Shayna and King in the sky evoked fear in many people with their beastly appearance and flying wings, which many see as beyond human.

The inhabitants of the New World are by no means experienced and knowledgeable, and there are also many weak individuals in the New World.
So, the more dangerous seas and battles between pirates make communication between islands in the New World even more closed off.

So, the worldview of island residents depends on the level of who is occupying it.
Some islands still live primitive tribal lives where ability users are even worshiped as gods.

John, although an ability user, never exposed his ability in front of outsiders and was a notorious pirate during his life.
Very few dared to intrude on his territory, so most people on the island had never seen an ability user in their lifetime.

Moreover, they are just ordinary civilians and ability users are not required to take care of them.
A few ordinary pirates with knives and guns are enough to deter them.

Ability users who flaunt their strange abilities are often officers in pirate crews and hold more important positions.
They will not take action as long as the inhabitants in their territories don’t rebel on a large-scale.

But whether it’s the man named Jabull or this place’s village chief, they are familiar with ability users.
The main reason they can become leaders on the island is because they have more knowledge and are much better at handling matters compared to other islanders.

“Are the Beast Pirates new?”

The war on the island has been going on for a long time, and the News Coos have not approached this place during this time.
News Coos know how to seek benefits and avoid trouble, so they do not deliver messages to places that can threaten their lives.

Therefore, the people on the island lack certain knowledge of what is happening in the outside world and have limited understanding of the newly emerged Beast Pirates.

Kaido’s previous behavior didn’t provoke the Marines as he was solely focused on heading to the New World, but when he mistakenly entered Marine base after getting drunk, it resulted in the newly formed Beast Pirates coming into public view.

So, in accordance with tradition, Beast Pirates can be seen as a rising pirate crew.
If it weren’t for the fact that Kaido has been a pirate for a long time, he would undoubtedly be considered a Super Rookie among this batch of pirates.

Even if they don’t know about the Beast Pirates, people like Jabull are aware of one thing: there was no pirate crew called the Beast Pirates before, and the pirate flag they carry has a brand new design.

“This island has seen its share of troubles, if you have the ability to deal with other pirates, we can accept your rule.”

“But we will never lay down our weapons!”

Jabull spoke out before the village chief could finish, and he tightened his grip on the pistol in his hand.
In his view, the safety of the island must not be left in the hands of outsiders.
They must have sufficient firepower to defend themselves and prevent pirates from doing anything more excessive.

“Jabull! Shut up! The two of you, he is not-”

“It seems that you have misunderstood something.
We are not negotiating or discussing with you, but informing you that you only have two choices: accept or be forced to accept.”

Arceus’s demand was to make them stop resisting, with the added condition being using gentle methods.
Otherwise, their previous act of firing could already be considered a declaration of war.

However, gentle methods do not mean sitting down for negotiations.
Appropriate use of force is also essential as a deterrent.

So Shayna’s gaze turned towards the giant cannon.
Her right leg, burning with flames, kicked the cannon, and the big guy that the islanders used to deter the pirates before was sent flying.
Even in winter, you can still see the melted marks on the cannon’s barrel.

“The casting technology of the cannons on this island is indeed impressive.
No wonder Queen was so impressed with the level of machinery here.”

“I thought you were going to go easy.”

“I wasn’t using my full strength, but it didn’t achieve the desired result.
I thought I could easily shatter the cannon.”

King and Shayna evaluated the island’s technology in low voice, while the islanders, with the exception of the still determined Jabull, also put down their weapons.
Those who had previously supported him also put down their weapons.

Shayna and King were not on the same level as those previous pirates.

However, in King’s eyes, this was the last thorn.

Over the course of more than a year, King, who had been well-nourished, grew rapidly.
It’s impressive for a normal person to grow ten centimeters in a year, but King’s height increased by over a meter during this time, surpassing the scope of ordinary humans and surpassing the three-meter mark.

Shayna’s height change was not as drastic, now being about 1.9 meters tall.
Even among the same species, individual genetics can vary greatly, and at the age of 15, they still have a lot of room for growth.

Although there are many people with exaggerated height, there are still more people of normal size.
Size does not necessarily represent strength, but it means greater intimidation.

Moreover, King, dressed in black jacket, is much more intimidating compared to Shayna.
Aerodactyl, unlike Blaziken, does not have its own mask.
Although after modification, the appearance changes when transformed into Human-Beast Form, the original features can still be seen.

And King had also chosen a skintight special outfit just like in the original timeline.

“Jabull, forget it.
Haven’t we gone through this before?”

“Yeah, these guys are like those monsters under John’s command.
We can’t beat them.”

The people around Jabull tried to persuade him, their willpower was never strong to begin with and they decided to resist only after Jabull’s persuasion.

When such people encounter uncontrollable factors outside of their understanding, they naturally retreat, especially when Shayna and King have left them with ample room for retreat.

An island being ruled by a pirate is not uncommon in the New World, and some people are even willing to spend a lot of money to enter the territory of some major pirates, which means a safer living environment.

Such as Big Mom’s territory Totto Land, also known as Totto Kingdom, although Big Mom has not yet taken over several islands, she has already established a basic foundation.

Due to the ability of the Soul-Soul Fruit, she demands that the people living in her territory pay one month’s lifespan every six months as a unique protection fee.
Combined with her unpredictable eating frenzies, the main island of her territory is extremely dangerous.

Big Mom prohibits people who have joined Totto Land from leaving, and those who wish to leave are typically drained of their lifespan.
However, when calculated, the survival time within Totto Land is still longer than outside because there are rarely any pirates who cause trouble within the territory due to Big Mom’s protection.

The same applies to this Winter Island, the flame of resistance exists, but most people just choose to tolerate it.

If not for the fight between pirates which caused them to be almost unable to survive, they would not have thought of resisting.

King would not stop because of their hesitation as he arrived in front of everyone.

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