【Kaido of the Beasts • Bounty 1.6 Billion berries, Dead or Alive】

The news they brought wasn’t particularly shocking, it was just an update on the bounty.
Kaido’s bounty had been rounded up to 1.6 billion Berries and he was given a new photo with the suffix “Beasts.”

It seems that in the eyes of the Marines, Kaido’s escape from the branch base doesn’t count as a big deal.

This is also related to Olga, because this time Kaido didn’t escape on his own, rather he was rescued.

Although Olga and Elizabeth only opened the lock, Marines do not believe this and put a significant portion of the reason for Kaido’s escape on Olga.

The reason is simple, letting a pirate escape from the custody of a branch leader on their own is a completely different concept from being rescued by someone else.

Although both are embarrassing, a prisoner getting rescued is much better than the prisoner escaping on their own.

This was also the case with Hadlar.
He, a vice-admiral, who was about to retire, encountered this incident.
He was also feeling helpless inside.

If the coastal cannons had not fired and allowed Kaido to leave directly, there would have been no casualties in the base.

However, Kaido’s counterattack with Blast Breath in response to the attack caused significant damage to them.

The prisoner escaped from the base, and the base was damaged, so the branch leader is of course responsible for this.
Therefore, his retirement treatment was reduced from Vice Admiral to Rear Admiral, which is not too severe a punishment.

This is also related to how he defined the incident.
He defined Kaido’s escape as outside intervention.

The price for it is that Olga and Elizabeth also have their own bounties.

Who are the best secret agents in this world? It’s not the CP0, which is known as the strongest shield of the Celestial Dragons, nor is it the unknown CP9, and the detectives from the underground world don’t even count.

The best are the photographers of the World Government and Marines.

Wanted posters require photos, and these photos are mostly sourced from photographers, from small-time pirates worth hundreds of thousands to monsters like Rocks.

There is no one on the World Government’s wanted list who can escape the lens of the photographers.

Whether it’s Skypiea in the sky or Fishman Island in the deep sea, their presence can be found everywhere.

In terms of taking photos secretly, they are definitely the best in the world.

Unless there is a rare case where the photographer forgets to take off the camera cover, nobody can escape their lens.

The photos of Olga and Elizabeth thus made it onto the wanted posters, but these photographers are not everywhere; at least the true appearance of Olga and Elizabeth has not yet been exposed.

They were just the photos of Zoroark and Inteleon standing on Kaido’s flame cloud, captured by the Marines though they couldn’t bring down Kaido.

These were not captured by the Surveillance Den Den Mushi inside the base previously.
Those captured by Den Den Mushi were illusions released by Olga’s ability, and it was only when Olga’s energy was insufficient that their transformed appearance was captured.

Since Beasts Pirates had not made any major moves previously, their names were not even on the wanted posters, and only the tag jailbreakers, and their bounties were unified at 50 million.

Olga did not engage in direct combat, so those Marines did not even figure out whose illusion ability it was.

“Is that all?” Kaido didn’t see the update on the wanted posters as a big deal, he was long past the age of getting excited about being wanted.

“No, but the rest is the Marine’s matter.
The family of the Marine Admiral, the Black Arm Zephyr, has been killed.

As soon as the words were spoken, a hand made of Dark-type energy snatched the newspaper.
Zephyr’s family’s death was one of the biggest events in Arceus’ memory.

This meant a change in the mentality of a generation of Marine Admirals, although Zephyr kept his Admiral rank under his superiors’ persuasion, he withdrew from the front lines and became the Marines’ chief instructor.
In the following years, he trained a large number of cornerstones for the Marines.

It is not convenient to hold paper items using fire and water.
The four plates have gradually perfected his power, and he can use various energy hands skillfully.

“Zephyr really is a good-for-nothing.”

The news report was written in detail.
Zephyr’s family unfortunately encountered an attack and the World Government expressed sincere condolences.
The culprit has been arrested by the Marines and taken to Impel Down.

Never killing pirates, yet all family members were killed by pirates, this is what he paid for his adherence to the principle of “not killing”.

Furthermore, the relatives of the Marine Admiral were not given enough protection and were killed by a few unknown pirates, and these pirates were not killed on the spot, making it an even more outrageous situation.

It’s also possible that Zephyr had offended someone and a conspiracy was formed against him, and there is also some issue with his position within the World Government.

With so many pirates in the seas, there are more than enough capable individuals to fill the seven Warlords of the Sea’ position.
Yet they chose to appoint someone who caused Zephyr to lose an arm and kill his cadets, which is adding insult to injury.

This kind of behavior is not to be expected from anyone who has a sound mind.

Impel Down is a place of suffering, but everyone knows that taking revenge on one’s enemies can bring some peace of mind.

The reason Zephyr acts this way is because of the regulations of the Marines.
Adhering to these regulations to this extent is commendable, but it also leaves one feeling helpless and frustrated.

“That’s the Marines for you, countless rules, dogs of the Celestial Dragons.
But the food on the prison ship is actually quite good.”

Kaido holds prejudice and resentment towards Marines, which is quite normal.
You can’t expect a pirate to praise the Marine.
People always find a more reasonable explanation for their actions.

Initially, his resentment towards Marine was not as strong, until the king of Vodka Kingdom forced him to participate in Marine’s world conscription.
His rebellious mentality led him down this path and he spent his adolescence on Rocks’ ship.

At first, he was capable of questioning his fellow men, asking why they had to be dogs for the Celestial Dragons and why they had to surrender the “aspirational youngsters” as the heavenly tribute.

The death of Zephyr’s family serves as a reminder and a blow to the reputation of the Marines.
As the Marine’s highest combat force, even their family’s safety couldn’t be guaranteed, which led to a decrease in enlistment among Marines.

However, this only applies to the lower-ranked soldiers.
Talented individuals saw the chaos in the seas, so some chose to become pirates while others joined the Marines to fulfill their dreams.

“By the way, your bestowed abilities also vary in strength, right?” Kaido suddenly asked a question as he sent his subordinates to carry supplies.

“Of course, the ones you see now are relatively stronger.
To be honest, Queen’s is probably the weakest, after all, his was the least strenuous.
Why, what happened?”

“Nothing, there are still fourteen plates to find.
Remember to reserve a stronger ability for me.”

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