“A deal I can’t refuse? You seem to have just hatched, so what can you use to trade? I admit that you are quite powerful, but it is not good enough to trade with me.
Moreover, what is the difference between this and joining me? Just join my crew, okay? So what if you are wanted, just stay behind me, I will not hand you over to anyone! ”

In Kaido’s view, the other party’s strength may be good enough, which is also what he likes, but he prefers to bring him under his command.

He likes people with Zoan-type ability, and he has this idea at this time, otherwise he will not have the idea of ​​creating a Zoan users army in the future.

Although Arceus is not a Zoan user, gathering animals with great strength and wisdom was also his goal.

Kaido was waiting for Arceus’ answer, but at this time, the reinforcement of the guards arrived again, irritating Kaido.

A powerful aura erupted out from his body and Conqueror’s Haki swept out across everyone present, causing the guards who had rushed over to fall to the ground like reaping wheat.

He was showing his qualifications.
If he wants to recruit excellent subordinates, he must also have the qualifications.
Kaido’s main target was those guards, but this aura also affected Arceus and the others.
The next moment, a more majestic aura rose into the sky and pushed Kaido’s Haki back.

Arceus, born from an egg in the Land of Chaos, has created a whole world, and as a newborn, he has started at an end that some people could never reach.

It’s just that the lost plates have weakened him a lot.
For him, the missing plates means that he isn’t immune to attacks of some attributes, and the speed of energy recovery has also slowed down, but the aura belonging to the God of Creation will not disappear.

As for his own strength, he had a rough guess about it.

Evaluating it from its worst and most undignified situation, it should be when it tried to block meteorites with its physical body, but got seriously injured.
Of course, with that size it should not be called a meteorite, but an asteroid.

Moreover at that time, Arceus did not break it, rather it completely neutralized it.

And Fujitora can summon meteorites, which is considered a big move for him.

According to the strange theory of relativity, only someone at admiral-level can cause such damage to Arceus.
But, this is the worst case to come to a conclusion.
If Arceus at that time was a little wiser and dealt with it in other ways, the result should have been better.

Although he has just been born and lacks a lot of plates, Kaido is also not at his peak.
He hasn’t left Rocks Pirates for too long and even the foundation of Beasts Pirates has not been established yet.

Although Kaido can become stronger, Arceus believes that he can also become stronger.

The confrontation between the two people’s aura did not determine the winner, so both of them withdrew their aura at the same time.

After the aura confrontation ended, the corners of Kaido’s mouth gradually rose and he began to laugh wildly.

“Worororo, interesting, so interesting.
The future is going to be interesting!”

Arceus’s aura doesn’t belong to that of a Conqueror’s Haki.
He could still differentiate if it is Haki or not, but a person who could possess this kind of aura will never be a mediocre person.

But the stronger the opponent is, the more he wants to recruit him.
If Kaido was only slightly interested just now, then now it has gone through the roof.

If the other party was an enemy, then he would have locked up the other party and dealt with it slowly, but the relationship between the two parties is still friendly due to the Lunarians.
In that case, it is better to take it step by step and first make a deal with the other party, then gradually recruit it.

Although he still doesn’t know the content of the deal, with strength and boldness, the content of the deal doesn’t matter.

It’s just that they have to leave this place first.
He could sense more and more people approaching this place.

“Let’s leave this place first, we can discuss other things slowly.”

Kaido’s body began to swell, and then a blue dragon burst through the roof and spat out Blast Breath towards the surrounding people.

“Lord sacred beast, let’s get out of here too, can you fly?”

Shayna and Alber spread their wings and plan to leave this place, but looking at Arceus who has no wings and has short legs, Shayna weakly asks this question.

If he can’t, they can only carry him.
However Kaido, who has always been good to his own people, looked at the situation below and a large cloud of flames appeared from below, dragging Arceus and others into the sky.

Kaido, who was flying in the air, spat out Blast Breath from time to time, completely turning the place into a sea of ​​flames and then planned to fly away, but Arceus stopped him.

“Wait a minute.”

“Huh? What are you doing?”

“Let me take back a little interest for Lunarians first.
This place has taken great care of them during this time, so let’s start from this place.”

Then, the ring-like object around his waist turned crimson and a plate appeared behind him before a light ball began to condense above his head.


Judgment, Arceus’ exclusive skill, is also the strongest skill he knows at this time.
At this time, he and Kaido both wanted to show each other their skills.
Kaido wants to recruit him, while he wants to have a more dominant position in the deal with Kaido.

The energy ball flew into the sky and when it reached the top of the building complex below, it exploded with a loud bang.
Like world-destroying fire meteors, countless fireballs smashed from above, completely razing the building complex below to the ground.

When the guards who were chasing after them and the people who were originally putting out the fire and rushing to save data saw the changes in the sky, some of them even gave up running.

Man-made disasters can still be avoided, but how to escape the natural disasters that can destroy the world…


Kaido’s Blast Breath turned the ground below into a sea of ​​fire, and Arceus’ fire attribute Judgment directly turned it into ruins.

“Is the power of two plates only this much?……” Arceus didn’t hold back at all as he also wanted to see how much his attack could accomplish, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with its destructive power.

The energy depletion is not small, he can only use such a full-strength attack three times, but Judgment is a large-scale crowd attack skill.
If the power is concentrated, the destructive power could be greater.

“You are really strong.
Your strength is comparable to Buster Call.
It’s really exciting firepower!”

Going through the roof is no longer enough to describe Kaido’s mood.
He was obsessed with such strength where one person is comparable to the strength of an army.

“Where are we going?”

“I’ve made an agreement with someone to meet in a place not far away from here.”

Kaido leaped into the clouds and flew around in a big circle before returning back to an island not far from the Red Line.

From here, the aftermath of the previous destruction by the two of them could be seen.

Sometimes the most dangerous place is the safest place.
Many wouldn’t think that the escaped test subjects were right under their noses.

It can be seen from the buildings on the island that this place should be an island with a heavy commercial environment.
Many people were looking at the black smoke rising in the distance and discussing what happened.

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