning to her and had been put away.
She had ordered a dozen identical dresses to be made from a tailor when they passed by an island for supplies.

Even the patterns on the dress were the same, these patterns come from ancient texts of Alchemi island.

To most people, these were just ordinary patterns, but those who are knowledgeable would recognize that these texts were related to Alchemi.

Follett was not a person who studied ancient texts, and the government also does not allow people to study such things.
Only people in a certain special government department are allowed to study such texts.

The prohibition is not yet too strict, and Ohara island still exists.
Nothing has happened to that place yet since they haven’t touched the taboo.

However, Follett knows about Alchemi.
Every year, a new Celestial Dragon issues orders to search for Pure Gold after learning about it, and this has now become a good way to swindle money.

But it takes some effort to fool those Celestial Dragons.
There are fools among the Celestial Dragons, but not all Celestial Dragons are fools.
People have ambition, and no one would allow a group of pure waste to sit on their heads.

At least a satisfactory report must be submitted.
In this process, they also gained enough understanding of Alchemi island.

One pattern can be a coincidence, but a whole set cannot be a coincidence.

Watching Arceus and others walk past him, he pulled out his Den Den Mushi and found a secluded place.

“Chief Spandine.”

“What is it, Follett? Have the CP0 people contacted you?”

“Yes, Chief Spandine.
We have completed the handover of the mission.
Is there any other mission for me?” At the moment the call was connected, he hesitated.

Spandine’s success has a lot to do with his relationship with the World Government and his connections.
If he can build a relationship with the Celestial Dragons, his future will definitely be much better than it is now.
Why share this achievement with Spandine?

So he didn’t tell the truth and thought of having all the achievements for himself.

“No, take care of the rest yourself.
Whether you assist them or return early is up to you.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Hanging up the Den Den Mushi, he returned along the same route again.
This road only had one direction and he hadn’t lost the person yet.
Moreover, there are a lot of people in the Natjo Kingdom, so he wouldn’t attract much attention.

However, Follett made a very basic mistake that would be unacceptable for a special agent.
He was so captivated by the Alchemi text on Olga’s clothes that he didn’t notice that the tall man in a cloak next to her was Kaido.

Natjo Kingdom Central Hotel is a place that has cost the kingdom a large amount of finances, and it is a place that combines accommodation, dining, and trading.
It is known as a place where even Giants can stay, as long as they have the money to pay for it.
No one cares about the identity of the people here, the only rule is that there must be no fighting within the hotel.

Therefore, no one stopped Arceus and Elizabeth, who are not human creatures, from entering the hotel room.

“You two wait here, we’ll leave after things are over.
Queen, go to the dock and find a new ship.
This place is known for always having a ready stock of ships.
By the way, have you sensed your plate?”

Olga and Acier are not capable of participating in a battle of this scale.
While Kaido believes that fighting is the quickest way to improve, he would not send an apprentice to experience it in a battle of this level.

Leaving them here is the safest option.
Afterwards, Queen was arranged to go and purchase a ship.
Although Arceus’ plan to use the bounty on Kaido’s head to obtain some benefits did not come to fruition, they were able to earn a large amount of money which was donated by people who are in the same trade as them when they were coming here.

Marines do not require the real name of the person who comes to collect bounties.
Anyone who is not wanted can go to collect the bounty.

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