While there are numerous pirates sailing the seas, some even surpassing the strength of the World, the World Government has recently focused on implementing a plan aimed exclusively at World.

The reason is simple: World’s behavior poses too much of a threat to the World Government.
Unlike other powerful pirates who maintain a certain level of stability in their respective territories, World’s actions are more akin to a tyrant’s.

The world is vast, and all allied-kingdoms require the power of the Marines.
Although the overall strength of the Marines is quite strong, their forces are spread worldwide, and some of their strength is dedicated to serving the Celestial Dragons.

As for the World Government’s power, they have always allowed this sort of thing to happen.
The presence or absence of New World’s great pirates doesn’t affect their rule.
The annual “Heavenly Tribute” is still collected as usual, and pirates can even help the government shift their conflicts.

Even in the commercial activities of the sea areas under the control of these great pirates, World Government also benefits.
Slave trade and arms trade, these gray businesses cannot do without the existence of pirates.

As long as it’s not a major event that threatens the foundation of the government, the World Government won’t intervene too much.
They only aim to maintain what they perceive as balance.

Numerous matters pose a headache for the World Government, but so long as

they don’t involve the mysterious “D” clan or Joy Boy, they are not considered significant troubles.

Even the reason the government took action against Rocks was because he had amassed a great deal of power with the thought of overturning the world, and the mysterious letter “D” in his name.

Garp also has the letter “D” in his name, but he now holds a stable position as a Marine hero.

As for World, although there is no “D” in his name, his actions ignored the balance of the World Government.

His initial objective of sailing the seas had long since eroded.
Initially, he only wanted to show his older brother the wonders of the world.
However, along the way, he became lost in power and destruction, and undermined the current World Government in pursuit of the ultimate “freedom”.

World has no large territory or fleet, and attacks indiscriminately, whether it be pirates, Marines or civilians, regardless of whose ship it is.
So, the government naturally put him on the elimination list.

The reason World appeared in this sea area was to create a huge and powerful cannon, which, combined with his ability, he believed would be enough to overthrow the world.

His subordinate, Gairam, was talented in the mechanical field, and the blueprints were already present.
But they needed the technology from Kaido’s island to make it, as well as many special materials.

These plans had already been reported to World Government by a spy on board the ship.
According to World’s route, he would pass through a certain sea area after a period of time to obtain those materials.

So, Marines laid an ambush near that sea area.
However, the changes on the sea are too numerous, and the dominant force in the area had suddenly become Kaido, who had engaged in a battle with World, leading to the original plan being completely disrupted.

“Take action as the situation arises.
Don’t reveal your identity until necessary and report the situation at all times.”

“Yes, understood.”

Although the battle between Kaido and World is an opportunity, the people above had no intention to send troops.
This is also the reason why they arranged the ambush halfway.
The nearby territory is divided among the Golden Lion and others.
If they rashly dispatch a fleet, it may break the current balance.

World Government does not want to recklessly start a war.
They will wait for the end of the two pirates’ battle and then send out personnel according to the situation of both sides.

The infiltration of the World’s ship involved not just a solitary special agent, but an entire squad of highly skilled operatives who had disguised themselves as miscellaneous crew members aboard the vessel.

The officers will not intervene in low-level battles until they have dealt with their own opponents.
So, if they want to shirk their responsibilities, it is still very simple.

Zoan-type ability users are not afraid of a long-lasting battle.
The longer the battle drags on, the more advantageous it is for Zoan-type users.
Their formidable recovery ability can even make them more and more brave in battle.

Sebastian is a hybrid of a fishman and a giant, and the home advantage brought by the ocean allows him to avoid most attacks.
Moreover, he and Shayna have been in a constant state of combat and have ample stamina.

However, when Gairam faced off against King, it was a different story.
Despite his devil fruit being not strong in direct combat and the flames behind King’s back blazing fiercely, his defense held on.
In addition, Gairam’s thick, rock-like body made it challenging for King’s attacks to have any significant impact.

Furthermore, Gairam had no choice but to engage King in direct combat.
After the Beasts Pirates’ ship arrived, King no longer had the motivation to continue attacking the engine room and instead shifted his focus to Byojack.

He was too eye-catching while commanding the fight from the bridge.

As the commander on the ship, the fighters naturally had to protect him, especially since he was World’s big brother.

The ship’s doctor, Nightin, also joined the battle.
Together, the two of them pinned down King.

Nightin was the only female officer on World’s ship and was skilled in using her own researched “Kanpo Kenpo” while occasionally waving some drugs to interfere with the enemy.

Originally, the battle here could have lasted for some time, but Beasts Pirates’ reinforcements arrived.

“Mwahahaha, taste the power of your Lord Queen!”

A dense rain of bullets fell from the sky, and a large number of members of the World Pirates fell one after another, but some of the Beasts Pirates were also hit.

This was not an indiscriminate attack by Queen.
At the repeated requests of Arceus, he has started paying attention to these things, but now both sides are in a melee, and friendly fire is inevitable.

In terms of overall benefits, Queen’s attack took care of the majority of the enemies while only injuring his own people.
Compared to allowing them to continue fighting, this actually resulted in fewer casualties.

Queen’s human modification technology has always been outrageous.
He originally had a machine gun installed in his mouth, but after obtaining Tropius’ ability, he modified it by removing the original ammunition feeder and replacing it with a specially made barrel.

With this special barrel, he can increase the power of his Seed Machine Gun and attach special toxins to the bullets fired by the Seed Machine Gun.

This time, due to concerns about friendly fire, he did not poison the bullets, but he can still carry out unrestricted firepower suppression while flying in the sky.

“It’s Boss Queen! Our reinforcements have arrived! Charge!”

The appearance of the ship in the distance and Queen in the sky completely reversed the tide of the war, invigorating the spirits of the Beasts Pirates, while the World Pirates began to retreat in defeat, gradually losing control of their ship.

“Yes, that’s right, let’s go!” Queen’s wild laughter echoed through the sky, but it lasted no more than three seconds, as a heavy punch struck his face.
Suddenly, World, who had been fighting Kaido, appeared here.

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