Elizabeth could switch between the two forms, which is the biggest difference between modified animals and humans.
They only have two forms – their own main form and Pokémon form, and there is no hybrid Beast-Beast form.

This is probably the reason why he consumed less energy.
In addition, permanent modification consumes less energy, while creating something out of nothing consumes more energy.

Inteleon, a secret agent Pokemon, is one of the three starter pokemon of the Galar region.

Normally, Water-type Pokemon’s water comes from external sources, and all Water-type Pokémon have their own unique water storage organs and conversion methods.

In a waterless environment, moisture in the air can also be converted into water through special methods, including their own energy.
However, with the exception of a few cases, the living area of a Water-type Pokemon is not far from a water area.

Storing and utilizing water from outside sources is the most commonly used method.
It is also a matter of energy conservation, as controlling existing waves from the sea is much easier than generating huge waves on your own.

Pyrobroin particles exist in every corner of this world, so even the water generated by Water-type Pokémon here will suppress the devil fruit users to some extent due to these particles.

But Arceus is the only exception.
He can create special pure water without Pyrobroin particles through the Splash Plate, and in this water, even devil fruit users can experience the feeling of swimming again.

Inteleon’s eyes possess a special membrane that grants it the ability to locate an opponent’s weak points with great precision.

It possesses special wing membranes on its back that allow it to glide for short periods and it also has blade-like structures hidden in its tail, but its main ability is its innate talent as a sniper.

In theory, Inteleon is able to shoot water stored in its body at speeds of Mach 3 from its fingers, although in Elizabeth’s case she may not be able to achieve this speed, however, high-speed water bullets are deadly to most people.

Even for ability users, if their own abilities cannot freeze or evaporate seawater, they will be powerless against Elizabeth.
Water-type Pokemon almost have a natural advantage over ability users.

However, the most important point is that the intelligence of animals that have been turned into Pokémon will be significantly improved.
Inteleon also belongs to a high IQ-kind of Pokémon.
So, at this point, Elizabeth can be said to have a completely different development direction.

“Olga, you can try to teach it to speak later.”

“Teach it to speak? Actually, I tried it more than a hundred years ago.” When she was inside the Sea King’s belly, Olga was quite bored, so she naturally tried it, but Elizabeth could only understand her words, and not speak human language.

“It’s different now.”

Meowth of Team Rocket was also just an ordinary Meowth at first, but the power of love made him learn to walk upright and speak human language.
In theory, as long as one has perseverance, it is not impossible for Pokémon to learn human language.

Excluding Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, and the form-specialized Rotom, even Ghastly who has lived on Maiden’s Peak for a long time can speak human language, so it is not uncommon for Pokémon to learn human language.
With more teaching, it’s still possible for them to learn.

Looking at the fingers that were extremely similar to humans in the new form, Elizabeth began to study its abilities and tried its Sniper ability.

However, the results were not satisfactory.
The water bullets it released were still a long way from the recorded Mach 3 speed.

And Elizabeth, a newly born “Sniper” is not yet able to control this ability well.
When it’s in basilisk lizard form, its hands are more like auxiliary tools, with its main muscles growing in the lower body.

Now, it is having some trouble controlling the recoil of the “Sniper” ability, so when shooting at the sea surface, it’s attack accidentally deviated.


Queen, who had just come up the stairs on the side, swallowed his saliva and looked at the water bullet that hit the handrail beside him, and felt a chill in his groin.

Due to the height problem, the handrail Elizabeth hit was almost level with Queen’s waist.
If the water bullet was a little more left, Queen would have to consider building a prosthetic for himself.

“Damn it! Who wants to murder me? What is this blue lizard?”

If it wasn’t for Arceus’ presence, he might have rushed up and grabbed Olga’s collar and asked this question.
However, Arceus made him control himself.

“Queen, get out of the way.” Kaido pushed Queen from behind.
Water stains could be seen on his shoulder, it seems like the water bullet had just now hit him.
However, its current power couldn’t harm his body.

Elizabeth’s transformed self naturally appeared in his eyes as well.
Although its appearance had changed greatly, he still noticed the saddle on Elizabeth’s back.

“That lizard? It seems your ability has numerous uses.”

Kaido realized that he still underestimated Arceus’ ability.
His ability seems to have much more numerous uses than he thought.

“There are still many things to try.
Why did you guys come up?”

“Found something interesting.” Saying that, he threw the fruit in his hand to Olga.

“Catch it, brat.” A white fruit flew through the sky in an arc, landing accurately in Olga’s hand.

“Ah? What?” Olga was a bit confused as she looked at the white muskmelon in her hand.

“A treasure of the sea, Devil Fruit, you should know what this is.
There are quite a few ability users on this ship, this one is the Dog-Dog Fruit, but we’re not sure what specific type it is.
You can take a gamble on what kind of ability it gives.
But there’s no need to worry, after all, with Lord Arceus around, even if it’s not that great, it would still be comparable to a Mythical Zoan ability.”

Queen explained the type of fruit.
Not knowing the type of Devil Fruit is indeed a challenge, although the future of the fruit depends on how it is developed.

But fruits are differentiated by strength, if one can develop a common ability to the peak of its power, then switching to a more powerful ability, the upper limit will naturally be higher.

Before the appearance of Arceus, the normal Zoan-type Devil Fruit had the lowest status, the body enhancement in the Beast-transformation provided by their fruit’s power were not as good as the Paramecia-type and Logia-type during the initial stages.
Only by training the body to a certain degree, the enhancement of the Zoan-type could cause a qualitative change.

But with Arceus, it’s different.
Arceus doesn’t have the intention to do direct modification.
For an unknown type of Zoan-type, if it is a Mythical Zoan, ordinary modification is not suitable and it’s better to prepare well.

“What, you seem to be hesitant? Are you not interested in becoming an able user?”

“No, I just heard that it tastes quite bad and after eating fruits for over a hundred years, to be honest, now whenever I see a fruit I feel like throwing up.”

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