Marines’ G4 branch, even at night, illuminates the nearby waters with powerful searchlights.

In this era, there is never a shortage of pirates who dare to provoke the Marines.
Four Seas is relatively calm, with no significant incidents in Four Seas branches in a long time, apart from the trouble caused by John.

Relying on sturdy fortresses and coastal artillery, the Four Seas branch is able to deal with most local pirate threats.
However, after John’s incident, all branches have strengthened their vigilance.

The branches within the Grand Line have even stronger firepower, as they face stronger enemies.
John’s incident served as a warning to all Marines, as no one wants to become the next “disgrace” of the Marines.

Furthermore, this incident seems to have stimulated the minds of certain pirates, as there are always those who want to make a name for themselves by defeating Marine branches.
The G4 branch, in particular, has strengthened its vigilance due to this.

In addition to the powerful searchlights directed at the sea, there are even beams of light shining into the sky.

In the past, Marines would only be on alert for aerial threats in special circumstances.
The technology of this world is somewhat skewed, as it is able to produce war machines like the Pacifistas, but there are no airships which are equipped on large-scale.

It’s the same with the World Government, let alone pirates.
Currently, no pirate except for the Golden Lion has a significant air force.

So, the branch base wouldn’t waste manpower and resources, but currently, they have added a few searchlights for the sky.

However, that sparse light cannot block Elizabeth, and King also helped them a bit.
Inteleon’s ability is gliding, not flying, so it needs a sufficient altitude.

And King is the aircraft that carries out the airdrop.

Elizabeth glided through the skies using the sea winds and avoided Marine’s searchlights by taking advantage of the cover of night, landing within the G4 branch.

“This captain really is worrying.”

The people on the ship had different ways of addressing Kaido.
Olga prefers to call him captain, Arceus calls him by his name, and Shayna and King occasionally use terms such as “Mr.”, “boss”, and “big brother”.

The newly recruited subordinates were also similar.
At this point, Kaido had not yet standardized the pirate crew’s ranks and titles, but even if he had, he wouldn’t have cared.

“Over there,” spoke Elizabeth.
Over the past few months, it had made some progress in learning and had successfully mastered a new language, but for now, it could not speak in longer sentences.

And usually only uses a few words to express itself.

Vivre Cards are a good thing and not easily destroyed.
With this, she can easily locate Kaido’s location without getting lost in the Marine base.

Its ability was activated and an illusion enveloped the two of them.
Zoroark’s illusion was not like a shapeshifting Pokémon like Ditto, but rather like a holographic projection that enveloped itself.

Olga has only just begun to master her ability and the application of her Illusion ability is quite simple.
Observation Haki could have detected her difference, but no Marine would constantly release their Haki within the base.

Olga randomly made up the faces of two strangers.
With so many people in the Marine base, she does not believe that anyone here would recognize all of their colleagues.

The next step is to find two people who are alone and replace them.

Pirate ships will also have someone on watch, and such a large base will definitely have patrol teams, maybe even passwords.

Olga and Elizabeth walked around the Marine base and occasionally encountered the issues of “passing through.”

Although Olga can change her external appearance to that of an adult Marine soldier, her physical structure remains unchanged and her eye level is still the same as before, causing accidental collisions with some buildings.

Illusions do not have a physical form, so the illusions she create will not disappear because of such collisions, resulting in “passing through.”

The scope and ability of an illusion to affect is linked to its own power.
Zoroark’s illusions are so realistic that they can deceive cameras and human senses, even causing Entei, Suicune, and Raikou to be unable to escape the false illusion trap.
The principle behind this remains unclear to Queen.

Olga is not able to affect an entire city, but using it at small-scale is no problem.

She and Elizabeth followed a patrol team that was heading in a similar direction, and caused the last two members of the team to take a wrong path.

Elizabeth, lurking on the wall, flicked her tail like a Xenomorph hunting and directly pulled the person into the corner.
Then came two hand strikes from Olga who had transformed into her beast-form.

For maximum use of a Pokémon’s abilities, complete beast-transformation is the best option.

Although Olga currently appears as a Marine soldier, the true form under the illusion is a blonde-haired Zoroark.

Initially, Acier did not want Olga to become a fighter, even if they joined Kaido’s crew.
He thought she could work as a researcher in the back instead.
He meant that Olga should learn technology from him.

He tried hard for this, but a talented child may not be gifted in every area.
Olga had no real talent for learning in this field and preferred training with Kaido over listening to Acier’s lessons.

After the hotel incident, she believed that her own strength was more important than the technology.

Anway, she has some talent in hand-to-hand combat, provided she doesn’t use weapons such as clubs or knives, which are her specialty.

She and Elizabeth stealthily replaced the original team’s members, and followed the patrolling soldiers into the depths of the base.

In a prison within the G4 base, Kaido was tied up like a dumpling, but this did not prevent him from sleeping soundly.

Upon closer inspection, the prison seemed to be a makeshift one.
It was originally just a wine cellar as evident by the scattered wine barrels around.

Marine base doesn’t prohibit alcohol and it’s common for Marines on break to drink.
Those on duty are also allowed to drink, but the amount is limited.

Alcohol and tobacco are basic necessities within the base, as the people here rely on them to vent their emotions.
Pirates are always a constant threat and death is always looming on them.

“Vice Admiral Hadlar, please go rest, you haven’t closed your eyes for three days,”

An old man sat on a chair in front of the temporary prison.
Ever since Kaido mysteriously appeared here, he had personally guarded him.

“No, he is a pirate with a bounty of 1.573 billion, you can’t handle him.”

“Isn’t there Seastone handcuffs? If he’s a devil fruit user, he should be feeling weak by now.”

“Those Seastone handcuffs have a low purity and if there is not enough quantity, they may not be able to completely restrain him.
He is the remnant member of the Rocks Pirates.
The prison ship sent by headquarters will arrive tomorrow.

“Once this is over, I can apply for retirement when I return to headquarters.”

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