Queen was holding a big iron bucket as he said to Kaido.
Whether Kaido could leave the research institute by himself was also a test for the captain he chose.
The bucket he was holding was full of red bean soup with mochi.
Even from far away, you can smell the sweet fragrance.

“But big brother Kaido, you seem to have found good subordinates.
Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing!”

Before Queen could finish speaking, a figure appeared in front of him and a burning right leg was ferociously sweeping towards his face.
The iron bucket blocked the attack, but it also got deformed, causing the rest of the mochi and red bean soup to scatter on the ground.

“You bastard, aren’t you a member of that research institute?! I haven’t forgotten your face!”

It was Shayna who had attacked.
Queen was affiliated with that research institute before and he naturally participated in some research activities.
Those faces were engraved in the depths of Shayna’s mind.

Neither she nor King has a pure fighting style.
What they have learned is just for fighting better, but they each have their own areas of expertise.
King is better at sword-type weapons, while Shayna is accustomed to martial arts and has good kicking skills.

“It was not me who was in charge of research.
Ahhhh! My mochi and red bean soup! I only had a bite!”

The mechanical hand of his left arm blocked Shayna’s kick, the scorching heat causing his mustaches to curl slightly, but the mochi and red bean soup spilling all over the ground was the cause of his anger.

Arceus didn’t stop Shayna.
He knew how much pent up anger she had accumulated these days.
Everyone in the research institute was her target of venting, but it seems that Kaido also wants to recruit Queen.

“You don’t care?”

“It’s just a fight, why bother? If we want to work together in the future, instead of plotting and scheming against each other every day, it’s better to let her fight to her content.”

“She didn’t promise to join you.”

“But she will definitely follow all your orders.
Are you really not considering joining my pirate crew? I can give you the position of vice-governor.”

“Not interested” Before he finished speaking, he felt something wet land on his head and when he raised his head, he saw that Kaido had again began to cry inexplicably, and he had also brought out a wine jug from out of nowhere and started drinking.

“Such a pity.
King, do whatever you want, but it won’t be allowed after today.” He could sense that King also has resentment for Queen.
It was just that he was not as impulsive as Shayna.

Kaido’s words seem to have turned on a switch in King.
There was no one who had the upper hand in the fight between Queen and Shayna.
Although Queen has a bigger physique, he couldn’t touch Shayna at all, who displayed aerial superiority to the max.

But the next moment, he also got attacked by King, sending his body rolling to the side like a ball.
King and Shayna cooperated quite skillfully.
Previously, the two have always fought together, so their tacit understanding was extraordinary.

And watching Kaido crying and drinking on the side, Queen understood that Kaido didn’t plan to stop them.

He wanted to see if Kaido had the ability to leave the research institute, and Kaido seemed to have the same idea.

“You two bastards, you have made me angry!” Queen’s skin started turning rough and a light brown color began to spread out.
His round body became even taller, and a huge Brachiosaurus appeared in front of the two of them.

Dragon-Dragon Fruit – Ancient Zoan – Brachiosaurus Form, a quite rare  Ancient Zoan of Zoan-type.

However, unlike ordinary Zoan users, Queen’s body has quite obvious traces of transformation.
Not only his left hand, but also the tail end of the whip on his tail and head has mechanical hooks.

Although the attack just now caused him a lot of injuries, the stamina and resilience of Zoan users is quite powerful, and he is still far from his limits.

Don’t know what he did to his body, but two gun barrels extended out of his mouth, and shot numerous bullets at Shayna.

However, Shayna just used her wings, which were surrounded by a lot of flames, to block all attacks of Queen in front of her.

The stronger the flames of the Lunarians burn, the stronger their defenses will be, but their speed will become slower.
So, flexibly switching forms is an important part of their battles.

Then King took over Shayna’s position, while Shayna’s flaming legs kicked the Queen again.
Since King currently doesn’t have weapons, Shayna’s fighting power was stronger than his.

“Girl who plays with fire, try this technique.
Bridal Grabber!” The mechanical claw at the end of the braid ignited with flames, and then it went to grab Shayna under Queen’s control.

However, as the flames on Shayna’s back extinguished, her speed suddenly increased, and she kicked the opponent’s face again, however she was still relatively weak, plus the size difference, so she did not achieve much success.

Her growth ceiling may be quite high, but she is still quite young after all.
She is a lot weaker than someone who has been strengthened by Devil Fruit and mechanical transformation.

But in a two-on-one situation, he was still ruthlessly beaten up by King and Shayna.

Watching Shayna and King vent their resentment, Kaido also stopped the battle.
The past grudges are over from now on, and everyone will be on the same boat in the future, but Queen was not convinced.

“Fight me 1-1 if you are capable! Then, I will let you know what strength is!”

“Aren’t you just relying on your fat?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, little girl.
I have muscles all over my body, and I’m so fat because I’m worried that I’ll become too handsome after losing weight, and people will become infatuated and fall in love with me.
If you see my lean appearance, you’ll become infatuated with me!”

“Stop dreaming, narcissistic bastard.
Even if you lose weight, you won’t be very strong.
But, Zoan users are really wild, even after getting beaten up, you are still jumping around.”

“Shayna, do you want similar power?” Arceus suddenly asked Shayna, and after getting a positive answer, the Flame Plate emerged.

This is his summary of his abilities in the past.
Arceus created the world, the world gave birth to Pokémons, which means Arceus originally had the ability to use the power of the plates to create Pokémon.

At this time, with a little modification, and using the power of creation, he can do a lot of things, but he has not practiced it yet.
So, he wants to try his powers.

A special power flowed into Shayna’s body, and a burning sensation flowed throughout her body along the blood vessels, and the flames behind Shayna became even more uncontrollably vigorous.

“Lord Sacred beast, this is?”

“Try it, it should be similar to the so-called Devil Fruit.”

Shayna mobilized the power in her body according to Arceus’s instructions and her hands turned into sharp claws, and a red mask appeared on her face.
Seeing this transformation, Kaido suddenly became sober just like seeing the lover of his dreams.

As the person involved, Shayna felt the changes in her body.

Afterwards, whether it was her or King, who was a bystander, a flame of hope appeared in their eyes.

The ability user’s abilities come from Devil Fruits, which is a kind of common sense in the sea, and anyone with little knowledge will know this kind of thing.

If this power had appeared elsewhere, they would have been puzzled, but since it came from Arceus, the sacred beast they worship, then it all makes sense.

Why do they have to carry a giant egg on the way to escape? This is a question that every new clansman has asked.

And at that time, their parents will tell them the stories that have been passed down from ancient times to the present.

The sacred relic that they worship bestowed them with stronger Flame power, and those who received the divine grace of bathing in the flames became the most brave warriors of the clan.

Once, this has just been a vague legend, but today, he is seeing Arceus’ power.

The sacred relic that they have worshiped for generations has awakened, and under the illumination of this power, the glory of the Lunarians will blossom again.

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