Olga also got involved in the battle, she did not single-handedly fight against a ship like Shayna, that was still too early for her.
She, together with the grassroot pirates of Beasts Pirates, practiced her skills against ordinary pirates.

Although she is over a hundred years old, for Acier, the time inside the belly of the Sea King was basically stagnant, and for him, Olga is still the little girl who hasn’t celebrated her 10th birthday.

This shouldn’t be her life, but she has to accept this life.
Since the kidnapping incident, Olga seems to have grown a lot, she realized the importance of strength and began to crave power.

However, obtaining it requires a price, and her current experiences are a part of that price.

Acier feels some guilt about this.
He thinks this is all Pure Gold’s fault, but without Pure Gold, Olga, who is over a hundred years old, couldn’t have survived the South Blue Emperor Fever.

In the end, it was all because of that person who leaked the information about Pure Gold.
During this time, he was not idle either, carrying a box of artillery shells to the side of a gunner.

Life has become like this, and he has no direct fighting ability, so he can only think of other ways to help.

“Use this.”

At least, Acier is considered an officer in the Beasts Pirates, and since he is a research-type talent, Kaido does not allow his pirate subordinates to threaten his safety.

He was originally a first-rate chemist and materials scientist, and after he came out, he became familiar with his knowledge again during this time and accepted the changes in the world over the past hundred years.
With the help of Queen, he modified the gunpowder based on existing formulas and made the power of the artillery shells stronger.

However, since they are still in the testing stage, there are not many of these bombs.

“Wow, big brother Acier, your artillery shell is so powerful.” Watching the artillery shell’s explosion range, the gunner exclaimed in sincere admiration.

“Shoot a few more in that direction.” Pointing towards Olga’s direction, Acier gave a few instructions before returning to the cabin.
It will only trouble others if he stays outside.

Although they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, they had an advantage in firepower and high-end combat power, and an advantage in the air.
The pirates who were resisting were soon killed and the rest mostly chose to surrender.

The rank and file of the Beasts Pirates also played a major role in guarding these captives.

There were also some pirates who wanted to escape to the meeting place to find their captain.
Queen was just chasing those people, and one of the pirates who was escaping Kaido happened to collide with Queen.

The newly formed pirate alliance, which had been in existence for less than a few minutes, was near dissolution due to being attacked from all sides.
At this time, however, the sound of an artillery shell gliding could be heard from the distant sky.

An artillery shell much larger than a conventional bomb flew towards this direction.

For the powerful people in the pirate world, dealing with artillery shells is not a difficult task.
King, in Human-Beast form, flew over and his shining metallic wings shone brightly before splitting the huge artillery shell in two halves.
King caught both halves of the artillery shell with both hands, threw them out and destroyed the incoming artillery shells from behind.

The modified Human-Beast form with both hands is much more convenient than the traditional bird-type Devil Fruit user.
After all, their hands can turn into wings as soon as they enter Human-Beast form.

“Is the pirate’s stronghold in that direction?”

“Yes, Lord sacred beast, that’s where the island’s civilians live.”

“Shayna, you and King go over there and make them stop resisting.
Be gentle with the civilians, after all, this will be our territory in the future.”

Civilians are different from pirates.
They are the original residents of the island, so they can’t just exterminate all the people on the island.

Moreover, the population is the foundation of the economy and will be needed for future development, so they can’t be treated like other pirates.

“Understood, we’ll handle it.
King! Let’s go!”

Two figures, one red and one gray, flew in the direction of the incoming artillery shells and soon disappeared into the sky.

“Alright, now let’s see how that Kaido is doing.” The rest of the people followed Arceus to where Kaido was, except for the guards who were left behind.

“Jabull! Who allowed you to fire!”

A conflict erupted in the area where island residents lived, triggered by the leader of the guard team who fired the coastal defense cannon in the direction of the pirate base without the permission of the village chief.

“Do you know how much effort I put into making those pirates abandon their plans to attack us? Even if you don’t care about these, don’t you care about the safety of little Jabull and your mother?”

The man with the big beard was pushed aside and the village chief blocked the cannon’s barrel with his body, his voice filled with both anger and helplessness.

“This is an opportunity.
A big conflict seems to have erupted among those pirates, as long as we can take the chance to eliminate them, then we will be free! Our food can only last for one day and there is no way to save any more.
Look at what we have been eating these days!”

Jabull pointed to the food in the pot next to him, which appeared to be boiled potatoes or something similar, with more water proportion.
That’s how they have been surviving these days with just a watery soup.

“Jabull, those are pirates.”

“I know, but we have weapons too.
Why can’t we stand up and resist them?! They aren’t as strong as John, they’ll be afraid of the cannons.
We have the ability to fight back.”

The goal of the civilians is simply to survive.
Even if there’s a way out, most people choose to submit.
This is why the island used to belong to John.

But now, the battle between the pirates is almost forcing them to die.

Jabull then gestured to the people standing behind him, indicating that they agreed with his idea and would join in the attack.

“They are still fighting, and currently we still have the strength to resist.
If they don’t end this in a few days, foreign trade ships won’t come near here.
Then, are we going to starve from death here?”

“While they are fighting, we should take advantage and attack them by surprise.
Once we deal with them, the fight will be over.”

“Jabull, you’re too young.
Those are pirates.
They just don’t want to be ambushed, that’s why they made a compromise with us.
If you do this, you’ll push them into a corner.
Once they lay down their disputes, they’ll first deal with us.
What are you going to do then?”

“In that case, hand me over to calm their anger, but now is our chance to resist.
We can’t place our hopes on the pirates.
If that really happens, remember to help me take care of Little Jabull and mother, villagers who are willing to resist, pick up your guns and come with me!!”

But soon after, Jabull noticed that the people’s gaze was a bit odd, as if they were looking at the sky.
When he looked back, he saw Shayna and King flying in the sky.

“That was you guys who fired the cannon, right? This island is now the territory of the Beasts Pirates.
We can forget about the bombardment.
Now, put down your weapons and stop resisting.”

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