At that time, the news of the Lunarians manhunt was widespread on various islands, and Acier also saw similar news.
However, he has no interest in speaking about it, and was actually happier not to.

Both the Pure Gold and Lunarians should be hidden from the World Government, this way everyone is truly on the same rope.

However, Queen was quite happy because several months have passed and Kaido has finally recruited the first batch of subordinates, filling the majority of the Beast Pirates’ ranks.

However, these people are not considered true subordinates to Kaido, they are more like expendable forces.
He is not following just the elite path, and numbers are also a requirement for him.

Currently, these crew members have joined voluntarily, this is not uncommon, the pirate world is one where the strong are respected, and powerful pirates often have groups of “fans” who come to join them.

After Kaido’s bounty was updated, even in the New World, he is now considered a powerful pirate, let alone in Paradise, so it’s not surprising that some people would be attracted to join him.

During these several months, they also understood that, except for when Kaido was drunk, most of the time they were safe.

Moreover, Kaido also rarely interfered in daily workings, the small and big matters on board are mainly handled by Queen and King.

Queen handles miscellaneous affairs, while King manages the main issues.
However, any matters involving Arceus will always draw the attention of Shayna.

Through actual actions, Shayna made them understand the position of Arceus on this ship.
The last person who spoke out of line almost got burned to ashes by Shayna.

But now, a small problem has occurred on the ship.

The captain of this ship, the Governor-General of the Beasts Pirates, Kaido, is missing.

No, to be accurate, it was a few days ago, during a banquet that Kaido drank too much and then turned into a dragon and flew away somewhere unknown.
This has happened before, but he would usually fly back by himself within two or three days thanks to Queen giving his Vivre Card to Kaido.

At the beginning, the people on ship used to panic, but now they’re used to it and have gradually accepted Kaido’s problem of periodic disappearances.

Usually, the frequency of disappearances depends on the frequency of banquets.

But this time, it’s been longer than usual, and Kaido still hasn’t returned, meanwhile his Vivre Card is moving in the wrong direction.

It was only when this morning’s newspaper arrived that the people on board understood what had happened.

“Lord sacred beast, are you there? It seems that Mr.
Kaido has run into some trouble, he’s been captured again.”

Shayna was holding the newspaper just delivered by News Coo.

Basically it’s the Marine G4 branch which discovered an unknown creature entering the base’ warehouse.
After examination, it was found to be the wanted Kaido.
He is currently being detained and will soon be sent to the underwater prison Impel Down.

“Who is the leader of the G4 branch?”

“The previous Vice Admiral of G4 branch has retired, now it’s being managed by Marine headquarters’ Vice Admiral Hadlar.”

The Marine branches in the Grand Line are named with G-X designation, and the Sabaody Archipelago is just near the G4 branch.

Unlike the Four Seas’ branches, where the military rank is three levels lower than the headquarters, the military ranks of headquarters and the Grand Line’ branches are of equal rank, so there isn’t much difference.

Just like pirates’ strength can be estimated by their bounties, the strength of Marines can also be estimated by their military ranks, although there are always some exceptions, such as a certain Garp who refused to be promoted.

“I haven’t heard of the name Hadlar.”

Excluding the monsters within the Marines, Kaido wouldn’t easily be defeated.
After all, the strength of Vice Admirals varies greatly, and a name that he doesn’t remember probably eliminates the possibility of Kaido being defeated.

Given Kaido’s character, Arceus thinks he probably got drunk in a Marine warehouse and was arrested while still inebriated, and he may not have sobered up yet.

Based on his impression of Kaido, although he can’t remember the specific number, but he’s been caught multiple times, and if there are no surprises, he will probably escape on his own.

But at this moment, Arceus can clearly feel that the ship has changed its direction of travel.

“The course has changed?”

“Yes, the specifics, you’ll understand by listening.”

Shayna pointed to the deck below.

“We’re going to rescue Boss Kaido!”


“Let those Marines know how powerful we are!”


“These people are really lively, do they even know what a Marine Vice Admiral means? Even though the crew members Kaido recruited earlier were quite strong, but going to a branch to save someone is like hitting a stone with an egg.

Being able to shout such a thing is enough to show their naivety, but there will always be no lack of naive people in a pirate crew.

“Lord sacred beast, do you want to stop them?”

“No need, we are in a cooperative relationship, it’s reasonable for them to want to save their captain, but these guys can’t possibly save him, let’s consider this as a training for Olga to infiltrate.”

Expecting these people to save Kaido is unrealistic.
They can only set sail, shoot guns or put on a show, and deal with some common soldiers at most.

Either storm in to capture Kaido, or open Kaido’s handcuffs and let him escape on his own.
Arceus believes that Kaido is capable of escaping on his own.

Although he is most likely wearing Seastone handcuffs, if the purity of the Seastone is too low, the ability user can still use their abilities freely.

Seastone, mostly produced from special ore veins in Wano Country, is rare in the outside world.
Before Kurozumi Orochi plotted to become the shogun, Wano Country was in a closed state with little contact with the outside world.

Although some Seastone leaked out, there is not much of it and most of it is in Impel Down.
The Seastone purity in the branches may not be enough to affect Kaido.

If the concentration is not enough, he will naturally escape when he sobers up.

But just in case, they have decided to go make a trip.

Currently, the cooperation is going well and he has no plans to change his cooperation partner.

Olga has developed Zoroark’s abilities quite well, possibly due to her personality.
She is more skilled in illusion ability, only mastering a few damage-dealing skills such as Dark Pulse.
She has not yet mastered the former racial signature skill, Dark Blast.

In a sense, she is also someone who has lived for over a hundred years, so a bit of actual combat training is necessary.

In the future, in order to search for plates, infiltrating and gathering information is inevitable.
It’s a good opportunity for her to practice, otherwise Arceus wouldn’t have chosen Zoroark in the first place.

The abilities of the Illusion Master are not meant to be wasted.

“Lord sacred beast, isn’t this too early for her? Shouldn’t I go instead?”

“Don’t worry, if anything happens I will get her out, your temperament is not suitable for this kind of thing.”

Beasts Pirates’ ship approached the direction of G4, the location of Sabaody Archipelago and the G4 branch base is not far, so they soon arrived nearby after sailing at full-speed.
They waited until nightfall, then Elizabeth brought Olga to begin this infiltration operation.

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