Fishman Island is located 10,000 meters below the sea and is the only way for pirates to reach the New World.
To be precise, it is the only way for ordinary pirates to reach the New World.

Red Line bisects the Grand Line into two and as the area with the strongest presence of the World Government, especially since the residence of the Celestial Dragons, Mariejois, is above it, it is highly secured.

Pirates do not have the right to pass through this area, so they can only take the risky path and choose Fishman Island in the deep sea.

There are submarines in this world, but most pirates do not have access to this high-tech equipment.
So, the only way to enter Fishman Island is by Coating.

However, humans are not creatures of the ocean, and the deep sea poses countless dangers, from Sea Kings to undersea volcanoes, which pose a lethal threat to ships.

Once the Coating is damaged, it means the ship is doomed and the tremendous water pressure will instantly kill the majority of the people.

Moreover, Coating is a technical job and in the early stages, one could only find Coating craftsmen in the Sabaody Archipelago.
Among them, there are both skilled and unskilled craftsmen, and the Coating done by the skilled ones is safe and reliable.

Similarly, there are also unreliable swindlers, their Coating is a countdown to death, and there is always a risk of cracking at any time.

It’s lucky if the coating is damaged just after diving, but if it breaks down in the deep sea, the consequences would be unbearable.

Not to mention the ability users who cannot swim, even if Kaido sinks to the bottom of the sea, he has no way out, so he had no intention of going to Fishman Island in the first place.

Fishman Island is a necessary passage for ordinary pirates, but he is not an ordinary pirate, he is a pirate who has the ability to fly long distances, like the Flying Pirates of the Golden Lion.
However, when the Golden Lion himself takes action, he must fly over with his own ship from the sky.

Kaido is the same, although they cannot cross the Red Line like the Marines and ordinary people, they can fly over the Red Line, but they will have to detour a little, they cannot fly over Mariejois directly.

In the clouds, the Beasts Pirates took a shortcut across the Red Line.
There was a group of pirates on the ship who were disappointed for not being able to see the mermaids.

It took nearly a year, and after leaving the research institute, they finally arrived in the New World.
Compared to the Paradise in the early stages, the waters here are more dangerous, the climate is more fickle, and the first thing that the Beasts Pirates faced was the thunderstorm in the sky.

A true thunderstorm is characterized by lightning but no rain, a special climate with only lightning.

Dark clouds blanketed the sky and the sounds of electrical charges colliding echoed continuously.

The dense lightning struck the ship’s deck like rain, causing the pirates who newly arrived in the New World to be extremely scared.

And they also learned what kind of strength Arceus, who had a high position on the ship, possessed.
A beam of light was fired by Arceus towards the sky and the thunderclouds instantly dissipated, turning the place bright and sunny again.

In the pirate world, the strong are revered.
Previously, they obeyed Arceus because of Shayna’s strength, and now they are convinced due to Arceus’ power to change the weather.
So when they mentioned Lord sacred beast, they became even more respectful.

Timing is key when choosing to establish one’s authority.
Unlike Kaido who carries a high bounty, he doesn’t want to show off his strength like a monkey.
This moment is just right, and it’s also the first time he’s shown his strength in public.

Another thing is that this intense thunderstorm disturbed his rest.

As for ability modification, these people haven’t yet qualified for his ability modification and also because Kaido hasn’t brought up the matter.
Abilities are prepared for those with actual strength.

These people need to at least hone their skills in the New World’s environment for a while, or have some valuable special ability.

The “Sunny Day” he used is not on the same level as King’s “Sunny Day.”


Even the toughest weather in the New World is not worth mentioning for him, but as their ship left, the intense thunderstorm filled the sea area again.

This relieved the people on a nearby island as “selling umbrellas” is a crucial source of economy for the island.
Without this source of income, it would be difficult for them to make offerings.

Soon, the Beasts Pirates’ ship also arrived at the island.
They need to restock on supplies, such as Log Pose unique to the New World.

Due to the special magnetic field, the Grand Line causes traditional items like compasses and compasses to lose their original function.
To navigate the Grand Line, Log Pose is essential.

They can capture the magnetic signal of the next island and record it, and the direction of the Log Pose will not change before arriving at the island.

Therefore, every time they reach an island, they need to spend several hours to several months filling up the record of the Log Pose before they can set off to the next island.

And this is one of the reasons why Arceus’ search for the plates is being delayed.
Navigating the ocean is already quite challenging, and encountering an island with a longer signal storage time just wastes more time.

After all, islands with Eternal Pose are only a minority.

It was already like this in the first half of Paradise, so navigating the New World becomes even more dangerous.

The magnetic field in the New World is even more chaotic than that in Paradise.
The previously mentioned thunderstorms are a manifestation of this magnetic field.
Besides that, there are also bizarre clouds that drop ice mountains or even knives.

Even without enemies, navigating the New World is an extremely dangerous task.

Log Pose allows ships to safely navigate during the first half, but once they reach the New World, the once reliable Log Pose becomes unreliable.

However, this does not deter the people who make a living at sea, so an upgraded version of the Log Pose was born.

It looks no different from ordinary Log Pose, except for the addition of two dials and changing one pointer to three.
This provides more options to choose the safest route.

The safer the route, the lower the frequency of the Log Pose’s fluctuations.
Normal pirates will choose a relatively safe route from these options.

Every island in the New World has its own behind-the-scenes ruler.
If they do not want to actively provoke them, ordinary pirates will abide by the local rules, and even powerful pirates are no exception, or it will mean declaring war.

At this point, the Beasts Pirates have no intention of starting a war, they are still in the development stage, so the money that was previously exchanged for John’s treasures plays a role here.
A large amount of supplies, including dozens of Log Poses, were purchased and brought onto the ship.

These are necessary emergency supplies, and to prevent damage from factors such as stormy seas, several spare ones are stored on the ship.

What remained constant in the thunderstorms is the News Coo flying in the sky.
Their newspaper always delivers the new news.

“Big brother Kaido, Boss sacred beast, there’s new news in the newspaper!”

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