“Too slow Alber, the number of annoying bugs outside are increasing more and more.”

The crumbling door fell to the ground with a loud bang, and Kaido walked in.
This is a research institute affiliated with the World Government, but it is normal for Kaido to appear here.

He got captured not once or twice.
When he was in Vodka Kingdom, he was the promising strongest soldier in Vodka Kingdom when he was only ten years old.

As an allied kingdom member of the World Government, Vodka Kingdom has to pay heavenly tribute every year, but due to national conditions, Vodka Kingdom’s economic level was not enough to pay this fee.

So, Vodka Kingdom could only obtain heavenly tribute for Celestial Dragons by waging war on non-allied kingdom members.

Kaido was originally a member of the Royal army, but one year, in order to obtain participation right for Levely, the king wanted to give the talented Kaido to Marines and wanted him to participate in Marine’s World Military Draft.

But Kaido refused and he was forcibly captured and handed over to Marines.

Kaido refused to be the king’s political tool and destroyed the warship before starting his career as a pirate.

From then on, he would get himself captured whenever he was hungry and use the prison ship as his cafeteria.

He then joined the Rocks Pirates, and now that the Rocks are a thing of the past, he once again started getting himself captured.

This time, he was sent to this research institute in Red Line to be used for researching Endurance tests and Lineage Factor.

For him, not only getting captured is common, jailbreak is also quite common, moreover this time he also plans to recruit new companions.

And Alber was the one he took a fancy to.
He had seen what happened to Alber before and became interested in the talents of the Lunarian race.

So he released Alber, but Alber wanted to take the others out of here.
Kaido tacitly agreed to this as he also wanted to see how strong Alber could be.

That’s right, he is the “reinforcement” mentioned by Alber.

Now it seems that not only is Alber quite strong, but his gains are more than that.

Kaido may look like a boorish fellow, but he is quite smart.
He originally planned to come out at a critical moment to reveal his presence.

Judging from Alber’s strength, it was impossible for him to slaughter his way out of here by himself.

He has been observing them all this time.
The girl’s strength is not weak, but the most important thing is naturally the just hatched Arceus.
His interest has been greatly increased by the beam of light that contained the aura of destruction.

“Hey, Arceus, right? Do you want to join my crew? Don’t you want to get your powers back? If you join my pirate crew, I will help you get back your lost strength in the future.”

He had heard their conversation before.
Alber and Shayna are a rare fighting force, and they have grown enough to be a person’s right-hand man.

Originally there should have been no problem, after all, he would help them escape from here, but the emergence of Arceus has brought some new changes.

Judging from the situation of the Lunarian race, they will probably obey this sacred beast’s orders.
If Arceus can be brought under his command, he will not only gain a stronger fighting force, but also further bind Alber and Shayna to him.

He likes capable people, no matter who that person is, who he has served before, or what his race is.
As long as he values their ability and they are willing to join him, he will not refuse.
Moreover, he has plenty of patience.

Arceus’s strength and the magical means of replenishing stamina all aroused his interest.

In Kaido’s opinion, the other party was only recently born, and it would be better to be able to subdue the other party right now.

But things developed differently from what he thought.

“Pirate crew? What’s your name?” Looking at this tall man with long horns, Arceus remembered something, and his face gradually overlapped with the pictures on some forums.

But there are some differences between anime and the real world.
He still needs to make sure that he has really come here.

“Kaido! Alber has already agreed to join me earlier.
They are Lunarians, and they are wanted existences, especially after leaving this place.
The world is a very big place, and it is not enough to rely on only one or two people to look for something.

“Lord sacred beast, Brother Kaido saved me, so I…”

“That’s all right, it’s normal to repay others’ kindness, and others have no right to interfere in your life.”

Arceus is more concerned about another issue.
The name Kaido, who intends to establish a pirate crew, plus some information obtained from the Lunarians in the past, he finally determined where this is.
It is One Piece world.

However, in the later stage, he only occasionally read the plot in forum posts or through big data push.
Although he knows about Kaido, one of the future Four Emperors, he doesn’t know the details.

Arceus doesn’t know the more detailed information of the three calamities, so he doesn’t know that Alber is the first of the three calamities in the future—King the Conflagration.

In that case, the identities of those who captured the Lunarians was self-evident.

And that weird magnetic field interference also has an explanation.
He doesn’t know where the rest of the plates have flown away.
The four seas, Grand Line, Red Line, the area is too large, and finding the plates does require more manpower.

If he were to look for them by himself, who knows how long it would take to find them.
He can’t fly for the time being.
Due to the loss of the flying, physic, ghost and other plates that can help fly, as well as him not being fully mature yet, his main body cannot fly during this period.

And he is also not sure about the range in which he can sense the plates, so instead of wandering around the world like a headless fly, it’s better to send someone to search for some information.

Objectively, World Government would have been the best tool, but it is impossible for him to have any relationship with it.
That is the influence of personality fusion.
He is still him, but he has some original Arceus’ preferences.

To him, betrayal and deception are unforgivable, and those who covet the Plates also cannot be forgiven, let alone the people who treated him as a research object.

The potential of the future Four Emperors is really good.
As for whether they are Marines or Pirates, it doesn’t matter to him for now, he just wants to get back his plates.

But for this reason, if he had to become someone else’s subordinate, he can’t do it.

His own personality is actually not so arrogant.
Society is a whetstone and the internship gradually mellowed his personality.
Without enough background, even the spikes on his body wouldn’t be left.

Now Beasts Pirates has just been established and he will be the founding member if he joins.
From the perspective of many emperors, Kaido has always been good to capable subordinates.

As long as there are no major accidents, he is destined to become the Emperor of the sea in the future, which is one of the biggest forces.

But Arceus is different, the Mythical Pokémon who created everything, the creator god is his identity.

Deep in his bones he has inherited Arceus’ pride, which makes him feel like he has returned to his young hot-blooded days.

His goal is to collect the Plates, but focusing on the result does not mean the process is not important.

“I won’t join any crew, but for the sake of helping Alber, I can make a deal with you, a deal you can’t refuse.”

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