But after a moment, she still pinched her nose and ate it, accompanied by an ashen face, a fluffy fox tail grew out from behind.

She had a pointed snout, round ears, slightly shorter limbs, and her body size didn’t change much after fully transforming into Beast form, and she still looked a bit cute.

“Is this an Arctic Fox?”

This world also has the North and South Pole, and whether the North Pole is colder or the South Pole is colder, this is a topic that can make even two of the Four Emperors fight each other.

Dog-Dog Fruit classification includes three kinds; foxes, dogs and wolves, so it’s not surprising that fox’s ability has appeared.

However, this Arctic Fox is clearly in winter form as its entire body was covered in white fur.

Olga was currently experiencing a strong feeling of nausea.
The taste of the Devil Fruit is indescribable and she already dislikes fruit, making this experience even worse.
She feels as if something is trying to pull her stomach out from inside her.

After this feeling calmed down, she, like Elizabeth before her, began to familiarize herself with the abilities of the fruit.

The first ability to appear is the Beast Form.
Inteleon’s changes were not significant, but Olga’s perspective changed greatly after her Beast transformation.

Looking at Kaido beside her, she doesn’t even know where she found the courage to kidnap him.

Of course, after that, she heard words that made her hair stand on end.

“Although it’s a fox, boss Kaido, she should be able to take the beating a little better now.”

“That…why would I need to take a beating?” Changing back from fox to human, Olga has a bad feeling.
She thought that the process of becoming stronger was just constant training.

This process may be difficult, but she was prepared for it.
But this and getting beaten up are two completely different things.

Previously, Kaido’s physical training always pushed the limits of the human body, she had no spare energy to pay attention to anything else.

She’s not afraid of hard work, but she’s afraid of pain.
The potential that she revealed when getting the injection before made even Queen take notice.

“Don’t be afraid, you’re still quite far from getting beaten up.
At least you need to train your stamina first, but you can watch how others train first.”

Queen put pressure on Olga, but the pressure quickly shifted back to himself.

“Well said, let’s start with you then.”

Kaido’s words reached Queen’s ears, which gave Queen a jolt.

“That…boss Kaido, I have to set sail, it’s not a convenient time for training.”

“Isn’t the course already set?”


“Isn’t the steam pressure also stable?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Then there’s no need to worry, I’ll pay attention to my strength and leave you with some energy to monitor the ship’s condition.”

Queen thought that since he was the only one who could control the ship, Kaido wouldn’t make him train, but reality told him he was wrong.

Olga still needs physical training, but Queen is different.
Although he’s plump, his physical training is already almost done.
The development of his fruit’s abilities can be left up to him, but what’s left is Haki.

And getting beaten up is always an important part of Haki training, whether it’s the defensive power of Armament Haki or the perception of Observation Haki, they can both be gradually strengthened in the process of “getting beaten up”.

The goal of training is not getting beaten up.
As long as you reach Kaido’s requirements, using Observation Haki to dodge attacks and Armament Haki to withstand attacks, then you won’t get beaten up.

But trying to achieve that level immediately is obviously impossible.

Since Olga has obtained her ability, Kaido will certainly adjust the intensity of her training, otherwise, it would be wasting the tremendous recovery ability of Zoan-type.

However, even though her training isn’t now, the next step is the most liked modification stage.

Although Olga ate the fruit before undergoing modification, this time Arceus did not choose the undirected mutation like Queen, but used the power of the Dread Plate.

With this plate, directed guidance is better than undirected mutation.

With undirected mutation, one uncertain point is that the fruit ability may not be the final form.
Special form transformations like Mega Evolution and Dynamax can also be developed based on the fruit’s awakening.

But the fruit is not a Pokémon, it is unlikely to be able to evolve on its own, in that case, it would need a second modification, this is also the reason why his modified abilities are all in their final forms.

With the Arctic Fox as the base, a new change appeared on Olga’s body, and a standing Illusion Fox appeared in front of everyone.

Illusion Fox Pokemon – Zoroark.

The Arctic Fox’s winter white fur changed to summer’s gray-black, but her golden hair was retained, and the red mane originally on Zoroark’s back changed to gold.

Compared to Blaziken, Tropius, Aerodactyl, and Inteleon’s ability, Zoroark’s ability is not as obvious.

Even Kaido and Queen can’t tell what Olga’s ability is at this time, until Zoroark’s figure became blurred and then turned into another Queen.

After that, in front of Queen, Olga made her body thinner and then took out her mirror and looked at herself.

“Uncle Queen, you look thin and not that great.”

“Dammit! Change back! You’re tarnishing my image, I don’t look like this when I’m thin!”

The power to disguise oneself as someone else using an illusion is considered Zoroark’s unique ability.

Not only can it disguise as people, Zoroark can also disguise as other Pokemon, however, this requires enough understanding.
But Olga does not understand this, so she can only imitate other people’s appearance.

Then Olga continued to practice her ability.
Zoroark’s ability is not just limited to disguising as others, this is just one of the most basic abilities.

The pirate ship continued to sail.
Olga’s schedule became very tight, she had to study culture and various knowledge with Acier and Queen, has physical training personally guided by Teacher Kaido, Shayna helps her develop her fruit abilities, and she also has to teach Elizabeth how to speak.

About a month later, the News Coo that arrived brought them a news that they couldn’t understand.

【Death Actor – Ryleth, Reward 500,000,000 berries, ONLY ALIVE】

“This guy is already dead, how can his bounty increase? Are those Marines all good-for-nothing?”

Looking at today’s newspaper, Kaido was a bit confused, his bounty has also risen to 1.5 billion.

However, this has nothing to do with the Natjo Kingdom’s matter, it is completely due to the reason that he escaped from the research institute.
Bounty hasn’t been announced for King and others yet, which is enough to prove that the previous matter was very secretive.

But why would Ryleth’s bounty increase and also give a special condition that he must be captured alive to be able to claim the reward?

He didn’t know that all of this is due to Spandine, or more accurately Spandam.

Previously, he caused a small-scale fire in Spandine’s office due to being upset, resulting in the loss of Ryleth’s Vivre Card.
Additionally, with Follett and CP0 also missing, they had to dispatch more personnel to the Natjo Kingdom.

Additionally, due to Spandine’s inaccurate information, a series of mistaken judgements occurred.

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