“I don’t.”

“Oh, no hesitation at all?” Kaido was surprised by Arceus’s straightforwardness.
Although he never talked about this with others before, generally people would still hesitate a bit.

“No, prophecy and fate are the most illusory things.
You can’t change the past and can’t control the future, it all depends on the present.

When you know about the future, whether you accept it or not, grasping the present is what you should do.”

However, he didn’t finish his sentence.
After all, the power of time and space is also one of his powers, but that was in his prime.
Currently he can’t change time.

And changing time is something that shouldn’t be done unless necessary.
Who knows what terrible consequences may happen from doing something in the past few decades later.

Moreover, not mentioning the law-based power, Psychic-types have the bug skill of predicting the future.
However, this method is just to predict the opponent’s moving trajectory and lay down an attack ahead of time where the opponent will appear after a certain period.

There is still a difference between this and the real power of time and space.
Once Observation Haki is developed to the point of predicting the future, the powerful people here can do this too.

Two people who can predict the future, on the surface may have only fought for a second, but their hearts may be like a thousand-layer cake, experiencing countless layers of games.

“Are you starting to reflect on life after drinking? How could someone like you believe in so-called fate?”

“Fuheeheehee, of course not.
That’s why I want to prove that so-called fate is all bullshit! I was born in the Vodka Kingdom, where prophecy is highly valued.

Someone once predicted that I would die on the battlefield, so at the age of 10, I became the strongest soldier in the kingdom, and I have been living well to this day.”

Kaido leaned on the fence, pretending to be a great philosopher.

“So you went to the Marine base to seek death?”

“It’s not like I’m dead.
Don’t worry, I won’t die in a place like this.
Even if I am going to die, I want a grand exit.
But what you said is right, the meaningless prophecy is not worth believing in.

You are indeed worthy of being a partner of mine, Fuheeheehee.”

Saying that, he took out a gourd of wine from nowhere, apparently ready for another round.

In a drunken state, behavior is controlled by the subconscious.
Kaido’s actions may seem reckless, but are actually always kept within a certain range.
Whether it was eating and drinking in the prison ships before, or drinking at the G4 base this time, it is within his capability to handle.

The distance from here to Marineford is not too far.
If he really didn’t want to live, he could just go straight to the Marine headquarters, or dive into the sea, or find a Devil Fruit to eat.

On the one hand, it was to express his disdain for prophecy, on the other hand, it was also to temper himself.
Facing continued attacks is a good way for Mythical Zoan users to get stronger.

Some Mythical Zoan users can only truly awaken during the process of being beaten.

However, when he raised the wine gourd, he found that no matter what, the wine in the gourd wouldn’t come out.

“Don’t waste time.
If it wasn’t for your inexplicable delay for two days, we should already have finished Coating and be in the New World by now.
Wait until we conquer that Industrial island before you keep drinking your wine.”

Kaido’s actions have indirectly delayed his quest for the search of plates, and water, being the main ingredient of alcohol, is also within his control.

“Oh well, I’ve had enough to drink anyway.
I’ll drink again next time.”

He’s had enough to drink at the Marine base, so waiting a short while won’t make a difference.

“Men! Get ready, we’re setting sail for the New World!”


The dangers of the New World don’t need words to express.
However, these pirates face an unknown future with only stimulation and a hint of excitement in their speech.

“I heard that to get to New World, we have to pass Fishman Island.”

“Yeah, that place is full of mermaids, beautiful mermaids… if only we could…”

“Shut up, big sister hates that kind of thing.
Do you want to get kicked by big sister?”

The rules on Kaido’s ship are obvious, strength is the only way to have a say.
Kaido can accept not drinking if Arceus doesn’t let him, besides him and Arceus, Shayna is currently the strongest.

And with King being her only kin and Olga, besides learning and training, also lives together with her, there aren’t many women on the ship.

There are only four officers on the ship now and Kaido understands the importance of technology, so Acier is treated as a special officer, and even though Olga is nominally only an apprentice, she is also considered a reserve officer.

The recruits that were later hired are not really considered real crew members, but more like subsidiary forces.

In regards to the three views of life, Queen is completely indifferent, disregarding life.
King has a similar attitude, but he does not actively slaughter, instead acts according to Arceus and Kaido’s intentions.

Shayna respects life, except for enemies, and Acier is the same, so the current rules of the Beast Pirates are quite numerous.

Shayna hates human traffickers, Marines, World Government’s special agents and traitors the most.

Initially, the pirate recruits weren’t so obedient and secretly reported to Kaido that Shayna was plotting to overthrow him as captain.

However, they made two mistakes.
Firstly, they reported to the wrong person.
Although Shayna is now considered a crew member on the ship, she only follows Arceus’ orders.
If Arceus ever decides to leave, she will surely be the first to respond.

Arceus had Shayna temporarily join Kaido in order to make use of Kaido’s reputation.

Secondly, Kaido didn’t care about such things, his solution was simple – fight.
The winner takes Shayna’s position as the officer.

Then, she beat up one of them to make an example out to others, and from then on, the people

on the ship became more obedient.

As for Queen, he has no opinion.
As long as he’s not at the bottom, he’s satisfied.
If he can’t beat those above him, he can only bully those weaker than him.

Although he worked at an illegal research institution, he was a law-abiding citizen outside of work until MADS was disbanded and he became a wanted criminal.

Though their indiscriminate thoughts towards mermaids were eliminated, it couldn’t stop their fantasy about them as they are the most beautiful creatures in the sea.

But just as they were dreaming of the beautiful mermaid island, Kaido personally crushed their dreams.
A flame cloud appeared around the huge ship and Beast Pirates took off into the sky.

“Captain, are we not going to Fishman Island?!”

“Why go to Fishman Island, we can just directly fly there!”

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