The pirates surrounding King hurriedly aimed their guns at him and fired.
Firearms can quite often have unexpected effects and claim many powerful people’s lives with a single unremarkable bullet.

However, when facing someone who is well prepared and with abundant strength, bullets usually have no effect.
The steel wings behind him blocked the line of fire, shining with the metallic radiance of reinforced steel, shielding against the dense barrage of pirate’s gunfire.

Using Haki requires energy, and abilities consume stamina as well.
Although King is a Lunarian and a modified Pokémon ability user with abundant stamina, his stamina is not limitless.

In a battle, it is tremendously important to conserve stamina wisely.

King then stamped his foot onto the deck, causing a row of sharp stone spikes to extend from the edge of his foot and sweep the surrounding pirates away, and some were even pierced right through their bodies.

The appearance of stones materializing out of thin air, a body transformed into Human-Dragon form, these characteristics all point to one conclusion for a normal person: a Mythical Zoan ability user.

“Yet another Mythical Zoan.
There are three of them now.
Where did they find so many Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits?” Watching King wreak havoc everywhere, Byojack’s forehead became increasingly sweaty.

With Kaido in the midst of a fight against World, Shayna blocking all the artillery shells in the sky, and King breaking onto the ship; Three different Mythical Zoan abilities left Byojack very confused.
Mythical Zoan, considered rarer than even Logia-types; he couldn’t understand why they appeared together at this time.

However, he no longer had time to think about such meaningless things, no matter how the Beasts Pirates obtained these abilities, it is an established fact and what they need to do now is to fight.

With the surrounding minions cleared, King did not continue to destroy the cannons on the deck but charged towards the direction of the helm of the ship.

“Not good! His target is the engine room, Gairam! Stop him! Sebastian, find a way to deal with that woman!”

At present, the ship of the World Pirates was relying on superior propulsion and ample firepower to gain the upper hand.
Although Beasts Pirates’ cannons have greater firepower, their ammunition has been exhausted, so they are now closing in to try to initiate a boarding battle.

Byojack does not want to waste the advantage of firepower, so both sides have been circling around this area of sea.
If King damages the engine and the opponent rushes onto their ship, then the advantage will be completely lost.

Gairam, the shipwright of the World Pirates, and also a combatant on the ship, he and Sebastian are the two highest-ranking officers on the ship who can fight.
Although they performed averagely according to the timeline in 3D2Y, this has a lot to do with change in mindset.

The power of Haki can be said to be the power of the mind.
The young Gecko Moria dared to go head to head with the young Kaido, but after all his partners died in battle, his mindset changed dramatically and he became a simple “fat otaku” who relied solely on zombies and devil fruit, with a much weaker strength compared to when he was young.

Crocodile dared to challenge Whitebeard when he was young and had also fought with Douglas Bullet.
However, after experiencing a huge setback, his mindset also greatly changed and he began to search for the legendary Pluton, only to be defeated by the Straw Hat.

After being sent to Impel Down for a while, he finally calmed down and regained his composure, becoming the same as he was years ago.

World Pirates at this time is much stronger than thirty years later, when not only was the strength of the World greatly reduced due to being imprisoned in ice for a long time, but even these officers suffered a decline in combat power due to aging.

Moreover, World had resentment towards his subordinates who had “abandoned him” at that time, which weakened the fighting strength of the World Pirates too much.

But the World Government still summoned the Seven Warlords of the Sea, bypassing the Marines, and the Marine headquarters was also led by Akainu, indicating the importance they placed on the matter.

Nowadays, World Pirates of this time period is much stronger than it was then, both in terms of officers and World himself.

The moment Byojack’s voice fell, a man with a cube-shaped hammer on his back and two cube-shaped ponytails rushed out of the crowd, slapping the deck directly with both hands.


Light flashed on the deck before splitting the deck into cubes, blocking King’s path.

He has eaten the Paramecia-type Cube-Cube Devil Fruit and can turn any object into cubes.
He can move them and assemble them according to his will.

However, King possesses the ability to fly, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of his Cubreak.

“Air Cube!” Several blocks made of compressed air were thrown towards King and the cubes exploded as they approached him.

The surrounding pirates couldn’t help much, as King’s indiscriminate attacks silenced the surrounding cannons, indirectly reducing the pressure on Shayna to block the shells.

During the battle, King’s flames ignited the ship’s sails.
His flames were not as hot as Shayna’s, but simply igniting certain things was enough.
By the time they put out the fire, the sails had already been severely damaged.

Although this ship is not driven solely by wind power, without the sail, its sailing speed visibly slowed down and Beasts Pirates’ ship got closer and closer to them.

Shayna in the sky formed an airtight barrier by herself, and no shells could cross her line of defense.
But she suddenly felt a sense of crisis in her mind and instinctively tilted her body, and then several boulders passed by her at an exaggerated speed.

Her wings were accidentally hit by the boulders, and her flying height got much closer to the sea surface.

Sebastian, who had just dived into the water, also took the opportunity to pop out from the water.

“Shark Arrows!” [TN: fishman-karate technique Yabusame]

A shark made of water currents appeared along with his figure, although it didn’t hit Shayna, the rolling sea currents enveloped Shayna and he charged forward with his weapon in hand.

“Ability users are indeed powerful, but seawater is your natural enemy.
Your flames are nothing in front of the ocean!”

The sea is the Fish-Man’s domain, and this applies even if he is only Half-Fishman.
After releasing Shark Arrows, he used Fish-man’s Jujutsu to heave up the sea waves, trying to pull Shayna into the ocean.

However, no matter how fast he charged, the faster he was sent back flying.
The huge impact sent him straight back to the seafloor.

When he floated back to the surface, there was a charred wound on his shoulder.
“Not enough water?” He thought that the amount of seawater he heaved up wasn’t enough to render the opponent powerless, but he didn’t know that his actions had already infuriated the opponent.

“I really hate getting wet.” Shayna was drenched from head to toe, but the eyes under the mask were filled with hostility.

Meanwhile, her flying posture was also a bit strange.
The sudden rock that flew over at her earlier had affected one of her wings, and now her flying posture was very strange.

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