In the Natjo Kingdom’s Central Hotel, the wall of Kaido and other’s room had been blasted open, and Acier was lying on the ground.
As Elizabeth said, there was a similar bloody hole on Acier’s chest, and a huge wound on his abdomen that looked like a slash injury.

And around him were the hotel’s security guards and their in-house doctors.

“Tourniquet! Bandages! Where’s the blood bag?! He’s type S blood, why hasn’t it been delivered yet?! No one is allowed to die in the hotel, it’s the king’s orders! Quick!”

Several doctors were hurrying around to treat Acier’s wounds, while the hotel staff’s attention was focused on the tsunami that had suddenly appeared.

Natjo Kingdom’s Central Hotel is second in importance only to the imperial palace.
In order to allow traders to stay here with peace of mind, Natjo Kingdom has invested a lot of energy here.

Although the prices for staying here are not low, after checking in, everything consumed within the hotel is offered for free.
They also have many supplementary facilities such as entertainment, appraisal, and medical treatment.

After the incident in Kaido and other’s room, the hotel security quickly cordoned off the area, but they saw nothing besides the badly injured Acier and the broken window.

Soon after, emergency medical treatment for Acier then began, and the hotel’s security guard also cordoned off the arena.
If this isn’t handled well, it would be a reputation crisis for the Natjo Kingdom.

Therefore, when Queen and Shayna returned, Acier’s wound had already been dealt with in a simple manner.
When the hotel saw their room key, they immediately knew that they were Acier’s acquaintances and brought them to him.

“Guests, this is an accident.
The Kingdom’s military has gone to capture the person who committed the crime in the hotel.
We will provide you with a satisfactory result.”

“How is he?”

Shayna ignored that person’s words.
Arceus and Kaido had gone to deal with the matter, if they still couldn’t catch the person, it would really be absurd.

Arceus demanded that Queen save Acier, so she was currently more concerned about Acier’s condition.

“After our treatment, the patient is temporarily not in danger of death.
The main wounds are a hole in the chest, a knife wound in the abdomen, as well as significant blood loss from the head hitting when he fell.
Additionally, he is quite fat, so the fat on his stomach protected his internal organs, but we still have to be careful about infection.
Hey, guest, please do not move around, his condition is still dangerous!”

Seeing Queen walk up to Acier’s side and take out an unknown syringe, the hotel’s doctor was startled.
They saved the person with great difficulty, if anything happened again it would be a big problem.

“The rest of the matter does not concern you.
The emergency treatment was not bad.
From now on, leave it to me.
Get more blood of the same type as his, he will still need to be transfused with blood.”

“Guest, are you a doctor? In that case, there’s no problem.
Could you please leave the room though? We will refund all the fees for this time.”

It’s best if there is a doctor among Acier’s companions.
As long as they leave willingly, the rest has nothing to do with them.

Afterwards, they took the unconscious Acier and left, arriving at the ship that Queen had previously bought.
The money had been paid, and as soon as the dock opens, they could set sail.

However, when settling down Acier, Queen seemed a bit pleased.

“Look, I said it before, being a bit fat has its benefits.
If he weren’t fat, I’m afraid he would have died.”

“But you previously said that you are all muscles.
Can he really be saved?”

“What sort of joke is that? For me, such wounds are nothing.
Even if he was cut into two pieces, as long as he still has a breath left, I can save him.”

As he spoke, he injected the medicine he had made into Acier’s body.

“The doctors here are not bad, so Acier wouldn’t have any major issues.
You go lower the sail, I can’t operate this ship alone.”

Queen and Shayna operated the new ship and sailed towards the previously agreed upon location.

At the edge of the island, Follett and Olga were preparing to leave the island.
Follett was unaware of the fate of the CP0 agents, but it didn’t concern him much.
What did concern him was the information Olga had about Alchemi Island.
He had thought it would be easy to take away a child, but when he acted, he realized he was mistaken.
Olga was not like other children.
After being trained by Kaido for several months, her physical abilities had greatly improved.

This caused his abduction attempt to completely fail and he was also discovered by Acier.

Someone like Acier who has never trained naturally wasn’t a match for him, a member of CP9.
He was easily defeated with just a few blows, and the same was true for the lizard monster that had tried to sneak attack him from the corner.

But he knew that this action also violated the taboo of Natjo Kingdom, and now it was likely that the kingdom was chasing after him.

As a member of CP9, it would be easy for him to resolve this matter, but he didn’t want to expose his identity as a member of CP9.
If the Natjo Kingdom dug into this matter, Olga’s identity would definitely be exposed, and his hopes of monopolizing this achievement would be completely dashed.

Therefore, he had no choice but to knock Olga out and secretly leave the Natjo Kingdom.
As long as he returns to Mariejois and delivers the person there, his merits would be ample.

However, first he had to determine one thing, which was the specific connection between this brat and Alchemi.

If he told the Celestial Dragons that he had obtained information, only to discover that the information was false, he would not be able to take responsibility for the crime of playing a trick on Celestial Dragons.

In the safe house he had prepared in advance, Follett released Olga, who was in a bag, and woke her up.

However, as soon as she woke up, she grabbed Follett’s face.

“You bas*tard! You killed my dad and Elizabeth, I won’t let you go! I’ll kill you, I’ll definitely kill you!”

When she saw her father, who had just opened his heart to her after a hundred years of absence, and Elizabeth, who had accompanied her for more than a hundred years, fall one after another in front of her, her heart fell into despair.

Now he still wanted to obtain some information from her? A pipe dream!

“Dad? That guy was actually your dad?” Acier, who was excessively overweight, had nothing in common with Olga except for their hair color.
He hadn’t realized it at all, and just thought the man was a passerby.

If he had known that the man might also be related to Alchemi Island, he wouldn’t have attacked him, but this emotion wasn’t reflected on his face.
Instead, he laughed and looked at Olga.

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