Treasures, plate, and Kaido also settled some old grudges, this operation can be said to be a great success.

Under the power of the Splash Plate, a passage split through the water pouring in, and Kaido raised up a flame cloud, taking everyone away from here.

His ability could also allow him to take a large amount of treasures, but a dragon flying through the sky with treasures was too eye-catching, so he did not do this.

“Is it daylight already? It looks like we spent a lot of time.”

The people who had returned to the ground looked at the just-risen sun.
It was midnight when they went down, and now the sun has once again covered the sky.

“After all, they were the pirates of the New World, our strength is still not enough.” King looked at the scars on his shoulders and was still somewhat dissatisfied.
This level of strength is still not enough if a pirate can cause him such injury.

If it is only this, he does not deserve to talk about revenge.

Although the injury does not look serious, it is the result of the powerful self-healing power produced by the combination of Zoan-type, Lunarian race, and Pokémon ability.

While Shayna was all right.
She chose her opponent randomly, and the ones she encountered were much weaker and didn’t manage to hurt her at all.

Only at the end, she encountered the two CP0 members who were actually quite strong, but when they had just engaged in combat, Arceus found his plate and used the sea current to deal with them.

Those two people did not have Ochoku’s strong body, and under the dual effects of the sea current and lightning, they also became part of the treasure cave.

“You two still had it better.
It’s me who sustained the most serious injuries, okay!”

“Ah? But didn’t you accidentally injure yourself? You really are a hindrance.” This time it was not Shayna.
Since Queen decided to sell out his teammates, Shayna decided not to ridicule him for now.

However, this move may be effective for Shayna, but not for King, so he was once again greeted with a ridicule.

“Big Brother Kaido, Lord Arceus, can you be mindful of your own people next time?” Lying on the flame cloud, Queen weakly complained, this world is not very friendly to him, why is he the only one who was electrocuted.

Arceus did not speak, it was Kaido who discharged the electricity, but Kaido’s thinking is clearly not the same as Queen’s.

“Worororo, Queen, you are still too weak, if you had noticed the situation on your body and used Haki to block the electric current beforehand, you would not have suffered.
After we set sail, I will properly hammer you into shape, you can train with King and the others.”

“No need, Big Brother Kaido.”

Kaido’s training is truly a tempering process, being beaten can be said to be an essential part of Haki training, and even for those who have self-awakened Haki, they cannot avoid this process of getting beaten up in their subsequent training.

Kaido’s tempering is indeed beneficial for training, but it also really hurts.

“No need to be polite, you are my crew member.”

Kaido’s decisions are not easily changed, so Queen was also pulled into the Haki crash course.

Queen lay despairingly on the flame cloud, gazing at the lake and contemplating life.

A huge whirlpool has appeared in the lake due to the crack below, causing a large amount of water to flow in.
John’s awakened ability had also disrupted the surrounding terrain, causing the surrounding seawater to constantly flow into the area.
However, the water level did not drop.

Unless one of the fish-men ran down there to dig, no one would be able to discover the secret below.
After all, all those who knew about it were either on Kaido’s flame cloud or buried below.

John’s previous actions have caused small-scale earthquakes and tsunamis, but those ships that have been taking refuge were all anchored to the ground and were not affected.

However, the situation has changed now and it seems that the time for the tide to return may be prolonged.

At this moment, it seemed that Queen had seen something as he rubbed his eyes and took out a binoculars.

“Hey, look over there.
Isn’t that brat’s basilisk lizard?”

In Queen’s line of sight, a green lizard was running on the surface of the sea, and there was a hole in its belly.
As it ran, blood continued to drip onto the water’s surface.

It seemed to have Kaido’s figure in the sky as it kept roaring towards them.

And this was the strangest thing.
Usually, Elizabeth, except for when it is trying to stay by Arceus’ side, is mostly inseparable from Olga.

Before they set out, Olga and Acier were arranged to stay in the hotel, whose location was not affected by the previous small-scale tsunami, so since Elizabeth has appeared here while injured, it seems something bad had happened.

King jumped off the flame clouds and returned to the flame clouds with the injured Elizabeth.
Although Elizabeth could understand their words, only Arceus could understand what Elizabeth was saying.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

“Don’t move around, I haven’t treated a lizard before.
Bear with the pain.
If this wound is not sewn up, you will die.”

Queen was forced to act as a veterinarian.
He had not treated even wild beasts before, let alone a basilisk lizard, a species that had already become extinct in the outside world.

However, it was not yelling in pain, but asking for help.

“It’s saying that Olga was taken away by someone when the moon had not disappeared and the sun was about to rise, and Acier is currently in the hotel with his life or death not known.
It is also saying that it has already remembered the smell of that person, and we must quickly go and save Olga.”

“Is it a human trafficker? They dared to kidnap people in the central hotel of Natjo Kingdom, don’t they fear becoming the public enemy of the gray world?”

Natjo Kingdom allows all kinds of gray transactions, but they absolutely do not allow any actions that endanger the safety of guests in the central hotel.
This is also one of the reasons why it can become the center of gray transactions.

“Queen, you go back and treat Acier first, and then take the ship to our agreed upon location.
Really, my good mood is completely ruined.”

Kaido’s mouth that had originally been upturned completely drooped down.
His subordinates could get defeated, they could make mistakes, and they could be a little eccentric, but the apprentice he had taken a liking to had actually been kidnapped.
This was a huge insult to him.

“Shayna, you go with Queen as well, and try to bring Acier back as soon as possible.” Arceus also has Shayna go with him.
He still remembered the possibility that Queen had mentioned – it wouldn’t be easy to find a top-level material scientist like Acier.

Due to the previous great low tide and John’s fruit, the surrounding seawater was all flowing into the central area.
It is impossible to sail out of here before dawn, so the person who took Olga could not have sailed far even if they had gone to sea.

Kaido wanted to let him know that not just anyone could touch his people.

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