ry, but Queen did not have this ability.

So his braids behind his head got wet, and although he had pulled them away below Kaido’s body, out of the main range of lightning attacks, Queen was still affected.

The resistance provided by the transformation plus being a Zoan-type made him not have any major issues, but he also became the one who suffered the most injuries due to the friendly-fire from his teammate.

“I think you look much nicer this way.” Shayna squatted next to Queen, poking the blackened Queen, seemingly trying to see if he was intact.

“You woman.
I already said that I didn’t decide on that matter, don’t put it all on me.
I still know a few members of MADS.
If you want, I can tell you their locations and you can go settle accounts with them.”

Queen needs to solve this problem.
In his opinion, transferring the problem is the best way.
Since Shayna hates the people from the research institute so much, then let her go cause trouble to others.

For example, Vinsmoke Judge, he has disliked that guy for a long time.

However, at this time, another voice sounded.

“You ba*tards.” Ochoku was standing with a sword in one hand in the seawater filled with electric currents.
His originally slender beard had become like a fried octopus, and his broken shoulder armor and bleeding face made him look very miserable.

With the augmentation of Swords Dance, Kaido had hit Ochoku on the head with the club twice in a row, but it was a testament to his strong life force that he hadn’t died yet.

“You really have a tenacious life force, Ba*tard Senior, but I will still trouble you to die here.”

Kaido likes to recruit powerful people, but it is not just anyone.
The people on the Rocks’ ship all had their own ambitions and these people will not be content to work under someone.

So he has no interest in Ochoku.

“You’re just a trifling apprentice, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’ve gained powerful abilities! Tooth Crushing Attack!” With the sword wrapped in Haki, the sword edge sliced through the surrounding seawater, with Ochoku’s attack affecting the entire underground cave.

“But when it comes to Haki, you’re still no match for me, Rising Dragon • Flame Bagua!”

A burning dragon head wrapped in much stronger Haki collided with Ochoku’s Haki, but Ochoku’s final attack failed to block Kaido, instead sinking into the rising sea water amid a violent explosion.

Ochoku’s final words he agreed with.
He has never relaxed in his training of Haki, although it requires great effort, talent is also important.
Some people may be able to reach a level in a few hours that others can’t achieve in a lifetime.

“Let’s get ready to leave.”

“Wait, big brother Kaido, there are so many treasures here, they will become waste if the sea water rushes in.”

Looking at the mountain of treasures, Queen found it hard to let them just go.
If one has never managed a household, it will be difficult for them to understand the value of daily necessities, and as the current part-time finance manager of the Beasts Pirates, his personal coffers had already been nearly exhausted and urgently needed a replenishment of funds.

“It’s just insignificant treasures, let’s leave it here for now and come back for it later.
As for now, we’ll just take some of the more valuable ones.”

They don’t have John’s space power, and only they know the location of the treasures here.
This is a natural treasure vault.

These people were originally here for treasure hunting, and brought a lot of durable bags.
Queen gathered two large bags of treasures and was ready to evacuate.

Then Arceus used a Hyper Beam to blast open the rock layer above, and the water flowed into the underground cave below under the influence of gravity.

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