“I didn’t kill them, we were just playing a game.
Uncle didn’t use any weapons.
Who can break through a door with their bare hands? Don’t you think so? This was something Uncle and your father had agreed on.
I’ll bring you away, and then they’ll come look for you and if they can’t find you, we’ll win.”

Unlike the overweight Acier, Olga, who survived solely on fruit, was malnourished.
Additionally, girls grow faster than boys at a young age, so Follett mistook her for a five or six year old child.

In his eyes, a child of this age would be easy to deceive.

He only thought that the other person was related to Alchemi Island and did not realize that she was the daughter of the Pure Gold creator, let alone that she was a girl who had lived for over a hundred years.

As for using such methods just because of a suspicion and not caring about the lives of others, such things are not strange for the members of CP9.
They don’t care about the lives of ordinary people if it helps them complete their mission.

However, in response to Follett’s words, Olga wore a disdainful smile.
If she were a real child, she probably would have been deceived by him, but she was different.
Don’t say breaking through a door with your hand, even crushing stones with bare hands is not unusual.

After Shayna corrected her for a few months, Olga had already changed her bad habit of speaking what was on her mind out loud, she just stared at Follett fiercely.

“You? A good person?”

“Yes, Uncle is a good person.
I work for the World Government.
How could someone who works there be a bad person? Only pirates on the sea are bad people.”

The statement itself has no problem, except for those children born into pirate families, for ordinary people, pirates are the bad guys.

However, it’s strange for Follett to say this.
Moreover, Acier had also cautioned Olga not to reveal any information about Alchemi Island and Pure Gold to anyone, whether it be pirates, Marines, or the World Government.

Currently, the Beasts Pirates treat them well and he doesn’t dare to gamble their possible future on people’s hearts as he is well aware of how big of a temptation Pure Gold is.
Moreover, he himself has some doubts about the World Government.

As for Shayna, she has an unresolved hatred for the World Government.
Under her and Acier’s influence, Olga also has little trust in the World Government’s people.

Not to mention she saw Follett’s actions.
She is not a fool, Acier’s tone when he fell and Elizabeth’s screams did not seem like they were pretending.

“Psh! If you were a good person, there would be no pirates on the sea!”

“Don’t be so sure, Uncle is also from Alchemi island, don’t believe me? Look at this, now do you believe it?”

He pointed to the pattern on Olga’s skirt and recited the meaning of the text; he wanted to gain Olga’s trust in this way.

But he didn’t know that Alchemi Island had been in the belly of an Anglerfish for more than 100 years and there were no other living people on the island.
His actions also made Olga realize that he is the type of person who covets Pure Gold as Acier had described.

However, her eyes turned and she had a new idea.

“Uncle, are you really from Alchemi Island? Were you really just playing a prank with dad and the others?”

“Of course, I never lie.
If I lied, I’ll swallow a thousand needles and then be burned by a fierce fire, but I left Alchemi Island a long time ago, at that time you weren’t born yet, and when I went back everyone was gone, could you tell Uncle where did they all go?”

“Alright, but this is a secret, I can only tell you secretly.” Hearing this, Follett brought his ear close to Olga.
Of course, bringing Pure Gold back directly would be more rewarding than bringing information to the Celestial Dragons.

But the next moment, Olga bit his ear.


Olga held her teeth and sat on the side, her teeth broken.
She felt like she had bitten onto an iron body.

“Brat, you are really not well-behaved, but it doesn’t matter, you indeed are related to Alchemi.”

Seeing that he couldn’t fool her anymore, Follett put away his smiling face.
Olga’s reaction was too much different from his expectations.

As for why would Olga’s teeth hurt, it was because of Rokushiki-Tekkai.

It is a basic requirement for the official members of CP9 to master Rokushiki.
Although whoever uses the Tekkai technique, except for its creator, will basically have bad luck.
None of those who chose to use Tekkai to receive attacks ended well.

But facing a child who is not able to use Haki, if she didn’t bite so hard, she wouldn’t have broken a tooth.

A typical child wouldn’t have this level of caution and be so hard to deceive.
Even if she has nothing to do with Alchemi, she must have many secrets on her.

“I didn’t want to be too ruthless, but since you don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for using a few methods.”

Gleaning information from the enemy is a required course for them, and even adult men may not be able to withstand those methods.
He believed that within a few minutes, he would be able to make Olga speak.

However, before he could do anything, a loud noise came from above the safe house, and a blue giant claw broke through the roof before pressing him down.

“What methods do you want to use on my apprentice? World Government’s lapdog, a dog should know its place!”

Then Elizabeth slid down along Kaido’s arm, her wounds which were stitched together temporarily were still bleeding, but she still cuddled up to Olga.

“Elizabeth? ! You’re alive!”

“If you don’t loosen your grip, it will die for real.” Arceus, who also walked out of the hole, said to Olga.

She was almost hanging on to Elizabeth’s body, if she kept this up, its wounds would come undone.

“Lord sacred beast! Captain Kaido! How did you find me?” Hearing this, Olga released Elizabeth.
This was the first time she called Kaido “Captain”, at this moment she suddenly felt that the identity of a pirate was not that bad.

“It was Elizabeth who brought us here, if it weren’t for it we wouldn’t have arrived so quickly.”

Compared to Olga’s surprise, Follett’s mind was buzzing, why is Kaido here?

Someone like him should have come here for John’s treasures.

“Kaido, why are you here?”

“Ha? Did you not hear how this brat addressed me? I am her captain.
You dare to take away the apprentice that I have my eye on, who do you think you are?”

Kaido’s dragon claw grabbed Follett and he brought him in front of himself, and then a fierce flame ignited on the claw.
Under the double damage of a strange force and flames, Follett let out screams of agony.

Facing ordinary pirates he could still show off his strength, but facing a monster like Kaido, he simply did not have the qualifications to resist.

Then Follett, who was left only with a breath, was thrown back in front of Olga by Kaido.

“Kill him, brat, let me see if you learned something today!”

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