Additionally, in battle between pirates, both sides do not waste this resource.
In some black markets, there are intermediaries who are responsible for delivering defeated pirates to the Marines and receiving a commission from the bounty.
This is almost an unwritten rule.

Even the powerful pirates of the New World will capture or kill pirates who cause trouble in their territory and then act similarly.
This is even an important source of income for some pirates.

“No, it seems that we still have to deal with John.
But are there more people here now? I see many local people, and why are these people docking their ships in the open ground?”

There were many large ships lying there on the open ground outside, as if they had not experienced navigation for a long time.

Furthermore, the ships are anchored to the ground with very thick iron chains, looking like they can’t move too far.

“This is because of the unique Great Low Tide of the Natjo Kingdom.
When the inland lake in the middle dries up, the sea level around it will rise instead, flooding the low-lying areas until the low tide phenomenon ends.”

“Besides the high ground where the royal family and nobles live, the rest of the area will be like this, which is why those large ships are taking shelter.
However, this place is safe, as this hotel can be said to be the dividing line between the flooded and non-flooded areas, which is why so many people come here.”

At this time, Queen has taken on the additional role of a tour guide, explaining the unique phenomenon of the Natjo Kingdom.
It is also because of this special phenomenon that the Natjo Kingdom, which although has a mild climate, cannot develop its farming industry for the long term.

Every three years when the Great Low Tide occurs, it is a devastating blow to the farming industry here.

Time passed slowly, and Queen resolved the problem of the ship.
Kaido also found John’s whereabouts, whose people were stationed near the inland lake, apparently waiting for the great low tide to occur.

As the third night arrived, the alarm sounded in Natjo Kingdom, and the citizens began to evacuate with their assets, while various forces also launched their actions.

“John, are you sure that Rocks’ treasures are here?” At John Pirates base, a short man wearing heavy medieval armor, a shield hanging from his arm guard, and a shiny silver axe in his left hand asked.

Codenamed Silver Axe, his real name is unknown even to the people on Rocks’ ship, and it is known that he has never taken off his armor.

“Of course, this is the lead found on Hachinosu Island.
When the full moon occurs, the great low tide will happen, and at that time the true form of the treasure will naturally be revealed to us, which will belong to us.”

John’s tone was full of confidence, and he had absolute faith in treasure hunting.
This was also the last treasure hunt in his plan, and the treasures left by Rocks were enough for him to start a whole new life under a different identity.

However, there were too many people, and the treasure was only for him.
He did not want to share the treasure with these people.
If it weren’t for the fact that he needed their strength to find the treasure, he would not have teamed up with them.

However, John only told half the truth.
The treasure is indeed here, but the environment here is also extremely dangerous.
If he takes advantage of it, these guys will be buried here forever.

At the same time, they will also send a signal to the world that the John Pirates have completely disappeared, and Captain John has also died, only in this way can he start a new era of his life.

As for his crew? What does it have to do with him?

But at this moment, a strange smile also appeared at the corner of Silver Axe’s mouth under the helmet.
Coincidentally, he didn’t want to share the treasures with John either.

He had already pressed a button on a Den Den Mushi, and as soon as he pressed the button, a pirate ship in the sea outside Donut Island revealed its true identity.

Standing at the bow of the ship was a man in golden heavy armor with a long beard.

Although the people on Rocks ship fought with each other, there were also some good personal relationships, such as Big Mom and Kaido, or Silver Axe and the owner of this ship, former Rocks pirate member Ochoku.

Trust on Rocks’ ship was a joke, so Silver Axe had already contacted Ochoku and planned to deal with John together.


After learning about the situation in the area, Ochoku’s ship had been lurking nearby for half a month, just waiting for the great low tide to happen and then using the rising sea surface outside to charge directly.

At the same time, two of John’s men who were lying in the dark alley have already been replaced by the two members of CP0, and in the clouds high above, Kaido in the form of a dragon was also ready to attack.

As the full moon hangs in the sky, the great low tide ended as expected, and the lake water in the center began to recede, revealing the wet and slippery bottom of lake below, while the creatures originally in the lake had disappeared to who knows where.

The sea water outside began to spread, and most of the land in Natjo Kingdom was submerged by the incoming seawater, causing the large ships on the plain to begin to float.
People of Natjo Kingdom are going to start a period of life on the water.

“The shape of the bottom of the lake looks like a skull.”

From high above in the sky, it was clearer to see that although the inland lake was an irregular circle when there was water, when the lake water receded, the rocks on the lake shore and bottom happened to form the shape of a skull.

“Maybe that old bas*tard Rocks had a preference for this shape.
Hachinosu is also shaped like this, so the possibility of it being true is higher.”

Then John took out an armband with two semi-circular spheres on it, folded it into a sphere and held it up high.
The reflected moonlight shone on a rock and a spherical hole appeared on it.

There was no doubt that this was the switch for the treasure, but at this moment, a gunshot broke the silence of this place.

One of Silver Axe’s men fell to the ground in response, and the person who shot was CP0 disguised as a member of John Pirates.
They did not want more people to know the specific details of the treasure, but it was not realistic for just two of them to try to stop the hundreds of pirates.

Not to mention that there are also officers with bounties over 100 million here, so stirring up infighting among pirates was always part of their plan.

Silver Axe and John were already wary of each other, and this shot can be said to have ignited a powder keg, and the situation immediately became tense.

“John, you’re a bit too early in making your move.”

“Cut it out, do you believe me when I say this wasn’t my idea?” This really wasn’t John’s plan.
His plan was to make Silver Axe and his crew disappear, how could he start fighting before even opening the door to the treasure?
And he never issued such an order.
There is no doubt that someone is instigating this.
There are definitely other people mixed in here.

But Silver Axe didn’t know this, and when he saw John take action, he abandoned the idea of waiting for Ochoku to be in position before taking action.

“Guys, let’s go!”

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