In a few days, the island made a simple plan and the long-stalled factory restarted operation.
Although its running policies underwent major changes, the people on the island voluntarily went to the factory to continue working.

Although Kaido is the captain, it’s normal for a captain to not handle everyday matters, and usually there is another person who is in charge on the ship.

So far, Acier is the best at managing personnel among the Beasts Pirates.
He used to be the manager of Alchemi and has more experience in this regard.

He was not a ruthless pirate but rather a normal manager, who offered a certain amount of salary to the islanders, although it was slightly less than what was offered outside.
The difference was counted as taxes that the island residents had to pay for their living on the island.

He also established some rules on the island to restrict the pirates from harassing the residents without reason.

At first, there was opposition, and this was something that many pirates couldn’t understand.
But their opposition was meaningless, Kaido didn’t care, and Acier’s actions were supported by Arceus, indirectly gaining the agreement of all the officers.

Queen felt indifferent about this, as his interests were not affected.
Acier was not a stubborn person, and he knew that these pirates were not ordinary law abiding people, so he had stricter requirements for the islanders, which could be said to have differentiated their status on the island.

However, the island residents not only did not rebel against these requirements, but were actually happy about them.
Compared to John’s rule, Acier’s policies were too good.

During John’s rule, they had to work in the factory without any pay.
They worked to ensure their own survival.
John’s territory did not need worthless people, and once they could not show their value, John’s crew would not distribute any food.

On Winter Island, this was almost fatal.

Now, although the work requirements imposed by Acier were also compulsory, they not only provide essential food but also distribute a portion of wages.
This is already a huge change for the people on the island.

Regarding the captured pirates, their status was even lower than that of the civilians.
On the island, besides the arms trade, there’s another business – mining.

Mining on Winter Island is undoubtedly a difficult task due to its climate, so this work was assigned to the more physically robust pirates.
It also serves as an outlet for the members of the Beasts Pirates to vent their emotions, i.e.
serving as the supervisors of the mines.

For these pirates, the policies established by Acier are not as restrictive.
Whether it’s beating and scolding or anything else, there were no special restrictions.

The flag of the Beasts Pirates flew high above the island, providing some sense of stability to the island.

Soon after, with the island as the center, Kaido began to expand to the surrounding islands and his policies were quite simple.

The pirates who surrendered willingly were taken as subordinates, while among those who resisted, if there were any that caught Kaido’s eyes, he was willing to offer them an opportunity, while the rest were thrown into mines and farms on the nearby islands.

Winter Island alone relies on the outside world, but the nearby islands combined to form a complete industrial chain, including mining, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Shayna and King followed Kaido to expand territories, while Arceus arrived at a factory on the island with Queen and Acier to research things like “Plate Radar.”

“Do you remember how to make that thing?”

Looking at the environment here, Arceus understood the reason for the island’s existence.

There were factories on every island, so there was no need to choose this island for simple weapons production, but this island has a very precise machine tool that can process more delicate parts.

“It’s this! It was one of MADS’ secret bases back then, and this is what we left behind.”

“With this, can you make it?”

I’m not quite sure about this… Vegapunk only made a prototype machine, and it’s still half finished.
However, I have a clear idea of it.
With some time, I think I can replicate it.
The conductivity of Pure Gold should meet our requirements.”

“I haven’t forgotten the method to make Pure Gold, but there’s one issue.
I checked earlier, and many of the materials for Pure Gold are now banned items.
If we were to buy them in large quantities, it could attract the attention of the government.”

“Haha, don’t worry about that.
The one thing the world does not lack is a gray market.
Even the World Government can’t know about every underground market, let alone in the New World.”

“Is that so? Then, I won’t mention the common materials.
These are rare resources.
See if you can get them.”

Acier gave Queen a list of materials.
Without the ratios and synthesis method, taking just the list wouldn’t be useful, so he wasn’t afraid of exposing this.

Upon seeing the list of materials, Queen’s forehead broke out into cold sweat.

“Lord Arceus, our plan may not go as smoothly as we thought?”

“What’s wrong?”

“These materials are too difficult to obtain.
The fresh branches of Treasure Tree Adam and the eggshells of the Island Turtle, although rare and expensive, can still be found with some effort and time.
However, the problem is that some materials have already become extinct.”

More than a hundred years have passed since the day he made Pure Gold.
Many things have happened during these hundred years, such as solving the South Blue Emperor Fever by the medical world.

However, at the same time, many creatures and plants have been declared extinct during this time.
The production of Pure Gold is not just a simple mineral synthesis, but also contains ingredients from some animals and plants.

“So, this ring is the last of the Pure Gold?”

“Well… probably, maybe there is still some left on the Little Garden island or some people’s storage, but…” Queen did not continue talking.
There was nothing he could do about it, he couldn’t produce materials that were extinct.

Back then, the stomach of that Sea King still had a lot of Pure Gold, but he didn’t pay attention to it then.
Now, that Sea King should have already become the food for other creatures.
With Pure Gold’s relative density, after so much time, it is unknown where in the depths of the sea it has been carried away by the ocean currents.

Searching for that Pure Gold is like searching for a needle in a haystack, it’s better to just look for the plates.

“Let’s gather some of these materials and look for others slowly, let’s try with the things we have first.”

This news didn’t make him happy, but he did not vent his emotions on Acier or Queen, after all, it was an uncontrollable factor.

As for using space-time power to go back to the past to find materials, by the time he has the space-time power, he would have already restored to his prime, and there would no longer be a need to do this.

With the help of Arceus, Queen and Acier stayed in the laboratory for several months, but their efforts during this time were not in vain, a Plate Radar with a detection radius of about one kilometer was successfully created.

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