Taunt is a move that makes the opponent angry and causes them to only use attack moves for a period of time.

And Taunt leaves a psychological and emotional suggestion in the opponent’s mind.

Compared to those powerful attack skills, this type of law-based move can sometimes be more powerful and unstoppable.

In the game, even Caterpie and Magikarp can cause damage to legendary pokemons, but in reality, that is not possible.
The power of a move can be improved through training and even Ember can defeat the power of Fire Blast.

But this law-based move is like a divine technique.
When Taunt was used, John felt a surge of anger in his heart.

Originally, he wanted to use the Door-Door Fruit’s ability to leave and then change the terrain to allow the lake to flood this place again, causing those who were vying for his treasures to drown.

Furthermore, no one would know that John was able to leave alive, and those who know he is an ability user would all die here, allowing him to start a new life with the treasures.

However, after Taunt took effect, he no longer wanted to do this.
The anger in his heart told him that only by killing these people directly could he calm his anger.

Furthermore, Arceus’ Taunt was not directed specifically at John, but at all people except those belonging to Beasts Pirates.

“Captain, what did you mean by your statement earlier? What do you mean when you say that everyone will die here?”

This was a question posed by John’s subordinates.
According to John’s statement just now, it does not seem that he plans to bring them away with him, but rather he plans to have them buried here together and then monopolize the treasures.

Under the influence of “Taunt,” the crew’s anger boiled over and their gaze towards their captain turned hostile.

A person who wants to monopolize the treasures and kill them all here is no longer their captain.
If it were any other time, John would try to pacify his subordinates, but at this moment, the savage side of him activated by Taunt completely took over.

“What do you mean? The treasures are all mine and you guys should just die here obediently!”

The effect of Taunt varies from person to person.
Ordinary people will only give up on running and start fighting, and if used properly, it can serve as a low-grade version of the Pump-Pump Fruit, barely capable of stimulating one’s fighting spirit.

But to people with a dark heart, deep-seated emotions, and lack of self-control, Taunt can push them into madness.

John is one such type of person, and he is now completely infuriated.

“Falling Door Panels!”

There were no weaklings on Rocks’ ship, because infighting was a common occurrence on their ship, and weaklings would have been destroyed by their own, let alone other enemies.

To be able to become an officer on Rocks’ ship, John’s strength is clearly easy to see.
In the few years since he ate the fruit, he has developed it to the awakening stage, and now his ability can influence the entire space where treasures are hidden.
Even without direct contact, he can activate his ability.

Door-Door Fruit can open doors, but door panels are also a part of doors.
Under his control, the rocks above their head split open and formed giant door panels before they crashed down, initiating an indiscriminate attack.

The pirates, who had already started fighting each other due to Arceus’ ability, suffered heavy casualties under the falling rocks.
The remaining people who were still clear-headed turned their gaze towards John.

Although they do not know why he has become like this, if they do not deal with this madman, everyone will die in this pit.

The pit beneath the inland lake in the center of Donut Island is also very large.
It is shaped like an hourglass, with the space below being larger than the space above.

The separation in the middle is made up of thick rocks, and if it weren’t for the Door-Door Fruit, the only way to enter would be through a secret tunnel.

But under the influence of John’s ability, the tunnel had completely collapsed.
The duration of the great low tide is three days, and after three days, the space above will be filled with lake water again.
At that time, if they try to break through the rock wall, they will have no chance of survival under the impact of the water flow.

It is impossible for ordinary people to break through the tunnel in three days, but they are not ordinary people.
These monsters of the New World have the strength to create a breach, but they must first deal with the crazy John.

Although Silver Axe’s kidney was stabbed with a sword, his strength was not affected too much.
He exchanged glances with Ochoku and then the two of them attacked John simultaneously.

At the same time, the crew members from both sides also attacked.
Even John’s subordinates, faced with this situation, abandoned their captain.

Countless attacks were launched towards John, including those from the two CP0 agents.
With the treasure already in sight, there is no reason for John to live anymore.

And Kaido’s appearance also showed them how they can achieve the new balance.
As long as John dies here, they who are acting as John’s subordinates will surely be temporarily ignored.

If John is able to cause enough injuries to Silver Axe or Ochoku, Kaido in the sky will be able to form a new confrontation situation with them, and if they can take advantage of this, all of these pirates will surely be destroyed here.

Rocks’ treasures plus the fall of four sea pirates will be an indescribable achievement for them.

Faced with the attacks of so many strong people, John quickly lost.
In the end, he was pinned to the ground with Ochoku’s giant sword, almost cut into two sections.
It is only at this point that the influence of Arceus’ Taunt completely disappeared.

Silver Ax was also seriously injured.
John’s attacks were more aimed at Silver Axe than Ochoku, who was still at his peak.
Although there were many people attacking him, they had no coordination and even caused friendly fire.

Under the influence of Taunt, a larger scale of infighting broke out.
So, at this point, there are not many people left standing.

“John, do you have any last words?”

“Last words? Do you know that people who talk too much end up dying?”

Upon hearing this, Ochoku had a bad feeling, but it was already too late.
The ground shook and he didn’t expect John, in this state, to still have the ability to activate his fruit’s ability.

“Nobody is going to take my treasures away.
It can only be mine! Ground Elevating Door!”

Treating the entire lake surface as a door, John manipulated the terrain to drop.
This meant that the central area, which was originally higher than the surrounding terrain, had now become a depression, and the surrounding seawater would also begin to roll in.

Moreover, there were already cracks present in the area due to previous battle, and the surrounding seawater was starting to seep in!

“You ba*tard!”

Ochoku killed John, but the seawater was still seeping in.
Although the death of an ability user means that the ability will cease to function, the indirectly destroyed terrain will not be restored.

John’s ability has caused the collapse of the terrain, and killing him will not stop what has already happened.

Just as they were thinking about what to do, John’s body underwent a change and several finely crafted treasure chests fell out of his body.

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