A few minutes ago, the people around him were allies, but a few minutes later, they were already at odds with each other.

Betrayal is not uncommon among pirates.
Most pirates are prepared for fighting each other the moment they form an alliance.
They can unite for the sake of profits, or they can attack each other for the same reason.

It is up to one’s own judgment to decide whether the partner of the alliance is trustworthy and to what extent.

Arceus was able to offer Kaido a temptation which he couldn’t refuse, and at least Kaido is more reliable than John.
They have no conflict of interest; Arceus needs manpower to search for plates, while Kaido wants an army of devil fruit users and strong companions.

Unless someone runs up to Kaido with a Devil Fruit tree or presents Arceus with a dozen plates, this alliance is quite solid.
Moreover, what Arceus hates most is betrayal and deception.

He can’t control others, but at least he won’t do such a thing himself.

Silver Axe and John’s subordinates broke out into a fight, and the sound of gunshots can be heard below from time to time.
Firearms, as a type of hot weapon, remain one of the most important weapons.
Compared to cold weapons that require long-term training to become combat-worthy, firearms can be used with simple manipulations.

The weaker the strength, the more important the role of firearms.

Even if it’s a heavily defended enemy, a powerful sniper can cause fatal damage to it with a gun, but such people are in the minority.

Cold weapons are still the mainstream, and swords, axes, and even the pickaxes and shovels used for digging treasures have all become weapons.
Even if they are all powerful pirates in the New World, their subordinates’ strength varies, and not everyone is proficient in Haki.

In the first encounter, hundreds of pirates fell, and the battle between John and Silver Axe has just begun.

Silver Axe is relatively small, but has great strength.
He comes from a country skilled in forging, and his armor is made of special metal.
Although heavy, it has excellent defense, and reflects a bright silver light under the moonlight.

A greataxe was swung at John, but John, holding a pair of daggers, did not confront Silver Axe head-on.
He skillfully dodged the attack and charged towards Silver Axe.

Silver Axe is a heavy armor warrior specializing in strength, so it is not a wise choice to confront him head-on.

Seeing John charging towards him, Silver Axe did not dodge, instead he gripped the handle of the axe with both hands.
Based on his understanding of John, he does not need to pick up his shield, because John is unable to break his defense.

His armor has no gaps except for the opening in front of his eyes, with only the joints being relatively weak in defense.
However, with the help of Haki, he is confident that he can block John’s attack.

So, he raised the greataxe and planned to use his body to block John’s attack, and at the same time, finish him off, but John just made a feint and, as he approached, he sidestepped Silver Axe’s axeblade with a sliding step and stabbed towards Silver Axe’s ribs with the sword in his hand.

Silver Axe sneered in disdain and covered one side of his armor with thick Armament Haki.
He then turned and smashed his axe at John.
Axe is a heavy weapon, and even if its blade is not used, it can still cause effective damage just by swinging it.

However, the next moment, his body appeared to freeze slightly.

“You…when did you eat a Devil Fruit!”

John’s long sword did not enter the armor and the armor remained intact, however, Silver Axe could feel that the long sword had pierced his body.

Due to the habit of wearing heavy armor, Silver Axe’s Haki has always been covering the surface of the armor, and there is also some Haki covering the body inside the armor.
But John’s attack ignored the armor and pierced his body.

This is not the effect of Armament Haki’s internal damage.
He could feel the blade inside his body, and only those with strange abilities can do this.

“Why would I tell you about it?” John spun the sword in his hand and planned to give Silver Axe a fatal blow, but this kind of injury was not enough to make this level of monster lose combat effectiveness.

Faced with Silver Axe’s swinging greataxe, he could only temporarily avoid the sharp blade, feeling regretful that he couldn’t take down Silver Axe with one blow.
It would be difficult to find such an opportunity again.

Silver Axe, who has learned his lesson will now surely cover his body with Haki, but the blood flowing from the armor joint shows that John’s attack has achieved considerable results.

After the God Valley battle, John found a Devil Fruit and secretly became an ability user.
Only a small number of his trusted crewmates knew about this.

Paramecia-type—-Door-Door Fruit.

[TN: the door-door fruit here may be different from the one in anime.]

Just now, he opened a door in space, allowing his blade to directly ignore the Haki-attached armor and directly open a passage on the inside of the armor.

However, the Door-Door Fruit can only open doors in a straight opposite direction, otherwise he would have directly opened a door to John’s neck.

“I really underestimated you, but I still have a backup plan.”

Then he fought with John, and the two gradually came to the middle of the lake.
The ground became muddy, which was not a good thing for Silver Axe.

Afterwards, he pulled out a signal flare from somewhere and fired it into the sky.
This was the signal he had agreed with Ochoku.
As the signal flare exploded in the air, it seemed that Ochoku’s pirate ship had received the signal.
Although the ship was still some distance away from here, the cannonballs had already flown over.

The target was himself, and the wide-range cannonfire completely covered this place.
This was the original plan of Silver Axe and Ochoku, to use heavy cannonfire to exterminate John’s people after forcing them into a position.

Silver Axe, relying on the defense of his armor and Haki, was unharmed in the cannonfire, but a few minutes later, when the cannonfire stopped, he discovered that John was not affected at all, and not even his clothes were stained with any dust.

Door-Door Fruit, Space Door, he had just entered another space, completely dodging the cannon attack.

“What fruit did you eat?”

“Only a fool would tell you that.
The sword should have pierced your kidneys.
I want to see how long you can last!”

Now he was sure that the person who opened fire was Silver Axe’s subordinate.
When Ochoku brought more people over to surround his crew in the lake area, he realized the seriousness of the problem.


“John, open the door to the treasure, even if you are an ability user, you have no chance against the two of us.”

“Well, it’s not surprising that the two of you are working together, but if you want my treasures, try again in the next life!”

Regarding treasures, John had no intention of compromising, then a strange power flowed from his body into the ground.
This was the cemetery he had chosen for these people!

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