“Boss Queen, Lord sacred beast, have you finished your business? Boss Kaido has encountered a troublesome group of people and we are going to deliver ammunition.”

Kaido has been expanding his territory and operating cannons is one of the main tasks for his lower level subordinates.
They just took control of an island and they encountered new enemies, and their ammunition is running low.

“Troublesome for Kaido? Who did he encounter?”

“World Pirates, led by their captain Byrnndi World, who is known as the World Destroyer.” The pirate beside him respectfully answered the question and then pulled out a bounty poster from a pile of papers.

A man wearing a viking-style horned helmet with a slightly foolish smile appeared in the wanted poster.

World Destroyer- Byrnndi World, Bounty: 200 million Berries.

Upon looking at the bounty poster, Arceus remembered something.
Although the details were vague, he knew that Byrnndi World was also a big pirate active in the seas.
However, the bounty seemed a bit unrealistic.

These days, the bounties of the big pirates in the New World are generally over one billion Berries, especially the remnant crew of the Rocks Pirates.

Although the event surrounding the Rocks is something that World Government and Marines want to keep under wraps, the mere existence of the Rocks has given these remnants a BUFF, and World Government has placed extremely high bounties on all of them.

Byrnndi World’s accomplishments include leading fleets personally against Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Roger and Zephyr before withdrawing.

Of course, there is some degree of embellishment in these battles; three days and three nights of close combat can be called a fight, and firing a few shots of cannon from a distance can also be called a fight.

In most cases, he briefly engaged and then retreated.
If these people had all fallen at his hands, his bounty would not be so low, and he would not be able to sail around for so long.
The government would have likely treated him and Rocks with the same regard and dispatched a large number of troops to destroy him.

Nevertheless, the fact that he can still roam the seas after facing off against these powerful individuals is a testament to his strength.

World Government added the title of World Destroyer to him because he poses a significant threat to the World Government’s order.

Marine warships, powerful pirates, and innocent civilians are all targets of his attacks.
His existence seems to be solely for destruction, and his purpose is difficult to determine.

“Why is this guy’s bounty only 200 million?”

“This…I seem to have heard about it in the research team.
The government seems to intentionally want to downplay this person’s existence, so they haven’t increased his bounty after he entered the New World.”

World Government doesn’t mind pirates in the seas, maintaining a certain balance.
However, they detest anyone who tries to break this balance, and one of these individuals used to be Rocks.

World is different from other pirates who occupy a territory and act as local tyrants.
Instead, he randomly destroys, relying on his More-More Fruit, which increases the volume and speed of artillery shells by a hundredfold, making his pirate ship’s firepower stronger than a Marine fleet.

Also due to his indiscriminate destruction, not only do the Marines hate him, but even the pirates dislike him.
This kind of pirate easily causes panic among the public, so World Government stopped increasing the bounty on his head.

Moreover, World isn’t a remnant of Rocks Pirates, his reputation only started to rise in the past two years and doesn’t have any background advantage.

As long as his bounty isn’t increased further, more pirates will challenge him, causing the pirates to consume their strength in infighting.

Many pirates want to make a name for themselves, and the best way to do so is to step on someone else’s dead body.
There are only a rare few fools who would dare to challenge a pirate with several billion bounty at the beginning, but World’s 200 million bounty in the New World is just right.

“Queen, what year is it?”

“It’s Year 1491 of the Sea Circle Calendar, is there a problem, Lord Arceus?”

After several months of hard work, it is already Year 1491.
His bananas have regrown, and this time he doesn’t plan to eat them, but to find a suitable place to cultivate new bananas.

“Nothing, let’s go and see how Kaido’s battle is going.”

He remembered that Byrnndi World was imprisoned because a large amount of Cipher Pol had sneaked onto his ship and was attacked from all sides by both pirates and Marines.
Counting the time, it was probably around this time.

Arceus and Queen boarded the supply transport ship together and headed to the location where the fighting was taking place in the distant waters.

The battle between World and Kaido was still ongoing, and at this time, World had not experienced thirty years of ice entrapment, and his body was still in its prime.
And with More-More Fruit’s ability, it allows him to reach maximum speed.

According to Borsalino, who was still a Marine rookie at this time, speed is power.
After he boosts himself, even Kaido can’t obtain much advantage in a head-on collision.

At this time, Kaido was already in Human-Beast Form and was standing opposite World, who was fully covered in Armament Haki.
The battlefield around them has been completely cleared, with cracks and large pits all over the ground and it appears that they won’t be able to determine the winner for a while.

However, it can be seen that World was somewhat distracted.
At the moment, he was still able to match Kaido, but in the battle between the two pirate crews, World’s pirate crew was already at an absolute disadvantage.

The disparity between the officers was too big.

Beasts Pirates were facing a shortage of ammunition, causing their cannons to be mostly useless.
However, World’s cannons were also ineffective because all of their artillery shells were being intercepted by Shayna in the sky.

Under Shayna’s cover, Beasts Pirates’ ship approached them.
Without ammunition, they could only take a one-sided beating if they maintained distance, so they had no choice but to close in and engage in close-quarters combat.

On World’s ship, a short person was directing the battle with a Den Den Mushi.

Byrnndi Byojack, World’s big brother, was not physically strong like World.
He is frail and sickly and has no fighting ability to speak of.
On board the ship, he holds the position of deputy captain and advisor, responsible for arranging all the ship’s operations.

Normally, he would sit on World’s shoulder, but when facing a powerful enemy, World would not bring Byojack along.

“Retreat! Keep distance! Don’t engage in close combat, they’re low on ammunition, try to make the most of our firepower advantage! Sebastian! Try to eliminate that ability user!”

An ability user was completely negating their firepower advantage, Sebastian was an officer on World’s ship and a giant False kelpfish fish-man.
He was huge in size as he was a hybrid of fishman and giant.

Due to a battle, he lost sight in both eyes, but his Observation Haki compensates for this weakness.

After Byojack’s command, Sebastian decided to attack Shayna in the sky with Fish-Man Karate.

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as he thought.
The ship suddenly shook and a large number of stone spikes penetrated the deck.
King had succeeded in breaking through to World’s ship.

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