“Spandine, if this ever happens again, don’t contact me, just take responsibility and immediately resign.”

“Yes, sorry, I’m sorry for troubling you.”

Faced with the roaring Den Den Mushi, Spandine appeared very humble.
This time, the accident made him use a lot of relationships to smooth things over.

Previously, he wanted to hog the majority of credits for finding Rocks treasure, so he kept some important people in the dark and directly contacted the higher-ups.

But the treasure wasn’t found, and Follett and the two CP0 members also seem to have encountered a mishap.
Follett is still fine, since CP9 was under his responsibility and Follett wasn’t the strongest among them, so backup personnel could fill his vacancy.

In the rear, the Cipher Pol Organization has islands dedicated to nurturing talent.

But CP0 is different, they are all elite members, and most importantly, these people are very loyal to the government.
When someone like them suffers losses for no reason, someone must bear responsibility.

Before Spandam’s office caught fire, Ryleth’s Vivre Card had been in perfect condition, but after the Vivre Card was lost, Spandine completely lost control of the situation in the Natjo Kingdom.

The owner of that Vivre Card was also a member of John’s crew, and after his death, the Vivre Card naturally disappeared.

CP0 would not contact him, and Follett’s final message was that everything was fine.

Those two CP0 members might not have been John’s match, but normally, they should have been able to retreat.

Mariejois’s Vivre Card confirmed their deaths, so other people went to investigate the specific situation.
In this situation, Spandine could only reveal all the information available.

Given that his information had some value, and he has many connections, the matter was considered settled.

However, in order to smooth things over with those people, he had to pay a heavy price, and Spandam, who caused the loss of information, was currently receiving Spandine’s attentive care and is still lying in bed till now.

After Spandine’s inaccurate information and subsequent investigations of the Natjo Kingdom by other personnel, they believe that Ryleth is the culprit behind all this.

This person deceived everyone, and secretly schemed to obtain Rocks’ treasures, that’s why this special bounty was issued.

This matter is not yet over, the government’s personnel carried out more detailed investigations.

Later, the people investigating the situation in Natjo Kingdom made new discoveries.
Unless one knew Rocks secret, no one would think that there is such a large space beneath the central lake of the island.

They were able to find some clues thanks to John.
His awakened ability caused changes in the terrain of Natjo Kingdom, and after Kaido and others left, small scale earthquakes occurred here.

A hole opened up in the underground cave, and after some corpses and a small amount of treasures were washed out by the river, the hole completely collapsed during the earthquake’s aftershocks.

These people’s powerful physique was not only displayed during their life, but also in death, even after so much time, the corpses did not rot yet and their original identity could still be identified.

In the end, they reached their own conclusion that those people died at the hands of an unknown person due to the infighting caused by the treasures.

Continuing the investigation would not yield any more results, and under the urging of Natjo Kingdom, they also decided to close the investigation.

Natjo Kingdom protested many times.
What they do is a gray business, a group of Marines and government personnel investigating here, coupled with the previous earthquakes and abnormal low tides, the economy of the kingdom has been severely damaged recently.

If it was delayed for a few more days, they won’t be able to pay the heavenly tribute.

However, among the evidence they collected, there was a small, antique-style knife, which is exactly the knife that Olga lost.

Not everyone is familiar with ancient texts, it was a coincidence that Follett was able to recognize the Alchemi text.
These investigators only collected evidence, and the analysis will be handled by other personnel when they return.

At the same time, Follett’s corpse was also found, and unlike CP0 members and others who died of unknown causes, Follett’s corpse had long been taken away by Natjo Kingdom.

Although Natjo Kingdom has regulations, pirates dying in confrontation on the island is a common occurrence and they are no longer surprised by it.

“Severe burns, fractures throughout most of the body, head subjected to blunt weapon strikes for a long time, he seems to have been interrogated.
What had he found?”

“Unclear, let the higher-ups investigate, we should also leave, Natjo Kingdom’s king has already made several calls to Mariejois.”

Then a group of professionals carried out so-called prospecting on the clues recovered, and the dagger from Alchemi Island also caught their attention.

With Spandine’s fervent assurances, World Government was successfully mistaken into believing that Ryleth was behind it all.

Either Rocks had found Pure Gold, or Ryleth had discovered new clues about Alchemi Island, ultimately leading to a special bounty being placed on Ryleth.

This is also the reason why Spandine is able to continue on without even facing demotion or punishment.

However, no matter what, they also do not have the ability to catch a dead body in the sea, and those in charge of the matter fell into an impasse.
Based on a pile of incorrect information, they put the blame on Alchemi.

They believed that as long as they could find the missing Alchemi Island, they could find Ryleth.

A few months later, after a period of sailing, Beasts Pirates’ ship arrived at Sabaody Archipelago.

This ship can be said to be a gathering place of rare races.

The only two survivors of the Alchemi Island, two survivors of the Lunarian race, and the basilisk lizard race that had long become extinct, but recently, the crew members were not in a normal condition.

Everyone’s body was green and purple, no, more accurately, only Queen’s body was green and purple.

Acier doesn’t have to train as he is not a combatant.

Olga’s physical training has just ended and has not entered the beating stage.

King had wrapped himself tightly, and Shayna was also similar.
Even if there were injuries on their body, it was not visible, but Queen is different, his size is larger than the others.
Under Kaido’s teaching, even if he has Zoan’s recovery power, there are still many bruises on his body.

However, it was quite effective.
After this period of training, Haki level of the people on the ship has significantly improved.

At the same time, Olga’s wardrobe of the same style of clothes has also been modified, removing the prominent Alchemi text on it.

The lesson previously made her realize that leaking this kind of information is not a good thing.

She has never seen what Shayna and King’s faces look like, they also did not intend to take off their masks or remove their transformations in front of Olga, at least not for now.

However, Acier has some guesses, and like Alchemi Island, it is not a good thing to expose.

More than a hundred years ago, the Lunarians were much more than now, and the government’s arrest efforts were also greater.

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