This is his application of the Door-Door Fruit, which not only represents a door but also the space that appears after the door is opened.
He used the fruit’s ability to transform his body and create a unique space within himself where he keeps all of his true treasures.
This includes the treasures that were originally on Rocks’ ship which had disappeared after the God Valley Incident.

“Thunder Bagua!”

Ochoku drew his sword and blocked behind him, causing sparks to fly from the collision of the giant sword and the spiked club.

“Couldn’t hold back any longer, apprentice? I thought you were going to hide there forever!”

Kaido kept a low presence since the start of the fight, barely participating in the battle between John and them.

Both he and Silver Axe noticed Kaido watching from above, but they still considered John their main enemy and saw him as more threatening than the apprentice.

They also did not think that the apprentice would dare to sneak attack them.
John had already incurred the wrath of everyone present and if Kaido were to help him, he would become an enemy to all of the pirates present.

However, the moment he clashed with Kaido, he realized there was a problem.
Kaido’s strength was too powerful, and even he was pushed back some distance before he was able to stabilize his body.

During this time, Kaido was not idle.
He had been performing Swords Dance repeatedly, stacking it to its maximum level.

After stacking Swords Dance 3 times, the power of Thunder Bagua had reached its peak.
Ochoku, who had underestimated Kaido, was struck with the club and sent flying.

“Don’t look down on others, damn senior.
Why do you think you’re fighting each other? If you don’t have the advantage in numbers, of course you have to use your brains.
John’s skills are not bad, but now it’s your turn.”

Compared to them, who are wasting their energy in the melee, the members of Beasts Pirates in the sky are all in their prime condition.
Compared to these pirates who have just gone through a bitter battle, King and the others can exert more powerful strength.

Flames, leaves, rocks, and various other abilities appeared.

“You really found some incredible subordinates.
With so many Mythical Zoans, I bet you got a lot of Rocks’ treasures too.”

To Ochoku, the transformations and element manipulation abilities of Shayna, Queen, King, and Kaido could only be explained by Mythical Zoans, and not just one Mythical Zoan fruit.

The Mythical Zoans, even rarer than Logia-type abilities, appeared in Kaido’s possession.
Aside from Rocks’ unknown treasures, he couldn’t think of any other place where so many Mythical Zoans could be found.

“This has nothing to do with you, Kongo Kabura!” A swordsman can launch flying slash attacks, then he could also launch cylinder-shaped club energy.

Kaido had no intention of explaining anything to Ochoku.
It was better this way, with only a few people knowing about Arceus’ abilities.
If too many people knew, it would attract unnecessary attention.

Rocks’ treasure was a convenient reason.
Those old monsters that could pose a threat to him could be placated with this reason.

“It indeed has nothing to do with me.
After all, the fruit has already been eaten by you guys.
But we are under that lake.
I don’t know what that bas*tard John did, but I bet the whole area is going to be flooded.
If you choose to fight with me now, when the water rises, do you want to be drowned? You should know that devil fruit users can’t swim!”

It had been five years, and it seemed Kaido’s strength had undergone a qualitative change, surpassing his imagination.
He doesn’t want to get entangled with Kaido here and at least wanted to go outside first.
That way, he and Silver Axe could join forces.

Thinking of this, he suddenly realized that Silver Axe was no longer moving.

Although John’s counterattack earlier had inflicted serious injuries on him, it shouldn’t have been enough to kill him.

At this moment, a strong feeling of drowsiness washed over him and he suddenly felt his eyelids become heavy.
He looked around and found that the surroundings had become incredibly dark, as if enveloped within a dark space.

Dark Void – Depending on the version, enemies within the range will fall into a sleep or drowsy state.
Originally an exclusive skill of Darkrai, but Arceus with the Dread Plate can also use this skill.

Sleep and drowsiness are two different states.
Sleep is a deep sleep, while drowsiness is only occasional sleepiness.
Silver Axe, due to his weakened state, has fallen into a sleep state, while Ochoku, due to his good condition, has only fallen into a drowsy state.

However, the drowsy Ochoku was met with a head-on blow from Kaido.
This wasn’t a one-on-one, but a group fight.
Kaido, who hadn’t yet reached his peak, wouldn’t be stupid enough to face the opponent one-on-one.

Arceus pulled the entire underground space into the range of the Dark Void’s influence, and under his control, his own people would not be affected.

Ochoku naturally realized that Arceus was the source of all this.
This peculiar black space was released by that mysterious creature.
He wanted to deal with Arceus, but Kaido didn’t give him the chance.

“Where do you think you’re going! Thunder Bagua!”


“I see, that inexplicable fire earlier was also because of that guy, right? You have a lot of ability users under your command.”

Arceus was also treated as a Mythical Zoan ability user, although it is in quadrupedal beast form, there are also ability users who prefer to use the beast form.

Anger and weariness, two strange states inexplicably appeared on him, if he couldn’t react fast enough, he wasn’t worthy of mixing around in the New World.

Kaido didn’t speak, but instead launched a close-range attack.
He wasn’t yet proficient in Swords Dance, and Ochoku wouldn’t give him a dozen seconds to do the Swords Dance, so it was imperative to take this opportunity to deal with him while the effect is still active.

However, at this moment, the water that was previously only seeping in suddenly burst in and a large amount of seawater began to flood the cave.
Seeing the seawater, Queen immediately turned pale with fright, but he realized that the seawater seemed to be controlled by someone, completely bypassing them.

Kaido did not remember wrong, there was indeed a plate in the Rocks’ treasure, and it was also taken away by John.

After he obtained the fruit ability, he used the Door-Door Fruit to hide those precious treasures in another space within his body, which is also the reason why Arceus was never able to sense the location of the plate.

After John died, the ability was lifted and the treasures fell out of that space, naturally receiving Arceus’ summons.

Dark Void covered the whole field, and during this time, he also absorbed his fourth plate, the Water-type Splash Plate.

In this world dominated by water, Splash Plate is undoubtedly a great enhancement to his combat power.
Having obtained the Splash Plate, he naturally has the power to control water, and because of John’s previous actions, the seawater had already begun to seep in, and Arceus merely took advantage of this.

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