With each step that King took forward, others stepped back and when King arrived in front of them, only Jabull remained, representing the last will of resistance.

As long as this person is dealt with, even if others have the desire to resist, they will be suppressed due to fear or other reasons.

According to King’s thinking, the simplest way is to just kill this person who dares to resist.
Only a few people exist who are not afraid of death.
Under absolute strength suppression, the rule of violence is the way chosen by many pirates.

This will leave behind the seeds of hatred and resistance, but as long as the suppression can be maintained through force, resistance will have no chance of being realized.

This is not the optimal way, but it is the quickest way to produce results.
Except for Lunarians, everyone is an outsider to King and he will not be lenient when dealing with them.

The request made by Arceus was instrumental in saving his life as killing someone does not fit the gentle method.
However, if he continues to be stubborn, the outcome may change.

King’s massive hand gripped the barrel of his flintlock pistol, twisting it into a tangled mass.

“This toy is useless.
No one wants to stand by you.
Your resistance will only be in vain and will only make your family sad.
You won’t get anything from it.”

King’s palm also ignited with flames, not as hot as Shayna’s, but enough to kill a person.

“Wait, wait! Jabull is the most skilled smith on this island.
You must have occupied this island for its factory as well.
If you kill him, no one will be able to do the job at his level!”

Seeing that King was about to attack, the village chief hesitated before stopping King and giving a very reasonable reason.

The factory-made weapons were the main export product of the island and the goal of most of the pirates occupying the island.
Jabull has skills that no one else could reach, and it was the only “bargaining chip” the village chief could think of.

Being a village chief in a pirate’s territory is not an easy task, especially since this used to be John’s territory, and the infamous John was not a good person to be around.

Reasoning with him was useless, and only benefits mattered to him.

“I’ll convince him to work for you.
Killing him won’t benefit you.”

He didn’t have the strong rebellious spirit like Jabull, he just wanted the villagers to live in peace.
It doesn’t matter who the ruler was, as long as those pirates aren’t evil.

In his eyes, the guns in their hands were not enough to trade with the pirates.
What really made the pirates willing to trade was the technology in their hands.

The complicated machines aren’t easily manageable by just anyone and the pirates don’t engage in production; they need a sufficient amount of laborers.

Therefore, the island’s owners changed multiple times, but the island’s residents didn’t face much impact.

“Who are you?”

“I am the village chief of this place.
I was responsible for managing things here when Captain John previously controlled the island.”

“You’d better get this done.
We are here now, and if you still have these thoughts when the rest of us arrive, you will really die.”

Everyone calmed down, it was obvious that the village chief was the one truly in charge as seen from the reactions of those around him as he spoke.

The sound of gunfire in the distance gradually faded, indicating that the battles both on the periphery and on Kaido’s side have come to an end.

“The battle is nearly over, I’ll give you two hours to gather the people here and send a few people with us to lead us to the remaining pirate bases.”

“I will go with you, I am familiar with all the pirate bases.”

“Jabull, you!”

“Don’t worry, village chief, they won’t be at ease if I stay here, right? Please take care of my family.”

He knows the location of the bases clearly because he has summarized all the places where pirate ships were staying while planning for the bombardment.

The reason he is going there is not because he wants to do something, but because he does not trust these pirates.
The reason why the villagers were previously conflicted about resisting was because all those who attempted to resist during John’s period did not have a good outcome.

Even though they have considerable skills, he does not feel that King will let him go, even if the village head says so.
If that’s the case, it’s better to not involve his family.

Jabull walked out of the safe house in the snowstorm.
Everyone thought he would not come back, but two hours later, Jabull returned fully safe and sound, but looking a bit dazed.

Some pirates also brought food.
The food on the island was nearly depleted, however, those pirates were different, as their ships still had ample supplies.
Being pirates, they had more access to resources than the island residents.

After their defeat, these naturally became their spoils of war.

Beasts Pirates had now occupied the island, and it couldn’t let these people starve to death here.

The pirates left after delivering the goods.
They were going to have a feast.
Kaido, who hadn’t drunk anything for many days, could no longer bear it anymore.

“Jabull, how are you? What did they do to you?”

After those pirates left, many people surrounded Jabull and checked his body.

The way Jabull looked dazed made them think that he had been subjected to torture, hence why he appeared that way.

“I’m okay, just saw some unbelievable things,” he said.

Shayna and others didn’t do much, the two of them just took care of a few hundred pirates and two pirate ships in front of him and came back unscathed.

All the high-end pirate forces have already been dealt with by Kaido, leaving the rest of these cannon fodder who were unable to hurt them.
This also made Jabull realize how powerless his resistance was.

His persistence to obtain freedom was nothing more than empty talk.

“It’s good that you’re okay.”

“Hey, village chief, all this is food!”

“It looks like these people are stronger than the previous ones.
Let’s distribute them to everyone, at least we’ll have enough to eat today.”

The islanders rarely had a full meal and the crew of Beasts Pirates also started their own feast.
As for the pirates who were originally fighting for control of the island, they suffered heavy losses, especially the high-level members of the pirate crew, there was no one who could escape.

Kaido, whose wine jar was broken, was so angry that no one present could withstand his Thunder Bagua.
By the time Arceus and the others arrived, the battle had already ended.

For those pirates, the way they were dealt with was quite brutal.
Those with serious injuries were quickly executed without wasting medical resources.
The remaining people who were willing to surrender were temporarily taken as laborers for the island.

Those who refused to surrender were immediately executed.
These people were not worth wasting time on.

Furthermore, it is now time for the Beast Pirates to establish their own base.
In the future, these people will become the backbone of the Beast Pirates, and they cannot all be made up of prisoners.


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