The benefits of this new ship chosen by Queen are its steam engine and dual propulsion from exterior wheels, allowing for short periods of unmanned operation as long as the boiler pressure and direction are controlled.

Who owns what territory in New World is no secret, it is almost common knowledge.
Maps of their forces distribution can easily be found in the underground world.

This is especially true in the Natjo Kingdom, also known as a Gray Kingdom, where underground informants sometimes receive news before the World Government.

Furthermore, it is easy to figure out the territories of the pirates on the seas.
In comparison to the era of the Four Emperors that came many years later, the current situation in the New World is entirely different.
Five years ago, Rocks Pirates was undoubtedly the strongest force.

But today, after the disappearance of the Rocks Pirates, Flying Pirates’ captain, Shiki the Golden Lion, commander of the Golden Lion Pirates’ fleet, known as the “Flying Pirate”, controls the largest force in the New World.

The ability of the Float-Float Fruit gives the Golden Lion’s fleet a huge advantage in naval battles, however, he is only the largest in terms of crew size, when it comes to strength, he is not as strong as Whitebeard.
At this time, his subordinate leaders have not grown yet.

However, Whitebeard is also not plagued by injuries and the Whitebeard Pirates is a top force in the New World.

After that, there’s the Roger Pirates, who don’t have a fixed base and sail around in search of their ultimate destination.
These three crews can be considered the strongest pirates in the New World today.

Charlotte Linlin and John, Silver Axe, and other remnants of the Rocks Pirates form the second tier of the New World.
With such a large power vacuum appearing now, countless pirates will flock over like sharks smelling blood as soon as news spreads.

However, the news of John and others’ death will take some time to spread.
This is Kaido and others’ opportunity.

“Well then, let’s get started.
But before we depart, there’s one more thing to do.”

Kaido looked at the sail on the mast.
Although this ship is a steam-powered outer wheel ship, it also has two main masts and sails.
The sail is currently blank and does not have a flag that belongs to Kaido.

Pirates always attach great importance to their own flag, and destroying the flag means declaring war.
Pirates also rely on the flag to indicate their territory.

The small ship and Marine’s patrol ship from before don’t count, this ship is truly one that belongs to the Beast Pirates.
The empty flag also needs to be drawn.

But soon after, a new problem appeared.

“Does anyone here know how to draw?” Kaido has been fighting in the kingdom army since he was ten years old.
Although the kingdom army taught how to read, drawing relies entirely on talent.
So, it is difficult for him to draw even a regular pirate flag.

Similarly, Arceus is also not skilled at this sort of thing.
After obtaining the four plates, his overall strength has greatly increased and is not limited to using individual attribute skills.

After absorbing the four plates, the power of Thousand Arms is also fully activated, and he can manipulate individual elements such as water or fire through the power of the plates.

Formless water in his hand can replace his arms, and is far more convenient than using his arms.

He is not a Smeargle, and cannot just draw things by thinking about them, otherwise, there would not be so many people driven crazy for it in the world.

As for Shayna and King, the only thing they have learned from birth till now is survival, so almost everyone on the ship drew blank.

Olga’s graffiti level is something they have seen before, so there is not even a need to ask, and as for Acier, it would be too difficult to ask him to draw pirate flags.

So in the end, the matter fell on Queen’s head.

“Recruit people, Boss Kaido, we need to recruit people, even if they are cannon fodder, at least let them go fight the extras!” Holding a paint bucket, Queen complained.

Although Kaido has been saying that he wants to expand his crew, the people he has met recently are either too weak or not suitable.
As a result, Queen remains at the bottom of the ship’s hierarchy until now.

Olga and Acier can’t handle heavy work, it takes them hours to do something that should take minutes.

Under Kaido instructions, a skull with horns appeared on their flag.

The ship continued to sail towards the New World and Kaido and Queen began to check the treasures.
John kept many valuable things on his person.
Besides the priceless-looking crafts, there were several boxes.

“This seems to be the necklace that the Celestial Dragons lost a long time ago? I remember that it caused quite a big fuss.” Queen held a magnifying glass and examined the object in his hand, also recalling the bloodbath a few years ago.

“It’s not surprising, there were more than one Celestial Dragon that fell into Rocks’ hands, it seems they haven’t been able to get everything back from Rocks.
John is still the same, he specializes in collecting these valuable things.”

Kaido has little interest in the necklace and opened another box, his expression brightened as he saw a Devil Fruit lying inside.

“Queen, where is your illustration book? Let’s take a look and see what kind of fruit this is?”

“This is probably the Dog-Dog Fruit, but I’m not sure which type.
Boss Kaido, I just have a copy of the illustration book and the original also doesn’t have all the types listed.
There’s only a half-page about this fruit.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a Zoan-type.
Looks like that brat can also obtain her own ability.”

At the same time, Arceus was conducting new modification experiments, but the subject was not Olga, rather it was Elizabeth.

After bestowing the ability to Shayna, modifying King’s fruit, and the undirected random mutation of Queen, Arceus decided to conduct a fourth experiment, to modify animals besides humans.

There are many strange creatures in this world, and those intelligent enough to be trained are just as powerful, such as the baboons on Hawk Eye’s Island, and the Kung-fu Dugong of Alabasta.

Elizabeth’s intelligence is similar to that of a human child, and based on its previous performance of risking its life to deliver the news, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with modifying it.

“A basilisk lizard… this one will do.” The power of the Splash Plate enveloped Elizabeth, and in a flash of white light, its arms began to lengthen, its spine began to straighten, and it’s skin color changed from green to blue.

“Hm, modifying animals is much easier than modifying humans, is it because their body structure is different?”

Modifying animals is more efficient than simply modifying Devil Fruits.
If the ability to switch forms is removed, the required energy would be even less, which gave Arceus some new ideas.

However, species like Elizabeth with enough intelligence and small body size are not common.

Elizabeth seems a bit uncertain, switching back and forth between its original form and its new form as if feeling the changes to its body, which also surprised Olga.

“Lord sacred beast, Elizabeth is…”

“It’s a new power, now it’s race should be called Inteleon.”

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