“One kilometer detection radius.”

Arceus was not satisfied with this result.
This distance was far too short compared to his own perception range.
Acier and Queen knew that the result was average, but they also had no choice.

“There’s nothing we can do, Lord Arceus, although you helped us solve the problem of detecting waves, the core component of this radar is made of Pure Gold, and only its characteristics can allow this device to operate smoothly.”

“But the Pure Gold we have at hand is only that much, Acier and I have tried our best to extend its radius, and this is the limit we can achieve for now.”

Even the cleverest housewife can’t cook a meal without rice.
He manufactured the original prototype and improved it, Acier solved the problem of the core component, but without raw materials, they could not do anything even if they had complete technology.

This is the best they could do.

Even though he was not satisfied, they had no choice.
During these few months, they not only solved this technology but also ascertained many things, such as some materials have already disappeared in the world, and even the black market doesn’t have them.

Now, in addition to the plates, Beasts Pirates have one more thing to search for, i.e the Little Garden, only the environment of such an island has the possibility of preserving these materials.

They also tried fishing with the Pure Gold they had in their hands, to see if the Sea King had any luck surviving.
It turned out it did not.

However, something is better than nothing, and with this radar, at least they can work on two fronts in the search for the Plates.

“Lord Arceus, actually we can still make a smaller version with the remaining materials.
The detection range of 1000 meters is an ideal value, and this value is the most cost-effective.
To increase the detection range beyond this, more Pure Gold would be needed.

The remaining Pure Gold cannot be used to expand the range, but with a slight modification, we could make a small radar with a range of a few hundred meters.

“You mean, you will remove the specific position function and only keep the general detection capability?”

“Yes, although this way we can’t locate the specific location and the range will also shrink to just a few hundred meters, we should be able to find what we’re looking for by just searching deeper.”

Following Acier’s suggestion, the two-front operation was upgraded to a three-front operation.
Arceus is not interested in determining the specific location, as long as he is notified when there is information about its general location, that is enough for him.

He proposed to break down the original one and make two low-end versions, but due to the Pure Gold proportion issue, even if it was broken down, it couldn’t be made into two.
As a result, a big and a small radar became the final product.

“Where did Kaido go?”

“Boss Kaido should be expanding the territory during this time.
The nearby islands are mostly our territory.
Acier’s policies are effective and the people on the island are cooperative.
Their working enthusiasm has also increased a lot.”

“That’s of course, blindly squeezing will only accumulate anger.
Even if it doesn’t break out for a while, when the anger has accumulated to a certain extent, and our army has problems, it will certainly cause a fire in the backyard.
By exchanging some profits for the sense of belonging of the island residents, we can better govern an island.
By the way, Arceus-sama, Shayna wants to cast a statue of you, what is your opinion?”

“Forget it, I’m not interested in that kind of thing.
How are the newly recruited pirates?”

He was completely uninterested in the statue and didn’t need anything like faith.
He was more concerned about the newly recruited pirates.
Compared to the island’s residents, these pirates will be the ones who will go out to search for information.

Even without radar, it’s possible to find information about the plates simply by using numbers, it just depends on luck.

“Those pirates, they’re not very well-behaved, but overall, they’re okay.”

“Of course, Acier, you still don’t understand pirates,” Queen answered Acier with the same words.
Although he wasn’t good at internal affairs, he understood pirates better.

“As long as you can subdue them in terms of strength, even if your will and their thoughts are incompatible, they will obey your orders.
Your arrangements can be carried out smoothly, it’s still thanks to Boss Kaido.
You’re too kind to them, it’s impossible to have any prestige this way.”

“It’s one thing to treat the laborers harshly, but for your own people, you should at least be friendly.
You wouldn’t want your subordinates to constantly think about how to betray you, right?”

Queen disagreed, but was blocked by Arceus’s following words.
According to Arceus, he could do whatever he wanted with enemies or captives, but at least don’t treat his own people like consumables.

Even though they are actually consumables, in their attitude towards them, they should be treated like a normal subordinate.

Pirates who completely disregard the lives of their subordinates often do not have a good outcome.
To not mention the far-off examples, John is a case in point.
If it wasn’t for his heartlessness, resulting in all of his subordinates betraying him, his end would not have been so tragic.

During the Wano Country War, there was a mass uprising among the subordinates of the Beast Pirates.
If the reason for this has to be analyzed, then Tama’s devil fruit is one of them, as Millet-Millet Fruit allowed her to control animals.

Another factor was the half-baked artificial Devil Fruit made by Caesar, which caused the majority of those who ate it to be controlled.
If it were a true Zoan-type fruit, it would only give the person the power of a Beast and not transform them into one.

As for the rest of the problem, the blame may lie with Queen, who was one of the reasons for those people to rebel.

To change the problem at its root, he must first change Queen’s thinking.

Having completed the radar research, they naturally wouldn’t continue to stay in the research facility.
However, when they went out, the villagers who were not working saw Arceus and others and made way for them, with respectful expressions on their faces, but the respect was also mixed with a hint of fear.

Acier continued to deal with the internal affairs of the island, while Queen and Arceus headed towards the sea.

“Why do I feel like they are looking at me strangely?”

“This…Lord Arceus, this question you should ask Shayna.
Although she didn’t build your statue, she taught the importance of your status to these villagers, those who are disrespectful to you will be thrown into the mines by her to dig.”

Although it feels a bit strange, Arceus couldn’t say anything, Shayna’s actions were in support of him, and he couldn’t criticize her for that.

He had originally planned to wait for Kaido and the others to return, but when they came, he just happened to see a group of pirates gathering and delivering box after box of artillery shells onto the ship.

“Guys, what’s going on?”

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