Chapter 47 Target, New World – DM Translations

Kaido’s goal is not to form an adventure team playing house; the life of a pirate is brutal and fighting is just the most basic aspect of it.

Before, Olga hadn’t made up her mind yet, and Kaido was just training her body, but when she shouted the word “captain,” everything changed.

Accepting the identity of a pirate means having the consciousness of becoming one.

If she doesn’t dare to, it wouldn’t matter and she will just receive more care from Teacher Kaido in the future until she can adapt to this cruel pirate society.

However, Olga’s antique knife was nowhere to be found.
Even though she is just a child, Follett did not let down his guard too much and got rid of the deadly weapon from her body.

Follett was rendered powerless by Kaido, but for Olga, killing him with her bare hands was still too difficult.

“Don’t have a weapon.”

“Weapon? Brat, there’s no time to find weapons on the battlefield.
Stones, wooden boards, and even your own teeth and nails can be used as weapons.
Don’t show mercy to your enemies, otherwise you’ll end up dead.”

However, there were plenty of broken objects around, so Olga didn’t need to resort to such primitive methods.
She grabbed a broken table leg and swung it at Follett’s head.

This also caused Follett to experience a significant amount of torment.
If it were Kaido, killing him would have been easy, but with Olga, it was different.

Although Kaido had severely injured him, Follett’s physical strength and the life force he had gained through training Rokushiki were quite resilient.

Let alone Olga’s attack killing him, it did not even knock him out instantly, instead, it became a form of torture when it struck his head.

Kaido had nearly crushed all the bones in his body, so now all Follett could do was watch as Olga’s wooden stick hit him again and again.

Like being put to torture, it wasn’t until the table leg in Olga’s hand broke that Follett’s life ended.

“Too weak, it seems like it will take a lot of time for you to grow.
Anyway, sticks aren’t suitable for you, you don’t have the talent for it.”

Kaido, who is proficient in a stick-type weapon, could tell from Olga’s swing that she was not suited for this type of weapon.

With everything settled, Kaido, who had transformed into a blue dragon, brought everyone to the agreed location.
Their current ship is much larger than the patrol ship they were on before.

This was a steam-powered ship, which required fewer hands to operate than a traditional sailing ship.

“Father! You’re also fine, that’s great!”

“It hurts… it hurts, Olga, let me go.”

His injuries were worse than Elizabeth’s, and humans self-healing ability is far inferior to those of basilisk lizards.

He was not an ability user of the Zoan-type, so being able to move at this time was already not bad.

With many things coming to a close, Arceus temporarily doesn’t have any information about new plates.
The world is vast, and with his current sensing range, it is almost impossible to aimlessly search for the plates.

According to available information, the World Government may possess some, but as the actual rulers of the seas, the Grand Line, Red Line and Four Seas, the vast range makes it impossible to know where to start.

Shayna and King can only roughly estimate the location of the island where the lost plate was based on the conversations of their race members, but there is still no information.

So for now, they focused on the search device that Queen mentioned.

“I have a rough understanding of the manufacturing process, but I still have to experiment on some things.
It is impossible for me to do it alone, and the equipment on the ship is not enough.
At least a research institute is needed.”

He needs more equipment.
Although he has many things on him that he made by himself, this does not mean that he can replace machines with his bare hands.
Whether it’s for testing or anything else, more manpower is needed.

Previously, Kaido was focused on searching for plates, but now he needs to shift his focus to expanding his territory and manpower.

Kaido has no plans to stay in Paradise for long, his goal is the New World.

Silver Axe, Ochoku, John, these are all powerful pirates who have fixed territories in the New World, and their deaths now means a lot of regions have become vacant.

Pirates can be divided into two types, one type is the pirates who plunder everywhere, such pirates are of low rank among pirate groups.

But the powerful pirates of the New World are no longer ordinary pirates, they are more like warlords who have set up their own regime.

In addition to their own powerful strength and direct subordinates of the pirate crew, they also control many pirate crews with tens of thousands of troops, dominating vast stretches of the sea.

At this stage, looting is the least efficient means.

They rely on tributes to maintain the operation of the pirate crew.

Some businesses within their sea territory need to pay “taxes”.
As it is outside the jurisdiction of the World Government, fists are the only rule here.

From cargo trade, port docking, food and beverage industry, entertainment industry and other legitimate work, to underground places such as casinos, security work for all facilities, and smuggling of weapons, they are involved in all types of industries, whether it’s black, white or gray.

All economic activities within the territory are closely related to the actual controllers here.

Even if there is nothing else, the cost of hanging a flag alone is extremely valuable, and it requires millions of berries to exchange for this flag.

If one does not have enough self-protection capability, using a flag as protection is the best way.

However, this expenditure is generally worth it.
In the chaotic New World, every year, every day, and even every moment, new pirates enter here.
Compared to pirates who have been mixing around in the New World for a while, the residents of the New World are more afraid of these newcomers.

These people who do not know what a strong person is, often act irrationally.

However, not all pirates are rash, there are also many pirates who seek refuge under a powerful pirate after entering the New World.

And Kaido is not a newcomer either, he naturally does not intend to proceed conventionally like those pirates who have just set sail.

Taking over the territories originally controlled by John and others is the best idea for now.
Rather than fighting with other New World pirates to grab territories, occupying this unclaimed land and developing military strength is a better choice.

“This is the map of the sea, the territories of John and others are not adjacent, so we can only occupy one area for now.”

“Let’s occupy John’s then, if I remember correctly, that island is called the Industrial Island.” Looking at the map Kaido brought out, Queen made his suggestion.

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