Setting up a flag like this, his worries are not unfounded.

The purity of Seastone can be adjusted by changing the proportion of PYROBROIN.

However, this technology is a closely guarded secret of Wano Country and only its smiths have this skill.

Seastone is incredibly hard and difficult to process, moreover the content in the ore is random.
The purity of the Seastone handcuffs in the Marine’s possession depends on the purity of the ore.
G4, located in the first half and with a former base commander who was a true warmonger, advocates elimination rather than capture.

Therefore, most of the Seastone handcuffs in the base were taken away by him to support the associated organizations.

Ability users are not common and they can often go for months without encountering one, so it is enough to leave a few for emergencies.

“Vice Admiral, aren’t you overthinking? This is a Marine base, what could happen?”

“Have you already forgotten the lesson from 277th branch?”

“Vice Admiral, that was a branch in the Four Seas, this is the Grand Line, we are different from those people.
Moreover I have doubled the lookouts, Vice Admiral, you can relax.”

However, they did not realize that with the arrival of new soldiers, two people who should not be in Kaido’s prison had appeared in there.

As for how they got in, this is a temporarily modified prison with dimensions tailored to Kaido’s physique.

And Kaido’s arms are thicker than Olga’s waist, so the temporary prison built just to detain him makes no difference to Olga compared to having no defense.

However, at this moment, Olga’s forehead was already sweating, as using her fruit’s ability consumes energy.
Despite being over 100 years old in reality, her physical age is still only around 8 years old.
Maintaining this illusion for so long is already quite good.

She created an illusion of Kaido still being shackled and signaled Elizabeth to unlock it.

Olga is an ability user who obtained her powers through modification, so she is also affected by Seastone, but Elizabeth is different as its body has no influence of Devil Fruit.

Facing Kaido’s shackles, Elizabeth coalesced a stream of water from its fingers and then injected the stream into the keyhole.

With the sound of turning, the shackles visibly started to loosen.

However, at this point, Olga encountered a new difficulty.

And that was on how to wake up a drunkard.

Her two options for retreat were to either wake up Kaido and have him rush out with them, or to declare the mission a failure and wait for Arceus’ rescue.

In fact, she didn’t know that Arceus already had a plan.
Once he finds the fighting-type plate, he will make most of the Beast Pirates learn the Wake-Up Slap, so that Kaido won’t sleep too deeply.

Well, drunken sleeping is still sleeping, and it is equally effective.

She almost pulled Kaido’s beard off, Elizabeth had unlocked the lock, but Kaido showed no signs of waking up.

In the end, she had no choice but to look for remaining barrels of wine.
Although Kaido looked drunk while smelling of alcohol, she could only fight poison with poison at this time.

Holding a barrel of wine, she walked to Kaido and poured it directly on him, and it really turned out to be effective.

“Hic~ Brat, what are you doing? Do you want to drink too?”

Kaido hiccupped and leaned against the wall, and then continued to drink while ignoring the shackles on his body.

“Captain Kaido, look at the occasion! This is a Marine base! Not a place for you to drink!”

It was her first official operation, so running into a Marine base, the level of nervousness can be imagined, but she had already steeled herself for it.

She used to be timid, but after spending over a hundred years in the belly of the Sea King, she has experienced too many things such as dinosaurs, plant poisoning, gastric acid tsunamis, and man-eating plants.
Surviving all of this is not so easy.

Olga’s words seemed to have sobered Kaido.
Watching Kaido who was silent, Olga thought that he had understood the situation now.

“Okay Captain Kaido, those Marines outside haven’t noticed my illusion yet, let’s hurry back to the ship while we can.” In her view, it was best to leave quickly, after all, there was an entire base of Marines outside.

Moreover, her illusion’s duration was almost up.

But the next moment, she saw Kaido crying and felt a bad premonition.

When Kaido drinks too much, he either sleeps soundly or goes on a drunken rampage, which is something everyone on the ship knows.
One of the main features of his drunken rampages is that he starts crying uncontrollably after his emotions go out of control.

The next moment, he fiercely threw out the wine barrel he was holding, breaking it against the fence outside.

“Ugh! I’m useless! I’ve been caught by the Marines and I have to let an apprentice come to save me.
Damn, bastard!” he shouted while smashing the surrounding walls.

“Hey! Captain Kaido, my illusion won’t hold if you continue like this.”

Due to Kaido’s destructive behavior after drinking, Olga’s energy was no longer able to maintain the illusion.
In fact, maintaining it wouldn’t have made a difference anymore because the Marines outside noticed something was wrong when Kaido smashed the barrel against the fence.

“Who are you guys! How did you get in here!”

Several firearms pointed towards the temporary prison, and at the same time, several cannons also adjusted their direction.
For ordinary Marine soldiers, firearms were still the things that gave them the most sense of security.

Compared to Olga and Elizabeth who suddenly appeared beside Kaido, Hadlar looked down at the shackles on the ground, which means that Kaido was no longer restrained.

Ability users? Dammit.” An unrestrained Kaido would inevitably cause massive destruction here, but to his surprise, Kaido didn’t seem to have the intention of killing.

He saw Kaido pick up Olga and Elizabeth, turn into a dragon and charge out of the prison in front of countless Marines.

“Your base’s alcohol is good.
Goodbye, you lousy Marines.”

Without any reason, but unexpectedly.
He does everything according to his mood.
Last time he wreaked havoc in the research institute, but this time he doesn’t have the intention to wreak havoc, and he’s even bringing Olga and the others.

Although Olga’s infiltration operation has proven her ability, she still doesn’t qualify to face a base of Marines with Kaido.

Just because he wants to leave, doesn’t mean the Marines want him to leave.
The gunner adjusted the angle of the cannon, and a dense hail of bullets shot towards him.

“Really, you guys are such a bunch of scoundrels, I just want to leave!”

A thick pillar of fire shot out of Kaido’s mouth, and several of the cannon’s ammunition exploded.
Watching the Marines busy putting out the fire, Kaido left this place with satisfaction.

Upon their return to the ship, they were greeted with excitement from the crew.
To them, this was proof of Kaido’s strength, but one person, Arceus, was an exception.

While the pirates below were still in party-mood, Arceus sought out Kaido by himself.

“What’s the point of doing this? Besides wasting time, what did you gain? What is the significance of this behavior?”

Kaido’s face still had a drunken expression, but his eyes were very clear, and he said something that Arceus didn’t understand very well.

“Do you believe in things like prophecy and fate?”

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