From their words, it can be inferred that explosions happen so often in that direction that people here have gotten accustomed to it.
The place where Kaido landed was in an uninhabited region on the island, which did not attract much attention, but after entering the town, they still attracted the attention of many people.

It was not because of the bounty or their identity.
Except when one is a pirate or his profession is closely related to pirates such as being a Marine or Bounty Hunter, ordinary people don’t recognize all pirates, unless their reputation resounds throughout the horizon.

Although the current Kaido has some reputation, it has not yet reached the point where everyone knows him.

It was because none of the people in their group looked normal.
Although there are many people with unusual physiques in the world, most of them are normal in size.
So, a small Giant like Kaido will naturally attract the attention of others.
And besides Kaido’s physique, which was greatly different from ordinary people, there were also the wings behind Alber and Shayna.

The flames can be temporarily extinguished, but the wings cannot be retracted into the body, so they had to be covered in huge black robes, covering their faces, and coupled with the unique appearance of Arceus, the group was quite eye-catching.

“Alber, you are sufficiently strong, so you can call yourself King in the future.
Your original identity is troublesome after all, and it will lead to too many unnecessary problems.

World Government has never stopped the bounty on the Lunarians and the reward for any information is huge.
Lunarian’s characteristics are too obvious, and if he swaggers through the streets, he will cause countless troubles.

Whether it is for Alber or Kaido himself, the identity of the Lunarians need to remain hidden.

After saying that, he looked at Shayna on the other side.

“I want three powerful people to become the strongest fighting force under my command.
They will be called three calamities of “All-Stars”.
Now I am just one short, how about taking this position?”

Hearing this name, Arceus turned to look at Alber.
With the ability to ignite flames behind his back and black wings, so he is King who will be the leader of the three calamities of the Beasts Pirates in the future, but there are still some differences in his physique and it seems that he will grow a lot taller in the future.

But no matter how you look at it, Shayna couldn’t be the famous ship king.
“Oh, yeah, with her condition, Shayna should have been dead.” At that time, he used the power of the plate to replenish Shayna’s vitality, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to survive till now.

Moreover, it can be seen from the previous battle in the research institute that Shayna’s strength is not inferior to Alber’s.
So, she is capable of holding Jack’s title, but Shayna did not accept it.

“Thank you for rescuing Alber, but it was Lord sacred beast who really saved my life.
Whether it was when Lunarians worshiped him or now, I will only obey the Lord sacred beast.”

“That’s a pity.” One second he was still sighing, but the next moment Kaido burst into tears ignoring the situation.
It seems that the repeated failures in recruiting had caused his emotions to greatly fluctuate, but he was determined to have Arceus join his crew.

His heart rate was beyond description on having added another talented youngster with terrifying strength.

At this time, Kaido seemed to be uncontrollably exuding his aura, causing everyone around him to stay away from this “madman”, and the street soon became empty.

Even if Shayna doesn’t have a code name like “King”, the probability of her name revealing her identity is very low.
The population of this world is quite large, so there are many people with the same name and even people with similar appearance, there are quite a few.
As long as she pays attention to hide her distinctive features, it will be fine.

Although the wings and flames are quite obvious, they are not without a way to hide, such as Devil Fruit.
Their strange abilities are the best way to cover up the distinctive features of the body.

A zoan-type devil fruit that can fly is enough to cover up the problem of wings.
As for flames, there are many who can use fire.

As passers-by were scared away by Kaido’s aura, a figure on the empty street became extremely conspicuous.

The figure was tall, fat and round-looking, with a mechanically modified prosthetic left hand.
He was wearing sunglasses, had purple lip gloss on his lips, a golden scorpion braid on his head and two golden mustaches.

It is the person Kaido is looking for and also one of the future All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates, Queen the Plague.

The reason why Queen is here is related to his previous identity.
He was the member of MADS a few hours ago.

MADS is a crazy research group, its leader is a genius known to be five hundred years ahead of the world, Vegapunk.

MADS was an illegal organization not long ago, but it has now been incorporated and is carrying out some research projects under the orders of the World Government.

The research institute where Arceus and others were previously located was where the people of MADS were carrying out research.

At this time, among the MADS were scientists with each having their own ideas, who gathered together to study many things, and many of them could be called lunatics.

But the World Government only cares about Vegapunk.
They do not plan to absorb everyone in the group, so MADS can be said to have been disbanded.
Vegapunk has been led away by Cipher Pol to Mariejois in order to discuss the specific details.
This is also the reason why the garrison of the institute was slightly weak.

And Kaido’s escape has something to do with Queen.
It was Queen who released Kaido who was captured in the research institute.

MADS was disbanded, and members of the organization naturally sought a new way out, such as Vinsmoke Judge, who planned to return to the North Sea to revitalize the Germa Kingdom, and there were old forces behind him that he could rely on.

Vegapunk has the backing of the World Government, while Queen saw the potential in Kaido.
The members of MADS have their own specialties, such as Judge who is a researcher of Lineage Factor, and Queen who is an expert of viruses.

Their research can not be done by one person alone, so Queen released Kaido and told him that he can come here to find him if he can successfully get out of the research institute.

However, even if not for Queen, Kaido could have escaped, but he noticed Alber, so he stayed for a while.
Anyway, the device that was binding him did not use Seastone, because currently there are not many people who know that he is a devil fruit user.

He has been captured many times before joining the Rocks Pirates, but at that time, he did not have Devil Fruit as his fruit was given to him by Charlotte Linlin when the Rocks Pirates disbanded after the battle of God Valley.
Since the God Valley incident, Kaido has been captured for the first time.

To be precise, he was hungry and wanted to find a buffet, so he delivered himself to their door.
This is not the first time that it has happened and you can say he is already familiar with it.

Vegapunk extracted his blood, but left with the sample before it could be analyzed.

Although Vegapunk made the first Artificial Devil Fruit by using Kaido’s blood, that will happen in future and has not been researched yet.
This is also the first time he has used his abilities in such a grand manner.
Although the research institute has been completely destroyed under Judgment, the news may have already spread.

“Yo, so you managed to escape.
It looks like I will have to call you Big Brother Kaido from now on.”

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