“Are you in a hurry? But modifying you will consume too much energy, besides your current strength may not be strong enough for transformation, so right now is not a proper time.”

Arceus thought that Kaido wanted to modify himself, but the power of a typical modification is not enough for the top-tier mythical beast, Azure Dragon.
And modifying a Mythical Zoan also requires more effort.

They have unique abilities, and modifying them involves adding new abilities while retaining the original ones.
It’s a technical task, and although Arceus hasn’t attempted it on a Mythical Zoan, he has made an estimate using Kaido.

If a Mythical Zoan is modified, it won’t be a typical modification but rather the addition of abilities.
This modification is reflected in the outside world as a special “Double Devil Fruit Users.”

King can only transform into Aerodactyl currently, and cannot transform into Pteranodon.
If he were a Mythical Zoan, he would be able to transform into both his pre-modification and post-modification form.

“No, it’s not for me, my current ability is enough.
Moreover, I shouldn’t just rely on abilities.
The boost from Swords Dance is enough for me to use for a long time.
I just want to prepare an ability for my future children.”


Arceus was taken aback by Kaido’s line of thinking, which had now moved to discussing future children.

“Zephyr’s child died, but ultimately it was because his family was too weak.
If his child had possessed the power to resist, the outcome would have been different, wouldn’t it?”

“It was just a three-year-old child.”

“I wasn’t weak when I was three years old.
Anyway, my child can’t be like Zephyr’s.
Hmm, they need to start training early.
Arrange a stronger ability for them, like Shayna’s.”

Abilities can vary in strength and the way they are given also varies.
There’s no doubt that Shayna received the best one, and Kaido knows that Shayna’s ability can’t be suppressed by Seastone and water, which is already a huge advantage.

Underlings don’t matter, but the best must be arranged for the children.

“Let’s talk about this when you have children.
But your training method…can a child withstand it? Olga is a special case.”

“Don’t worry, I know to hold back.
Besides, my bloodline couldn’t be weak.”

“Alright, then it’s settled.
But whether the ability is strong or weak will depend on the plates that we obtain in the next few years.”

“Worororo, don’t worry, once we occupy that island, we’ll have Queen start his research immediately and at the same time, we’ll also expand our army and manpower.
As long as they are not hidden away by someone, we’ll eventually find them.”

“Speed up, men, we’re setting sail!”

Zephyr went behind the scenes and marked the beginning of a new era for the Marines and the pirate world, which was even more cruel, where the weak fall and the strong rise to the occasion, and the forces in the New World constantly underwent reshuffle..

World Government published the cause of death for John and other pirates based on their gathered intelligence and emphasized that Ryleth may have taken all the treasures, hoping to use this as a way to force him out.

However, it did not force him out, but the New World’s seas became even more chaotic.
Most of the islands in the New World have their own owners, and the loss of three major pirates means that three territories have become vacant, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Golden Lion did not get involved in this matter because all three of their territories were too far away from him.
So, among them, Ochoku’s territory was occupied by Whitebeard and Silver Axe’s territory was occupied by Charlotte Linlin.

She was the first to act and took the initiative when Silver Axe was unaccounted for.

“Mama-hahaha~ Kaido, you really did me a big favor.” Charlotte Linlin, now in her new territory, was reading the newspaper.
With the news reported by the World Government and Kaido’s previous contact, she was not convinced that Kaido had nothing to do with it.

However, there is no conflict between her and Kaido, so there is no need to make this matter public.
Besides, she was planning to have another baby soon.

As for John’s remaining territory, due to its special location where it was stuck in the middle of several powers, the major powers didn’t take any action and left it as a buffer zone.
Instead, it was a group of newcomers and pirates without a fixed territory who fought over it.

The surrounding islands have mostly been claimed, with only the main island remaining unclaimed.

There were two groups of pirates near the island: one is a group of newcomers who recently arrived in the New World and doesn’t recognize the brutal Super Rookies here, among which are some Super Rookies with bounties over 100 million.

The other group is those who have been here for a while and understand the New World, but their own strength is insufficient and they don’t want to join any other factions, so they roam the seas and still have no fixed territory.

Among them, there are people born in the New World and pirates who came from the first half years before and other seas.

Ability users, swordsmen, firearms; various kinds of abilities collided on the island and in the nearby seas, all to determine the ownership of this place.

At the same time, the existence of a third force has emerged, consisting of a self-formed defense squad made up of adult residents on the island, to ensure the safety of the islanders.

Their strength is average, but this is an island that is heavily industrialized with a military factory already present on the island.

The firearms trade is not rare in the New World and firearms are considered a hard currency here, and in addition to regular firearms, they have even procured large coastal defense cannons from the military factory.

They’ve secured a portion of safe space for themselves as no one wants their head to suddenly be bombarded with cannon fire during the battle between other pirates.

However, the food on the island is scarce.
Being a winter island, the majority of food here relies on supplies from outside.
After the battle among pirates started, transportation of goods was temporarily suspended.

The low returns and increased risks make this kind of business unattractive to anyone.

To be honest, they desperately hoped that these pirates’ conflict would soon come to a halt.

As it turned out, the pirates were doing just what they wanted, as both sides found that they couldn’t defeat the other.
The pirate factions began to sit down for negotiations and decided to establish a larger pirate alliance.

Huddling together for warmth in the cruel New World.

“So, starting today, our pirate alliance is established.”

But before the alliance wine was even served, a distant explosion was heard, followed by consecutive blasts that were getting closer and closer to them.

The swords were suddenly drawn on the negotiating table as both factions entered a confrontational state.

“Aeolia, are you still not giving up?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Maillol, I don’t need to go to all this trouble to kill you.”

However, no one lowered their guns, it was obvious that no one trusted the other’s words, even if they came to form an alliance, they were wary of each other.

But at that moment, the front door was pushed open and someone stumbled in, running.

“No…not good, Captain, someone is attacking!”

But before the words even left his lips, the half-open door behind him was sent flying and embedded itself in the wall behind them.

“From now on, this island is mine!”

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