The door broke, and the freezing wind rushed into the room.

This is a Winter Island, but the winter island also has four seasons, just that the summer of the winter island is colder than the winter of the Summer Island.
The cold wind that creeped into their collar made them shiver involuntarily.

To be precise, the chill is not simply caused by the weather, but also has a lot to do with Kaido.

Without transforming into the Human-Dragon Form or enormous Dragon Form, Kaido, using only his Human Form, fought his way here alone.

For a human to act, they require some motivation, and Kaido is of this type.
He’s almost experiencing withdrawal, and due to his previous misadventure of drinking at the Marine base, Arceus set him a small goal.

No more drinking before conquering the main island.

At that time, he was still drunk and was discussing what kind of abilities his future children should have, so he carelessly agreed to it, which resulted in him almost developing an alcohol withdrawal during this time.

He may not keep his word to outsiders, but he still takes his word seriously when it comes to his own people.
Although he and Arceus are not in a superior-subordinate relationship, they are closely connected allies.

Deal with these guys, then have a party and drink to his heart’s content, that’s what Kaido is thinking now.

That’s why before the ship even docked, he rushed over here alone.

Althouse these people here have been acting fiercely, ultimately, it’s because the well-known pirates of the New World have not paid attention to this place.

Regardless of whether they are young people who have just arrived in the New World and are wet behind the ears, or the losers who are struggling to survive in the cracks of the New World, they are all the same type of people to Kaido – weaklings.

“Hey, this island is now my territory, anyone has a problem with that?”

This is the meeting place of the two pirate groups, of course, there is plenty of alcohol.

“We’re already here, so it’s pretty much done, right?” His agreement with Arceus was to occupy this island, and now that they are here, he assumes he has already occupied the place, so there’s no problem in having a little drink.

Besides, Kaido didn’t sense any threat from the present individuals, so he grabbed the wine jug placed nearby while in front of these pirates.
He’s not blind, it was labeled with a big character “Wine.”.
Holding the wine jug high, he nonchalantly began to drink.

The scene was a bit strange, and the pirates were left stunned.
But the peace was broken by the sound of gunshot.

Watching Kaido’s Adam’s apple move as he drank the wine, someone raised the flintlock pistol in their hand.
It was unclear whether the shot was due to poor aim or nervousness, but the pistol shot went off target and Kaido was left holding just a broken jug and most of the wine spilling onto the ground.

The gunshot also became a signal and the next moment, gunfire broke out in the room, and someone even held a shoulder-mounted cannon.
Kaido’s position was covered by the smoke produced by the explosion of gunpowder, and only when they ran out of ammunition, these people finally stopped.

“Is he dead?”

“He should be dead.
Anyone who can withstand so many bullets wouldn’t be a lunatic like him.”

“But why did we shoot? He was just one person.”

“I don’t know.
You guys fired and I followed by firing.”

Scattered voices of conversations could be heard, many people don’t understand Kaido’s seemingly strange behavior.

But when the smoke cleared, what appeared in their sight was the unscathed Kaido.

“It seems that you don’t agree with my ownership of this island and you’ve even spilled my drink.
Do you know how many days I haven’t had a drink?”

The spiked club swung out and the formless energy from the club hit the first person who opened fire, the shattered body flew like a torn sack in mid-air and finally landed in the bonfire inside the warm room.

The flame ignited the clothing and the flesh was carbonized under high temperature, emitting a smell of charred flesh, but it quickly dispersed amidst the blowing cold wind.

The pirates present had no time to pay attention to a dead person, because they were facing an angered Kaido.

Whether it was the previously high and mighty captain or the lackey standing guard at the door, at this moment they were all the same, no one could withstand Kaido’s attack.

This is the gulf of power disparity, where Kaido established a peculiar form of ‘equality’ among these individuals through his absolute strength.

“How can this be… how can there be such a monster!”

This question came from the pirates who had just arrived in the New World.
To them, who had no clear understanding of the New World, the enemies they initially encountered were still within their realm of comprehension.

Although they were relatively strong, they could still be killed.

But against Kaido, this monster, even the strongest of swords will snap, and even the strongest of bullets will only leave behind a dark ash.
Even the ability users who used to act arrogant on the ship before were no match for Kaido’s attack.

Fear spread among the crowd, with people trying to flee and escape the death that was fast approaching.

Kaido made no effort to stop them; this time he was no longer without any support.

Outside, there were also a group of pirates lying on the ground, the result of Kaido’s rampage as he charged through

Running alternately between the deep and shallow areas in the loose snow, with occasional glances over the shoulder, he wanted to reach the ships docked at the port and leave this place, leave this awful New World.

Kaido’s physical strength has shattered his inherent thinking.

In front of him was a corner, and once he turned the corner, he could see the port by the seashore.

But he ran into a pillar, and upon looking up, he realized it was not a pillar at all, but a peculiar Brachiosaurus standing there.

The place where the docked ships used to be was now a big mess.

Kaido’s speed was too fast, leaving the other members of the Beast Pirates far behind, and the remaining members started to deal with the pirates left behind.

These pirates are weaker than the pirates at the meeting place, but there are more of them.

The most important role of Kaido’s conquered cannon fodder underlings is to support this place or operate the ship’s cannon as they are not much stronger than these pirates in terms of basic combat power.

However, at the high-end combat level of the leadership level, the pirates here have been completely crushed.

There was no need for Arceus to get involved.
Fire, boulders, and leaf blades of “Mythical Zoan” ability caused devastating strikes, while the enemy’s cannons mostly went silent as under Elizabeth’s precise sniping, those artillerymen didn’t have a chance to fire.

Even if they hid in the ship’s cabin, Elizabeth’s “sniper” water bullets were enough to penetrate the ship’s wooden planks.

Although for Arceus, a single Judgment is enough to destroy all pirate ships, there is no need to do so.
These people were his subordinates, not his boss.
If they can’t do anything, what’s the point of having them?

Moreover, they did not object to such things.
For these pirates, fighting is as normal as it gets.

If you ask who has the most complicated inner feelings on the entire ship, it would be Acier.

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