In the seawater, Sebastian’s body gradually became illusory and eventually entered an invisible state before submerging in the water.
He then sneak attacked Shayna in the sky from various angles, and the two entered a battle using Observation Haki.

However, he also successfully held back Shayna.
If Shayna had ignored him, he could have directly attacked the Beast Pirates’ ship, who after losing the propeller would have been sitting ducks with insufficient ammunition.

Previously, he had tried to do this, but was stopped by Shayna, and King carried out the sudden attack to prevent the Giant-Fishman from destroying their ship.

Shayna hates water, but does not fear it, so she was left behind to protect the ship while King went to destroy the enemy’s ship.

Sebastian had also tried to destroy the ship before, but was always stopped by Shayna halfway through.
Even if he approached from the bottom, Shayna’s flames would prevent him when he got close to the bottom of the ship.

The power of the flames was affected by the seawater, but her Hyper Beam was enough to attack the target in the seawater.
After a long time of training, the stiffness time after using the Hyper Beam was almost negligible.

After several failed attempts, he returned to World Pirates’ ship as instructed by Byojack and began this kiting battle.
However, Byojack did not expect Shayna to stop such intense gunfire.

So Sebastian was sent out again, and all he had to do was keep Shayna from moving.

“You all! Advance at full speed! As long as you can rush in, we will win!”

While she used Observation Haki to capture Sebastian’s position, she also issued commands to the Beast Pirates behind her.
With the enemy already slowing down, the Beast Pirates’ ship had the ability to catch up.

“Leave it to us, Aneki!Everyone, full speed ahead! Boss Kaido has said that the person who performs the best in this battle will receive a special reward!”

Sebastian can retreat if he wants to, as he can hide in the deep sea and Shayna won’t be able to catch him.
But every time he tries to destroy Beasts Pirates’ ship, he gets stopped halfway because his attacks were not enough in front of Shayna.

Meanwhile, the members of the Beast Pirates were motivated at this moment.
The ram of their ship successfully collided with the World Pirates’ ship, starting a tragic boarding battle.

But compared to this side, the battle on the island is the key to deciding the outcome of the war.
At this moment, Kaido was very angry because not long ago, World actually dared to attack Shayna in the sky right in front of him.

The boulder that was thrown at Shayna earlier was actually a piece of stone enhanced by World’s powers.
With amplified speed and power, World threw the stone and caused big trouble for Shayna and relieved the pressure on Sebastian.

But this is a provocation for Kaido.
The fact that World interfered in another battle during their fight and even succeeded is unacceptable to him.

“You damn bastard, you really are looking down on me.
I was thinking of recruiting you, but now it seems that you should just go die.
Thunder Bagua!”

Kaido in Human-Beast form raised the spiked club in his hand and smashed it towards World’s head.

“Recruit? What a joke, I am Byrnndi World! Amplification- 30x speed!”

The devil fruit’s ability was used on himself, and World’s speed became even better than before, and while his speed was faster, his strength got even stronger.

With powerful Haki infusion throughout his body and Armament Haki covering his entire body, World became a little black man and punched straight towards Kaido’s head.

He thought that Kaido would definitely defend, and not choose to take this punch head-on, but Kaido didn’t adopt any defense, acting as if he was willing to exchange injuries for injuries.

More-More fruit wouldn’t increase his defense, but he believed that his punch was more powerful than Kaido’s, so if Kaido wanted to do this, he would let Kaido know what the consequences would be.

The spiked club hit World’s face, and even though his entire body was covered in Armament Haki, he still spat out a mouthful of blood with a few teeth mixed with this one attack.

In contrast, Kaido had a smile on his lips.
World’s fist didn’t hit him, it was stopped mid-air by an invisible barrier.

“Although it’s quite energy consuming, this ability is really useful! Thunder Bagua!” As he turned his body, Kaido swung his spiked club upward, sending World flying with it.

When World got back up, the horned helmet on his head was nowhere to be seen.

He rolled awkwardly to avoid Kaido’s combo.
Every collision between the strong was crucial, and he had already fallen into Kaido’s rhythm.

Being hit by the club two times in a row, his mind was in chaos and he felt dizzy all over.

The mysterious power that blocked his fist also left his wrist swollen.
The force was mutual, and the unknown object had almost bounced back all the strength of his punch.

“Mythical Zoan’s abilities are really unpredictable.”

He didn’t expect Kaido to also have a barrier-type skill which even 30x amplification could not break.

However, it was not Kaido’s ability, but Arceus’ ability.

Arceus taught Kaido two skills in total.
The first one is Swords Dance, under whose boost, Kaido’s attack power is better than ever and can be said to be his spear.

And the barrier just now is the shield he taught Kaido, which is called “Absolute Defense”.

The energy consumption is greater than Swords Dance, but the effect is even more significant.
World’s full-force attack could not even shake the barrier generated by this shield, and the rebound force even injured his wrist.

Apart from the difficulty in releasing it continuously, the ability to defend with it is more powerful than the Barrier Fruit that requires specific gestures to activate in certain aspects.

“Amplification • 20-x Shotgun!” World grabbed the sandstone on the ground, amplified it and threw it at Kaido, then Kaido used Sword Dance to form sword shadows to block the sandstone.

After several months of development, he had become proficient in incorporating Haki into Sword Dance, which not only allowed him to move during its release but also provided long-distance defense while releasing it.

After boosting with Swords Dance, Kaido’s spiked club was engulfed in dragon flames, and he used Thunder Bagua to strike World again.

The balance of victory was now completely tilting towards Kaido.

On World’s ship, the two sides have already fully clashed, with Shayna providing occasional assistance from a distance, while Sebastian was unable to fully restrict her actions and could only delay her involvement in the battle.

Furthermore, as time passed, her strong recovery ability caused the wounds on her wings to gradually heal while he couldn’t do this quickly.

The battle on the ship was intense, but some people were hiding in the corner making phone calls.

“Hello, Chief, there’s a change of situation, World Pirates are having a fierce battle with the Beasts Pirates, it’s unlikely for us to be able to enter the ambush area within the expected time.”

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